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♥°♥°♥TURE LOVE♥°♥°♥

Read the following love thought's i hope u feel good, . . !

Let's Make A
Perfect Crime :
♥ "I Will Steal Your Heart" ♥
♥ "You Steal My Surname" ♥

When we truly care for a person, their mistakes never change our feelings....
Coz its head that gets angry,
while the heart still loves them.

Both friends will think the other is busy & will not contact,
thinking it may be disturbing.
As time passes both will think; let the other contact.
After that each will think why should I contact 1st.
Here Your love will be converted into Hate.
You will eventually forget each other.
So keep in touch with your friends..

1) Wnt to know whats pain?
* associate ur loved one wid someone else!
2) Wnt to knw wats love?
*look into the eyes of ur loved one after a tight hug!
3) Wnt to knw whats worse?
*think ur loved one got missed somewhere!
4) Wnt to knw how futile life is?
*think a life widout ur loved one!
5) Wnt to know whats irritating?
*to see someone acting too smart in front of ur loved one!
6) Wnt to knw whats too hurting?
*whn u realise ur loved one got hurt wid ur behaviour!

Dis msg may be ironical bt think abt it,
"It happens in our life"

Hw much sm1 care?A grl sufring 4m cancer died. Aftr hr death, hr hsbnd opnd hr cupbrd n found sm tablets wd lettr"tek dem dear, U catch cold easily when u cry"

A Great Saying
I Love Photos because the best thing about them is that they never change even the people in them get changed

Beautiful Truth against Gravity -
Read Carefully
The heart feels light when someone is in it..
But it feels very heavy, when someone leaves it..

Q:Wat Is Luv?
A:Luv Is Wen Sum1 Breaks Ur Heart
N D Most Amazing Thing
Is Tat U Still Luv Them
Wid Every Broken Piece…!

If you care and love someone, dont ever loose a grip on that person..
Coz u never know, the one u let go might be the one u have waited for all ur life :)

Dont wait until its too late to tell someone how much u love, how much u care.

Because, when they are gone, it does not matter how loud u shout..

I may not be with you,
My Thinking,
My Care,
My Prayers
My Lovely Wishes
Are Always With You.

If ever you get less SMS from me,
don’t think that I didn’t care for you.
It means that I am searching 4 the
best SMS for a best person like you!!!

If You Fall In Love,
Send Words
I Will Come
If I Am Alive
If I Am Not
I Will Come Through
Your Tears,
Through Your Feelings
Through Your Dreams

If every one forgets u,
i am with u,
if every 1 lets u down,
i am with u,
if every 1 betrays u,
i am still with u,
But if every 1 likes u,
sorry i am with them.

U promsd 2 tke cre of me bt u hrt me,
U promsd me 2 brng me joy bt u brought me tears,
U promsd me ur Luv bt u gave me PAIN... ME?
I promsd u Nothing but I gave u Everything!

With Love You Don`t Bargain,
The Choice Is Yours.
Love Is A Mirror,
It Reflects 0nly Your
If You Have The Courage To
Look In Its Face. . . !!!

Having S0ME0NE To
Sit Beside You Is NICE.
Having S0ME0NE To Wipe
Your Tears Away Is
Having S0ME0NE To Hug
You To Sleep At Night Is
But Trust Me,
Being That S0ME0NE
To S0MEB0DY Feels Even
BETTER . . . =) ♥

When I Think About Love,
I Think About When I Was Little And I Automatically Knew What I Wanted.
Love Just Like That.
Like Your Favorite Color Comes ToYou,
Or How A Smile Comes Across Your Face.
It Should Just Hit You And You Should Know,
That's How It's Supposed To Be ...=) ♥

L () \/ E Is A
Rainbow Between 2 ♥ Hearts ♥
The Colors It Contains �►
Care + Happiness + Truth + Faith+
Secret + Trust + Hope . . . ♥ ♥

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