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hot story: THE CRYSTAL LAKE 1

an erotic incest story involving mother and son

Chapter 1
Melissa Saulnier pushed the door to her house closed
with her heel as she stepped into the porch. It slammed
shut as she dropped the bags of groceries she was
carrying to the floor. She sighed as she slid her purse
off of her right shoulder. It fell on the table with a soft
thud. Melissa tossed her jacket over the back of a
kitchen chair. Thank god this day was over she thought
to herself.
The sound of the television was coming from the
livingroom, indicating that her eighteen year-old son,
Tyler, was home from school. When Melissa heard that
the evening news were on she realized she was later
than she had planned on being. She picked up the two
plastic grocery bags and put them down beside her
purse then brushed her long auburn hair back over her
slim shoulders and walked towards the livingroom.
Tyler looked sullen, slumped down on the sofa as he
stared at the television, arms folded about his waist.
Melissa thought the cause of his dour look must be
because she was late getting home for supper.
"I'm sorry I'm late, honey," Melissa apologized "we had
a staff meeting and I had to stop for a few groceries
on my way home."
"It's okay." Tyler grunted, not looking at his mother
standing beside him.
Melissa looked at her son's face and wondered what
was bothering him. She sat down on the couch beside
"What's the matter, honey?" she asked, her dark brown
eyes locking on him.
"That..." Tyler spat out as he unfolded his arms to
point at a pile of papers on the coffee table.
Melissa reached for the papers and brought them
closer. She saw that it was an English assignment that
her son had passed in nearly a week ago. At the top of
the title page in red pen was C-. Melissa frowned.
"You'll do better on the next one." she told Tyler,
hoping to console him.
Tyler grunted. "I doubt it. English sucks. I hate it. Who
gives a shit about T.S. Eliot anyway and that Prufrock
guy sounds like an asshole."
Melissa fought back a smile as she tossed her son's
assignment back on the coffee table to her right.
"Watch your language, young man."
"Sorry." Tyler mumbled, his blue eyes darting briefly
towards his mother.
"I can help you on the next one, if you want," she
offered "I majored in English in college, remember?"
Melissa thought back briefly to that time. She had met
Tyler's father in college and by the time she was a little
older than Tyler's age she was pregnant with him,
which forced her to abandon her plans of becoming a
teacher, or perhaps an author.
"Thanks, mom, but I doubt it would help. I just don't
get English. I'm better at stuff like math and science.
Besides, I'll be taking engineering at college next fall;
I'll never need English."
Melissa nodded, knowing that her son was right. "You
have a few months left to catch up. I know you can if
you really try. You still have to pass this English
course though if you want to graduate from high
school. "
Tyler folded his arms once more and slid down on the
couch. He knew that his mother was right and that
worried him. But he was encouraged by how much
faith she had in him.
Melissa forced a smile as she looked at her son sitting
beside her. She slid closer and kissed his cheek as she
ran her left hand over his thick black hair. For close to
a week she had noticed a change in his mood and
wondered if it was simply school, or if something else
was bothering him.
"What's the matter, honey? Is it more than just
school?" Her voice was soft, full of concern.
His mother's brown eyes looked sad as she spoke and
Tyler felt guilty for having upset her.
"Is it your father?" she prodded.
"Kind of...," he sighed "sometimes I just wish things
could be like they were."
Melissa frowned. They had already this discussion
many times over the past three years since she had
decided to divorce Tyler's father. She dreaded talking
about it again.
"Ty... we've been through this before." Melissa
sounded weary, frustrated.
"I know," he agreed "and I know you guys aren't ever
getting back together, but sometimes I wish you
"That's not going to happen -- you know that. It's not
what I want. Besides, your father has a girlfriend
"Yeah... Cindy," Tyler sneered "dad could do a lot
"What's wrong with Cindy?" his mother demanded,
recoiling slightly in surprise.
"She's not very pretty, or even nice," Tyler began "and I
hate that blue eyeshadow she always wears. She's got
small boobs too. I don't know why the hell dad settled
for her after you. You look a lot better than her, mom."
His gloom seemed to lift as he spoke.
"Why -- because I've got a bigger boobs?" Melissa
blurted with a giggle, surprising even herself for
speaking so openly with her son. She blushed and
mentally scolded herself for not censoring her thoughts
before speaking.
Tyler ran his eyes down from his mother's angular face
with high cheekbones and sculpted jaw line face to the
swell of her breasts rising from the jade green knit
cardigan she was wearing. He felt his cock swell as he
stared, wishing he could run his hands over her body.
"Well, c'mon mom... you're stacked." he blurted out as
his growing arousal emboldened him.
Melissa grew flustered. She darted her eyes down to
her lap and rested her hands on her grey skirt. She
could feel her Tyler's eyes on her. It made her clit
began to twitch. Moments later she began getting wet
as she imagined the forbidden thoughts her son might
be having.
"Ty, you shouldn't say things like that to me; I'm your
"I'm just being honest," he asserted, sounding
chastened "it's not like everyone doesn't notice and I'm
no different."
"But I'm your mother. You're not supposed to notice
things like that about me." she snapped as she raised
her voice, glaring at him through narrow eyes.
Tyler avoided his mother's piercing stare.
Melissa felt like she had maybe been too harsh with
her son. He already had enough on his mind with
struggling to finish high school without her rebuking
him for what any normal eighteen year old male like
him would think or feel -- even for his own mother she
rationalized. She drew in a deep breath and gave her
son's hand a squeeze.
"I'm sorry," she said, her voice softer again "it's just
that it's not appropriate for a son to make comments
like that about his mother. You know that."
"Even if they're as hot as you?" he retorted, smirking.
Melissa had been trying to portray a serious demeanor
and end the conversation, but she found her son's
chutzpah disarming. Despite her misgivings she found
herself laughing at his comment. She also realized that
her panties were now slightly damp.
"Okay, that's enough flattery from you. I'm going to go
start supper." she said as she raised herself from the
Melissa got up before Tyler could reply. She went into
the kitchen -- hoping that concentrating on preparing a
meal for them would distract her from her sudden
arousal and lewd thoughts about her son.
Tyler watched his mother walk towards the kitchen. He
could feel his cock throb as he stared at her firm round
ass and curved hips filling her tight skirt, swaying as
she walked. He waited a few minutes for his erection to
subside until he dared get up to join his mother in the
kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table, his eyes on her as
she moved about. Her hair moved as she turned from
side to side and he could detect the movements of her
heavy breasts as they quivered beneath her cardigan.
"It's really good, mom." Tyler exclaimed with a
mouthful of food, as he looked across the table at his
Melissa gave her son an appreciative smile. "I'm glad
you like it. It's only broiled fish and potatoes --
nothing special."
"But it's good; everything you cook is."
Melissa smiled, feeling pleased as she watched Tyler
bring another forkful of food to his mouth. This is what
a healthy mother-son relationship should be like she
reminded herself as she watched Tyler. She was
relieved that the tone of the conversation had not
returned to the risque nature that it had been earlier in
the livingroom. Part of the reason was because Melissa
knew that it was wrong, but she also had to admit to
herself that, like Tyler, she too was guilty of having
incestuous thoughts at times.
For almost all of his life Melissa had looked at Tyler
as nothing more than her son, but now that he was
eighteen she at times could not help but notice what a
handsome young man he had become -- probably
much like he found her attractive, she thought. Still,
she knew it was wrong and fought against the urges
she occasionally had when she saw her son walk to the
bathroom some mornings wearing only his boxers, or
when he would hug her, holding her tight against his
broad chest, running his hands over her back. There
were times when they embraced, however briefly, that
Melissa was sure that she could feel Tyler's hard cock
pressing against her stomach or thigh. Those few
incidents always aroused Melissa and caused her to
give in to her emotions later at night as she ran her
fingers over her hard clit and damp lips alone in her
"You go in and watch tv while I load the dishwasher,"
Melissa told her son after they had finished supper "I'll
be in later."
Tyler listened to the sounds of his mother clearing the
table and loading the dishwasher as he gave a blank
stare at the television. He was more interested in his
mother than what he was watching and was eager for
her to join him. His cock twitched in anticipation and
he shifted on the cushion, hoping to conceal the bulge
in his jeans.
"There -- all done!" Melissa exclaimed as she sat down
next to Tyler.
"Good. You should relax a while. How was work?"
"Oh, not bad," Melissa sighed "we got a big shipment
of books in this morning, so I had to sort ...
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