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Woman Boobs


As the only child of a affluent family, I was a bit daring since my early childhood.
My father, Mr. Zafar Ahmed, aged 42 years, is a
successful mechanical engineer, working in the gulf for
a very reputed multinational company and my mother,
Mrs. Rubina Zafar Ahmed (Ruby, as she is mostly
called), aged 38 years, is a typical housewife, whose
daily routine is to do household works in the day and
watching the tv serials in the evening.
This incident took place when I was just a teenage boy
and has given my 12th standard exams. I wanted to
become a mechanical engineer just like my dad. I was
waiting for the results and then to join a good
engineering college in our city, Hyderabad for the
coming three months I was completely free. Daily i used
to go to play cricket in a park nearby and at evenings I
used to watch TV with my mom Ruby and before
sleeping the only thing that came to my mind was
watching porn on my computer.
I could easily get the opportunity to do so as I had a
separate big room of my own. Till now my life was as
normal as any teenager. My mom is a very fair lady, with
nice assets and without any fat belly and i always
wondered how my father could stay away from her in
some other country.
As most women in our community, she always used to
wear the shalwar kameez dress at home and sarees at
parties and nighty at night. She completely looked like a
fairy if she wears all white colored clothes.
I always wished that my wife would be as beautiful as
my mom but I never thought of her in the sexual way but
little did I know that this incident will completely
change my thinking and life.
One day my mummy, Mrs. Ruby was working in the
kitchen, preparing lunch. She needed some utensil that
was kept above the cupboard. She kept the stool and
climbed it and just could not reach it as she was trying
to extend her hand some more, she lost her balance and
fell down on the floor and suddenly she shouted and
hearing her voice and I came out running to help my
I took my mom to the hospital and then she was treated.
First i thought that mummy got a fracture in hand but
after checking the x-rays, doctor said that there is no
fracture, but just a muscle strain in shoulder and waist.
She also had pain in shoulder and back.
Doctor recommended that she had a massage daily for at
least 15 days. We went back to home after this. All the
way back to home, I was thinking that who will give the
massage to mummy and by this time mummy had
already decided that she will get the massage from our
domestic help Neelu. Next day, I woke up early to take
the milk as my mother was sleeping.
I thought that mom should have some breakfast. I was
about to enter the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, door
bell rang and I went to answer it as I opened the door, i
saw our maid Neelu standing outside. I came inside and
Neelu followed me into the house. She was asking about
my mom after checking that she was not around.
I told to her about the previous day’s accident and then
she enquired about mom’s health. I told her to prepare
breakfast for us as mom was still sleeping. She agreed
and told “yes saab. I then went to my parents’ bedroom
and saw my mummy sleeping.
I first called her but she did not responded then I
thought of checking mummy for fever and went near her
and sat on her bed beside her. I moved the blanket little
bit and suddenly my eyes felt on mummy’s breasts. I
could see a deep cleavage of hers. Wow! I thought but
the next moment I realized that it’s not right and
checked on my mom as soon as I put my hand on
mummy’s head she woke up. Mom wished me good
morning and I asked how she was feeling.
She said better but she still got some pain in hand and
shoulder. I said not to worry and wake up for breakfast.
She asked me what was the time and I told her that it
was 10.
I also told her that Neelu is preparing breakfast for us.
She said ok and got out of the bed to freshen up.
We both had breakfast together and there I told her that I
have taken an appointment from a masseur which the
doctor referred. She told no need to go and she will
have massage from Neelu. I told her that she was a lady
masseur and we can go there but she had already made
her mind. She called Neelu and asked her if she can give
her a massage and help in bath as she had pain in her
Neelu agreed and said that her grandmother was a
masseur in village and so she also knows how to
massage someone. Mummy felt relaxed and told me not
to worry too much. After the breakfast, me and mom
were watching tv in our living room and discussing
some things. I told her that she will not do any work and
all the work including cooking will be done by Neelu.
She agreed for this.
Soon it was afternoon and Neelu came to us and said
that she is free now. I told to Neelu that from today
onwards she will do all the work in home and for this
she will be paid.
She was more than happy to get this offer as we were
only two people in our home and so she had very less
work. Mummy got up and moved towards her bedroom.
Before entering in, mummy said to me that I should not
come inside till she takes the bath. I agreed, thinking
that she needs a good private massage as she never
wanted anyone except my dad to see her without
So till she came out I was watching TV after the
massage, she came out and sat beside me and I asked
her that how was Neelu as a masseur. To this mummy
replied that she was better than expected. This
continued for three more days Neelu took over all the
work in home and mom was completely resting,
watching TV all the time. In the afternoons, she would
give massage to mom and help in her bath. Everything
was normal till then.
One day I was watching TV when our phone rang. It was
a cordless phone, the one which was kept in my
parents’ bedroom. Mom got that phone out as she was
sitting in the living room all day. I answered the call and
it was dad on the other side. He said he wanted to talk
to mom urgently. I thought that it was an International
call and mom would not like to miss dad’s call. So
without taking her permission I went inside.
What I saw for the first time was my mom was lying on
bed topless when I entered her bedroom. I saw that mom
laid down on the bed on her stomach and Neelu was
massaging moms back by applying oil. I couldn’t see
her breasts completely but still I got aroused seeing my
mom topless as I had never seen my very beautiful,
conservative mom like this. She scolded me for coming
inside without her permission. I said I was sorry and told
her that dad wanted to talk to her urgently. She said ok
and told me to hand over the phone to her.
I moved towards her bed and extended my hand to give
the cordless phone. She turned to take it. Now this time
I had a full view of her left breast. It was very fair. Much
fairly than her face and to top this, a pinkish areola and
a light brown nipple. I couldn’t control myself seeing her
boob. She took the phone and told me to leave.
I moved out and as soon as I closed her bedrooms door,
I ran into the bathroom in my room and began
masturbating. This was the first time that I thought
about my mummy sexually and masturbated thinking of
the image of her boobs. That night I was very horny and
again masturbated, but this time on the thoughts of
fucking my dear mummy. After I ejaculated, I felt very
guilty for thinking about fucking my own mother, who
cared for me a lot but little did I know that after some
days it would become a reality.
Everything was normal in my home from the next day but
still mom was having pain in her shoulder and after
some days we went for a checkup in hospital and doctor
said to continue the massage. The massage sessions
continued for the next one week.
One day we were waiting for Neelu to come. It was
getting late so I got the breakfast from a good hotel. We
felt good to have a change for our breakfast as I got
dosas from a south Indian Restaurant. Mom said it was
good and we were watching TV, still hoping that Neelu
will come to do the work. Later in the afternoon, we
realized that she will not be coming today. So I asked
mom to take rest. Mom said that she got pain in her
back. I asked her if she wanted to go to masseur, but
she rejected. She said to me that I may do it for her just
for one day, as Neelu will continue from the other day.
First I thought that I should reject as I may not be able
to control my feelings.
Then the evil in me thought that I am getting the only
chance to stare at my mom and that too she is inviting
me for that.
So I got ready and said I will be her masseur for a day.
After some time, she said to me that we go to her
bedroom for massage. As we entered her bedroom, she
asked me to take the olive oil from her cupboard. Yes
she used olive oil that dad gets from gulf. It is very
expensive compared to other oils, but it is also effective
for the massage. And I loved olives and its smell. I took
the oil bottle and went near her. She asked me to open
the zipper behind her as she had pain in moving her
hand to her back.
I opened the zipper on the backside of her kameez
(shirt) and saw a black colored bra against her fair skin
then she took off her kameez over her head and lay
down on bed. I couldn’t see her boobs from the front. I
was disappointed. She told me to start by taking some
oil on my hand and rub it on her back while doing so, I
felt her soft skin in my hands and I began to get
aroused. I rubbed her back and then her neck and then
her hands.
Still, I had some hope that she will remover her bra and
get topless. She said massage was good. Then she
moved up and said that today she had to skip her bath
as Neelu was not there to help her.
This time I saw her cleavage from front and then
immediately after this she put on her kameez. I was very
happy that Neelu was absent today, but also sad as I
didn’t get to see mummy’s boobs completely and had to
do some household works. The lunch and dinner
arrangements were made from the restaurants.
To my luck, the other day also Neelu did not come to
our home. I was happy that again I will get a chance to
touch and feel my mummy. I was very happy in the noon
time, after watching TV, we went to ...
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