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The music of death

Mayank suffered from depression. He worked for an MNC, earned very good money, had a beautiful girlfriend - Anamika, lots of friends, un-interfering relatives, but he was depressed most of the times. When he was not depressed he was suicidal. In spite of suffering all the time, he refused to visit a psychiatrist, his usual refrain was; ‘there is absolutely nothing wrong with me’

Finally Anamika managed to convince him that he needed some help. He reluctantly agreed, but he still refused to go to a head shrinker. Anamika then got him a music CD that helps fight depression. Mayank decided to give it a try.

He took the CD and went to his brother Aryan’s room. Aryan was a rock freak; rock was his life, his passion, his obsession. He had recently bought a new very expensive music system that in its stead could probably have got you a home theatre system. Mayank had no idea why it was so expensive, but since it was there and Aryan wasn’t, he decided to use it. After a few hours Mayank was done.

The next day was Mayank’s funeral, the post mortem report said, "Death by overdose of aspirin"

Mayank’s family was plunged into grief. His brother was so devastated that he almost became insane. One of his insanities was giving away the music system as well as his rock collection. He would not explain why.

Neeraj, to whom Aryan gave away the rock stuff, was ecstatic. He could not believe his luck. A few days later Neeraj along with his friend Keith came back home from a party. They had downed a couple of beers and settled down to listen to some music. Neeraj removed some CD’s, flipped through them, and picked one, a smile playing on his lips. Keith looked at the cover. It was Beatles’ ‘Help’.

"Beatles!! You know I can’t stand those drab four wussies, as it is my brain dead parents praise the circus that is the Beatles and…"

Neeraj just kept smiling, Keith was now really pissed "What the #@%& are you smiling about?"

"Oh c’mon, they did some cool stuff."

"Yeah, like? The only cool stuff they can do is die, even that will be hell, they’ll have their crap all over the place."

Neeraj put in the CD, he looked at Keith who was still swearing, "Can you just shut up and listen"
The song started, Keith heard a bit and looked at Neeraj, "wow, now this is cool, I didn’t know the Beatles recorded songs in Chinese"

"That’s not Chinese"

"But it sure sounds like it. What is it then? I can’t understand a word. It’s complete gibberish"

"Its plain vanilla English. See I knew you couldn’t even understand simple English"

"What the…"

"Shhhsshhh!! Listen carefully"

The gibberish continues, and then suddenly Keith’s eyes open wide, "Did I just hear, ‘Now he uses marijuana’, or was it my…"

"Yep you did"

"What the fuck is going on?"

"It’s called reverse masking; the song is being played in reverse. The music system that Aryan gave me, it can play tracks both forwards and backwards. Ain’t it cool?"

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