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photo - Woman


a mom son erotic incest story

Kristin Saunders walked up the stairs, carrying an
armload of clean towels and facecloths. It was a
beautiful Saturday afternoon and she had just brought
a basket of clothes in from the clothesline. She loved
the way they smelled after hanging outside. She
brushed her dark brown hair back over her shoulder
and pressed her nose to the towel on the top of the
pile, inhaling it's fresh scent. She opened the linen
closet door and began stacking the items in her arms
on a shelf.
Kristin was standing outside the bedroom door of her
son, Alan. His door was closed, but she could hear
music and voices coming from inside her son's
bedroom. It was almost four o'clock that afternoon.
Alan's best friend, Joey, had come over to visit and
play video games shortly after lunch, like he often did
on weekends and some evenings.
Alan and Joey had known one another since childhood.
They lived within a block of one another in Maple
Ridge and would both be turning nineteen within two
months. Sometimes they were mistaken for brothers,
although Alan, like his father, was nearly six feet tall
with jet-black hair and blue eyes, unlike his brown-
haired friend. Both he and Joey were in their first year
at Hampton Technical College.
"Come on, Alan, don't tell me you've never noticed her,"
Joey scoffed.
"Never," Alan said, sounding earnest.
"But you've got to admit that she's pretty though.
Right?" Joey added.
"Sure, she's pretty," Alan replied. "Everyone says that
about her."
"Sexy too," Joey chimed-in.
"I guess... I don't know," Alan stammered.
Kristin smiled, listening to the conversation between
her son and his friend. She had had not intended to
eavesdrop, but when she heard Joey's excited voice
above the music she paused and smiled, wondering
what girl from school the boys were discussing. She
knew fully well what teenage guys were like:
preoccupied with sex almost constantly. She stood by
the door with a smirk on her face, curious about what
else she might overhear.
"She's got nice tits too," Joey remarked. "Don't tell me
you've never noticed them."
"Well, it's kind of hard not to sometimes," Alan
answered with a quiet laugh, sounding hesitant.
"I bet it's hard!" Joey shot back, drowning out the
music playing in the background. "Just like her nipples
when she doesn't wear a bra."
"But she usually does -- as far as I can tell."
"I don't think she is today," Joey said.
"No.... ah... I guess not," Alan answered, sounding
"Man, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but -- she's
hot!" Joey exclaimed.
Alan laughed, but never replied.
"Have you ever seen her topless?" Joey prodded.
"Dude, she's my mom!" Alan spat out.
Kristin's heart jumped when she realized she was the
topic of discussion -- not some cute girl the boys knew
at school. She froze and clamped a hand over her
mouth to muffle a gasp of shock, then craned her head,
hoping to hear more of the conversation. Kristin smiled
to herself. She knew fully well that her son had been
lying to his friend -- or at least had been guilty of
lying by omission.
There was silence from the bedroom for a few seconds
until Joey spoke once more. "Sure, she's your mom, but
she's got great tits; she's really pretty too. If my mom
looked like that I wouldn't mind being a motherfucker,"
he said.
Alan gave a nervous laugh.
"So, have you ever seen her topless, Al?" he prodded.
"A couple of times," Alan finally admitted after several
Kristin's mouth went agape. Almost even before she
had realized it, her clit began to swell and throb. She
felt herself grow slightly weak as her pussy began to
dampen. A flush came over her face and she smiled,
recalling the times that she had noticed her teenage
son's sapphire eyes linger on her longer than they
probably should have.
The times that Kristin had noticed her son's apparent
ogling of her she never thought much of it, or
concluded that she was over-reacting. Nonetheless, she
still found Alan's prolonged gawking and awkward
glances at her very exciting, perhaps because of how
forbidden it was. On those instances Alan reminded her
of her younger brother, Patrick. Since their teenage
years Patrick had been in the habit of ogling Kristin;
sometimes even leering down the front of her blouse or
tank top when she would bend over. Kristin had ignored
her brother's improper staring, or at least pretended to.
But it always aroused her as much as it probably did
Patrick. She began to enjoy the power of being able to
get her brother's attention and turn him on. Often these
occasions ended with him slinking off to his room,
presumably to masturbate. Often Kristin did the same
as well -- lying on her bed and rubbing her tingling clit
as she imagined being brave enough to either flash her
younger brother, or allow him to fondle her. Despite
how much these fantasies of illicit contact with Patrick
made her horny, Kristin never acted upon them, fearing
the consequences.
Kristin clutched a stack of face cloths to her chest,
breathing heavier and attempting to over-hear more of
the conversation between her son and his friend. Her
nipples rubbed over the inside of the thin blouse she
wore. She regretted her decision not to wear a bra that
day and contemplated going to her room to put one on.
But she did not want the boys to hear her and suspect
that she had been listening to them. She braced her
hand on the door of the linen closet and leaned closer
to her son's bedroom door.
"A couple of times?" Joey echoed with excitement.
"How much could you see?" Now the conversation
sounded more like an interrogation.
"Once when I was walking by her room after she got
out of the shower I saw her pulling a sweater on," Alan
"I saw her boob -- the right one. The sweater was over
her head already so she never saw me, but I came back
in here pretty quick before she turned around and saw
me," he elaborated.
Joey gave a lecherous chuckle. "Man, you lucky prick!
Could you see her nipples?"
"Uh-huh... well, just the right one," Alan replied.
"I bet it looked nice."
"Ahh... it wasn't hard or anything, but, yeah -- it looked
nice... dark... sort of like the colour of her hair and the
ring-around was a couple of inches wide, I guess,"
Alan explained.
"What about the other times?" Joey prompted.
"There was only one other time. I came home from your
place one afternoon and she was lying out, tanning on
a towel. She had untied her bikini top, but she was
lying on her stomach so I couldn't see much."
"Did you see anything?" Joey sounded excited now, as
though he was growing horny from the conversation.
"Yeah... just her right boob -- the side of it. She was
lying on it, so it was sort of flattened out, but the side
of it kind of stuck out." Alan let out a nervous laugh.
"Well, they're really big, so I bet they hang down nice
when she's not wearing a bra."
"Yeah..." Alan said, almost sighing.
"Have you ever felt them?" Joey asked.
"You mean like grabbed them? No -- no way. Of course
not!" Alan exclaimed.
"I bet you sneak a feel now and again when she hugs
you," Joey said, sounding accusatory, then chortled.
Alan snickered. "A few times..." he reluctantly
"I do that with my sister and one of my cousins
sometimes," Joey admitted. "But their tits aren't as big
as your mom's."
Kristin could feel her panties beginning to dampen as
she listened to her son's salacious confessions about
her. She tossed the face cloths and towels in the
closet, then pushed the door ajar. As quickly and
quietly as possible, she hurried back down the stairs.
The gentle wind that was blowing helped to cool
Kristin's flushed cheeks. She laid back on a folding
aluminum chair on the patio, sipping an iced tea. Her
stiff nipples tingled as her blouse brushed over them. If
her son noticed them, swollen and pushing out at her
white pinstriped blouse, at least he would blame it on
the breeze and not her present state of arousal.
Kristin frowned and took another sip from her glass.
Now she realized that in the back of her mind she had
been anticipating her son joining her later and probably
noticing her firm nipples, rising from her round breasts.
This was not the first time that he had inadvertently
been the cause of her growing horny, but this time her
emotions were stronger than all the previous.
Kristin placed her glass on a redwood table beside her
chair. She pushed her shoes off, letting them drop to
the tiles of the patio. The breeze was blowing up her
thin, peach-coloured skirt, billowing it slightly and
teasing her wet pussy through her tight, damp panties.
She loved the sensation. It made her feel wanton to be
lying within view of her neighbours' houses while being
so horny. She wondered if anyone was watching her at
that moment. Had she been braver, she would have
pulled her panties off and opened her legs wider. She
reached up and undid the top button of her blouse and
peered inside at her thick nipples. She looked down at
the thin V-shaped strip of her upper chest showing in
her open blouse. Her breasts rose and fell as she
breathed. The outlines of her stiff nipples were obvious
through the material of her blouse. She smiled, feeling
a little slutty and loving it. She unfastened another
button. Now she could see a few inches of the deep
cleft between the mounds of her breasts. She smiled
and closed her eyes.
Kristin bent her right leg, pressing her thighs together
and drawing her right knee up higher. The pressure on
her throbbing clit was wonderful. She shifted her curvy
hips, biting on her lower lip. Her skirt had slid up past
her knees, aided by the movements of her leg and the
steady breeze. The thought of her son watching her
writhing in pleasure came to her and turned her on
even more. She recalled one incident almost two
months ago when they had hugged. ...
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