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"I think I could cut both of my feet off and your father
wouldn't notice, as long as I still had my tits."
Alan gave a sharp laugh at his mother's brash
comment. It was more a release of built-up nervous
tension than amusement, but it put him at ease. He felt
the muscles in his back and neck relax.
"I... I don't know," he said.
"Trust me. These are what caught your father's eye in
the first place over twenty years ago." Kristin
straightened her back, thrusting her chest out so her
blouse was stretched tight over it.
Alan took a quick look at his mother's breasts and her
exposed cleavage. Her bold display surprised him, but
excited him even more. The fabric of her blouse was
skin-tight over her mounds. It served to highlight the
size of her bust and how they sloped down slightly.
Alan's cock twitched, straining his jeans. He forced his
eyes back to his mother's reddish face.
Kristin was smiling when her son's eyes met hers once
more. Displaying herself to him so provocatively had
given her a rush that caused her pussy to become even
wetter. She crossed her legs tighter, feeling the
pressure on her pulsing clit. Her panties were damp
"Okay... enough of me bragging about my rack. Time
for me to get supper ready. What would you like?"
Kristin gave her son a modest smile as she stood up.
Alan let out another laugh upon hearing his mother's
blunt remark. He thought about her question for a
moment, then shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Whatever
you want," he said.
"I have some pork chops in the fridge. How does that
"Great," he said.
"Okay -- good. Come keep me company while I cook
Kristin got up from the chair. She held her hand out to
Alan. He took it in his and she tugged him to his feet,
drawing him inside the house.
Alan sat at the kitchen table while his mother prepared
supper. Her graceful movements as she moved about
the kitchen held him spellbound. So did her overall
appearance. He had felt no compunction earlier when
he admitted to Joey that he found her pretty. That was
undeniable and to try to do so would have sounded like
an obvious lie. Her brilliant eyes, lovely smile, delicate
jawline and high cheekbones made his mother a
captivating woman. Everyone noticed her; Alan realized
this. He considered himself fortunate to be the only
person besides his father who was able to take in her
beauty up close daily. However, Alan envied his father
for being the one man who was fortunate enough to be
her lover.
By the time supper was ready Alan was hungry. So was
Kristin. They began eating in silence, eager to quell
their hunger. After a while Alan noticed his mother look
over at him and smile. Locks of her hair hung down
over her right cheek. She pushed them aside, not taking
her shimmering eyes off of his.
"How is it?" she asked.
"Great... perfect. You're the best cook, Mom?"
Kristin gave her son a modest smile. "I don't know
about that, but I'm glad you like it," she replied.
Alan nodded, chewing on a mouthful of food.
Having her son still at home now that Jim was on the
road nearly half of each month made Kristin very
happy. She was glad that Alan had not decided to
attend college far away. The company of her son
helped to prevent loneliness. He was also very helpful
with the many things that cropped-up occasionally that
her husband normally tended to. Her only source of
regret and guilt were the improper thoughts and
feelings she had for Alan. These had become more
prevalent in the last weeks. Kristin knew that what she
had learned while eavesdropping on his conversation
with Joey would make it all-the-more difficult for her
to sweep them from her mind now. Realizing that her
son shared feelings with her that society forbid made
giving into them even more tempting.
Alan was finishing the last few bites of food on his
plate when Kristin was rinsing hers off at the sink. He
got up and put his empty plate on the counter beside
the sink to their left.
"Thanks, Mom. That was great." Alan placed his right
hand on his mother's lower back and kissed her cheek.
Her body felt soft through her blouse. He ran his hand
up her back a ways.
Kristin smiled and placed her hands on the counter,
nearly shuddering in pleasure as her son's hand
stroked her back. She felt her nipples stiffen and push
out at her blouse. She hoped that Alan did not notice,
then concluded that was unlikely.
"I'm glad you liked it, Honey," she said with a nervous
Alan went in to the living room to watch television
while his mother loaded the dishwasher. As much as he
wanted to be around her, he was afraid it might make
her suspicious. He also wanted a little time alone to
focus on something besides her in hopes of cooling his
libido and letting his erection subside. When she joined
him in the living room later the flush had gone from his
cheeks and his cock had softened, at least temporarily.
For the next several hours Alan and his mother
watched television and chatted periodically. She was
sitting in a chair to his right. Close enough for him to
see her when they talked, but not so close as to make
him anxious due to his arousal.
That night Alan and his mother slept well. Both having
masturbated quietly alone in their beds, separated only
by a wall.
"Alan, get up if you want a drive to school."
That was how Alan's Monday began -- with his mother
poking her head in his room and waking him. She was
wearing a dark grey skirt and a blouse. It was
unbuttoned and she was holding it closed around her
with her left arm. Her hair was pinned back and she
looked as pretty as always.
Kristin owned a used book store downtown, four blocks
from where Alan attended college. It was their routine
for her to drive him to college on her way to the store
most mornings when he had early classes. Once he
was finished for the day he would take the bus back
home, or sometimes go to his mother's store to work
on homework or read until she left for the day.
Alan sat on the side of his bed, yawning and
stretching. Wearing a t-shirt and boxers, he made his
way to the bathroom and saw that the door was ajar.
He pushed on it and walked inside. When Alan entered
the bathroom he saw his mother standing in front of
the mirror, applying eyeliner. She turned towards him,
wide-eyed, and gave a faint cry of shock. Alan froze,
equally surprised to encounter his mother. He had
thought she had gone to her room after waking him.
Kristin's blouse was still unbuttoned, but now it was
open wide, hanging down over her curved hips. Alan's
eyes immediately went to her chest. She was wearing a
white bra made of sheer material. It was trimmed with
embroidered white flowers along the edges of the cups
and between them. Through the delicate, gauzy white
panels holding her round breasts Alan could plainly see
his mother's hard nipples. Their dark hue contrasted
with the ivory white of the sheer bra cups. He was
surprised by their thickness. His cock immediately
began to swell and tent his boxers as he stared at her
dark nipples and areolas.
"Christ, Alan, can't you see that I'm in here," Kristin
spat out, glaring at him. Then her eyes fell to his
erection, which had begun to tent his boxers.
"I... uh... sorry, Mom. I didn't know you were in here,"
Alan stammered as he quickly turned and left.
Ten minutes later when his mother approached the
doorway to his bedroom Alan was sitting on the side of
his bed. His arms were folded over his lap as he fought
off his erection, fed by the vivid image of his mother
still fresh in his mind. She smiled at him, seeming as
sheepish as he felt. Her blouse was buttoned now and
tucked into her skirt.
"I'm finished in there, if you want to use it," Kristin
said, sounding shy.
"Thanks." Alan glanced up at his mother.
"I've finished dressing now too," she added with a
tentative smile.
"I'm sorry about that, Mom. I thought that you were in
your room and when the door was open a ways I just
went in."
Kristin smiled, although it seemed forced to her son.
"It's okay. Next time I'll make sure I close the door
completely. Now get ready so we can go."
During the drive to school Alan avoided looking directly
at his mother. He leaned on the car door and stared out
of the window. Seeing his mother earlier in the
bathroom had been a wonderful, thrilling bit of
serendipity. He was just concerned that she was angry
with him and perhaps even thought that him walking in
on her was intentional. He was also worried that she
had noticed his erection. Although his cock wasn't
huge, perhaps only average, he thought, there was still
no mistaking the tent it had made in his underwear
earlier as he stared at his mother.
Kristin stopped the car in front of the college and
turned towards Alan. She had sensed his angst. She
felt the same as he did. What she found most vexing
was not simply that her son had seen her breasts,
essentially bare given how transparent her bra was, but
the sight of his hard cock tenting his boxers as he left
the bathroom. It was an image she knew she would
replay later that night in bed. Already her wet pussy
was ready for that.
"Have a good day, Honey," she said with a smile.
"Thanks, you too, Mom."
Kristin watched her son as he got out of the car and
hoisted his knapsack over his right shoulder. He gave
her another smile, then turned and walked away. She
stared at his tight ass, recalling how his father's had
felt and looked at around that age. She wondered if
Alan's was similar, then if he was built like his father
Alan returned home from classes that afternoon before
his mother was back from work, as was most often the
case. He hurried up to his room and dropped his
knapsack of textbooks and notebooks beside his
computer desk. The image of how sexy she had looked
in her bra that morning had tormented him all day. His
erection had distracted him almost constantly. Now he
was finally able to take care of it. He hauled his jeans
and underwear down and laid back on his bed, closing
his eyes. In his fantasy world he met his mother ...
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