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hot story: THE RAPE OF CORINTH - 2

Francis was dumbfounded. Like many of us, he found it
hard to accept the reality that other people have the
same needs and desires that we have, and even when
we do understand that, we can hardly believe that they
would want to meet those needs with us.
Corinth, very tenderly whispered, "Darling, if you want
me, then take me, but no more rape. You must take me
Francis response was unexpected by Corinth. He very
slowly and lovingly removed her nightdress, moved her
to sit on the edge of the bed, parted her legs, and
kneeling before her he opened the outer lips of her sex
organ, bent and kissed its inner petals.
It was done with almost and awesome reverence, as if he
worshipped at some holy shrine.
Corinth, almost overwhelmed by this adoration, and
already soaking wet with the fluids of love and desire,
through the mists of her tender passion realised what he
was doing. "Oh my God, he's paying homage to the
place that gave him entry to this world."
Francis pressed his lips against her vaginal orifice for a
long time, reveling in her femaleness, then finally
inserting his tongue into her to taste her, he then moved
his lips up to her breasts. Taking a nipple into his
mouth, he loving sucked her.
Corinth, now almost beside herself with longing for him,
this time spoke out aloud. "My love, that was where I
gave you your first sustenance, and now I shall sustain
you sexually for as long as you need me."
Francis released her nipple and speaking very softly
said, "Mother, I shall always need you. As long as you
will let me, I shall be your lover as well as your son."
He moved up to kiss her while his hand caressed her
breasts, then suddenly, he moved away from her.
"Mother, you said you were afraid I might make you
pregnant. I don't have anything to use, so…"
Corinth smiled up at him. "My darling, would you mind
so much if I did get pregnant to you?"
Almost with a voice of anguish Francis burst out, "Oh
mother, you don't know … all the time I was with the
others and when I've masturbated, it was you I wanted …
no one else …only you ... but I never thought it would be
possible … and … and I've longed to make you pregnant.
But I can only do that if you want it too.
Overwhelmed with lust as she was, Corinth managed to
smile and say, "My sweet love, you may have already
made me pregnant. In case not, fertilise me now. Please,
fertilise me as you've never fertilised any other woman."
It was enough. Crying out, "Oh my God, yes," Francis
thrust into her.
They were both at the extreme edge of sexual arousal,
but Francis began moving slowly up and down her,
gradually increasing his pace as their climax drew near.
Corinth moved with him, wrapping long legs round him
to drag him into her, crying out, "Oh, my darling, my
love, I want you so much...don't ever stop, please …
please…deeper, please, deeper…
Corinth's orgasm exploded just as Francis fountained
into her. He added his cries to hers, "Mother I love you
… I want you … I've wanted you for so long … Oh, God,
you're so beautiful … Oh God, oh …aah. He gave a long
drawn out groan as his sperm flooded her, and at the
same time Corinth, shuddering as waves of exultant
passion coursed through her, came to her own orgasm.
Francis finished, and Corinth, squeezing him with her
vaginal muscles fought to draw out the last drops of his
sperm. Holding him tightly with her legs she panted,
"Stay in me a little longer darling. Please stay with me…
Francis looked down at her and said gently, "Mother, I
shall stay with you for ever."
"Please God," Corinth prayed, "let me have his child."

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