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hot story: A TRIP WITH MY MOM

Steven Duxbury never answered. He leaned his head
against the window of his mother's Toyota as she
drove and stared blankly at telephone poles zipping by
against the backdrop of farmland.
"Honey, are you okay?" Catherine Duxbury asked her
son as she glanced over at him while she drove.
"Yeah." he grunted, still looking out the window at the
endless row of pastures.
Catherine knew when to give her son some space so
she decided to not try to coax him into talking. She
also knew that the past year hadn't been easy on Steve
at all. Within the past 10 months she and his father,
David, had divorced, they moved into a new house, and
Steve turned eighteen. Being a teenage boy is difficult
enough -- without having to deal with the sudden
change of his parents' separation and a new house
Catherine realized. She felt bad for her son, but hoped
that their week-long visit with her sister and brother-
in-law might do him some good. Maybe Brad could be
a substitute father-figure for him because he certainly
needed one she concluded.
"Jenny and Brad are really looking forward to seeing
you. It's been a couple of years." she said about a
half-hour later, hoping to break the uneasy silence.
"Great." Steve replied.
Now frustrated, Catherine abruptly switched off the
radio and looked over at her son. "Steve, I know all
these changes have been rough on you. I'm sorry. It's
not your fault. But you have to accept things and move
on. I'm hoping this trip will be fun for you. Besides, my
little sister is turning thirty in a few days and I really
want to have some fun too. This past year hasn't been
a picnic for me either, you know? Lighten-up a little
and have some fun, please." she smiled at her son,
hoping to soften he tone of her comments and gave his
thigh a gentle squeeze.
Steve saw the pleading look on his mother's face and
felt guilty. She looked sad and tired. He gave her a
warm smile and nodded. "Okay, mom, I will." he said.
"Thanks, honey. I love you, you know. You're the
number one man in my life now." his mother told him.
Steve gave his mother an embarrassed smile and
stared at the road ahead of them -- wondering what
the future would bring.
"It's great to see you again, Steve." Brad Richmond
said as he gave his nephew a quick hug and smiled.
"Thanks. It's good to see you guys again too." Steve
replied as he looked around the kitchen where they
were all gathered.
"God... look at you." his Aunt Jenny said as she held
him by the shoulders and ran her eyes over his
muscular body "You've grown into a handsome young
man!" She playfully ran her fingers through his thick
honey-blond hair and stared into his brown eyes.
Steve blushed and smiled as he looked into his aunt's
sapphire eyes as they met his. Her black hair fell
around her shoulders and Steve lowered his gaze
further down to the pink button-up sweater that she
was wearing. The sweater looked a size too small for
her, and her full breasts pushed out from under it,
straining the buttons. Steve felt his cock harden. He
looked back up at his aunt's face again and her eyes
met his as she smirked.
"Yes, they're real." she whispered into his ear as she
pulled him to her and gave him a warm hug.
Jenny's firm breasts pressed into Steve's chest and he
felt her hand caress his back as she slipped a thigh
between his legs to brush against the growing bulge in
his jeans.
Feeling awkward and hoping his aunt hadn't noticed
his erection Steve broke their embrace and turned to
see his mother watching from a few yards away as she
nursed a glass of wine that Brad had given her. She
had an amused smile on her face as she watched her
sister walk over to the fridge.
"Watch out for Jenny -- she's a minx. Have fun, but be
careful." his mother whispered into his ear as she
sidled up to him then walked away.
Steve nodded, feeling his face getting warmer. His
mother's comment confused him though and he
pondered it's meaning as he watched her talking with
his aunt at the kitchen table.
"You guys must be hungry. Would you like something
to eat?" Brad offered.
Catherine shook her head as she brought her wine
glass from her mouth. "I'm fine, thanks. We stopped at
a Wendy's for some chili a while ago."
"Steve, how about you?"
"No, thanks, Uncle Brad. I'm still full." he replied.
"How about I show you where you'll be staying, Steve."
his aunt said, setting her glass on the table and getting
up. "It's right up here."
Steve grabbed his suitcase from the sofa as they
passed through the living room and followed his aunt
upstairs. He stared at her firm round ass under the
tight black skirt she was wearing as she walked. With
each step she ascended he could make out the curve of
it and he wondered if it was as firm as it looked. When
they were nearly at the top of the stairs his aunt looked
back and smiled at him as he stared up at her. "I hope
you're enjoying the view." she said.
Jenny led Steve to a small room at the end of the hall
next to the bathroom. She opened the door and walked
inside, drawing the curtains open then stood next to a
small neatly made bed.
"It's not fancy, but I hope you'll be comfortable. Let me
know if there's anything you can't find. I put towels
and face cloths over on the bureau." she told him as
she motioned with her head.
"Thanks, Aunt Jenny, this will be great." he assured her
as he threw his suitcase on the bed.
Jenny stepped to her nephew and slid her arms around
his waist, pulling him so close that he could feel her
breasts pressing into his chest. He squirmed slightly
and felt the growing lump in his jeans rub over the
pliant swell of her stomach. His aunt smiled as she
glanced down between them and tugged at his hips,
rubbing herself against him.
"Happy to see me, are you?" she said in a playful tone.
Steve never answered, but gave her a forced smile,
feeling very nervous.
"It's okay, sweetie." she said as she ran a hand down
his muscled chest "No one else has to know. This will
be just between you and me, I promise, okay?" Jenny
could feel herself getting wet and she pressed herself
into her nephew's thigh.
"Okay." he replied with a quick nod, still scared of
getting into trouble and feeling a little more than
"I won't do anything you don't want to, but I want you
to know that it's okay -- and you won't get in trouble
because I'll never tell anyone." she explained.
Steve smiled. "Okay. Thanks." he replied, not quite sure
what to say. He looked down at his aunt's chest and
saw that her nipples were hard. They looked almost as
big as the tip of a finger as they stood out from under
her sweater.
Jenny glanced down at her chest then back up at her
nephew. "You like them?" she asked.
Steve nodded emphatically and grinned.
"I always wished they were bigger." she said, briefly
cupping them as Steve openly stared "Cathy always
had nicer ones than me. Lucky her; I wish mine were
as big."
Steve felt his cock twitch again in response to his
aunt's comment about his mother. He recalled how he
had gone into her room without knocking several
months earlier to ask if he could borrow her car. He
discovered her standing there after showering wearing
just a bra and jeans. He was spellbound by the sight of
her ample breasts barely contained within the white
lace bra she was wearing and immediately grew hard. It
was an embarrassing moment for both of them that
they never acknowledged since, but for weeks the
memory lingered with Steve and eventually grew to
become the source of many lewd thoughts he never
thought he would have for his mother.
"I should be getting back downstairs before they
wonder what's taking me so long." Jenny said as she
broke their embrace "Take your time. I'll tell them
you're unpacking and using the bathroom."
Steve watched his aunt exit the room, then began
pulling clothes from his suitcase and tossed them on
the bed. He waited till he heard the sound of voices
from downstairs them raced to the bathroom, locking
the door behind him. He unzipped his jeans and pulled
them and his boxers down to his knees and took hold
of his hard cock. It felt hot and thick in his hand and
he began pumping it hard as he stood before the sink.
Within a minute he shot a large stream of hot cum into
the sink as he stifled a moan. He braced himself
against the counter catching his breath then used the
toilet. He thoroughly washed his hands and rinsed out
the sink, then joined the others downstairs.
"Is the room okay?" Brad asked as Steve entered the
living room.
"It's great, thanks." he replied, joining his uncle on the
sofa to watch tv.
"Your mom and Jenny are out on the patio gabbing."
Brad informed him, not turning from the television.
Steve grunted a reply, hoping to avoid conversation
while he assimilated the events that had happened
between him and his aunt.
Close to an hour later the door to the patio opened and
Steve's mom and aunt entered. From their laughter and
boisterous antics he assumed they probably had too
much wine to drink. He smiled to himself and was
happy that his mother was having a good time for the
first time in a ages. For as difficult as the past year
had been for him he knew that it had been equally as
difficult for her in different ways. She deserved to be
happy and have some fun for a change he thought to
"Has the bar closed for you girls?" Brad asked with a
"No way..." Jenny said as she landed roughly on her
husband's lap and leaned into him "we might go all
Brad laughed and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek as
he pulled her to him. Steve watched as his uncle's
hand slid up to cup Jenny's left breast and give it a
firm squeeze. A button on her sweater had come
undone and Steve could now see part of his aunt's
cleavage in the opening of her sweater.
"How's my little boy?" Catherine asked Steve as she
stood by him and squeezed his hand.
"He's not a little boy anymore, Cathy -- in case you
haven't ...
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