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What is Astrology? Like life itself, astrology is an infinitely complex subject. Astrology is many things. Naturally, astrology is a master vehicle for intuitive perception and psychic insight. Astrology is also an art-form--one that lends itself to quick sketches and complex portraits of individuals, couples, corporations, nations and more. Astrology can also clearly have spiritual and religious undertones as evidenced by studies of ancient Egypt.

But astrology is not a belief system. People no more have to believe in astrology than they do in dancing for example. Both can be fun and useful pastimes without belief in them. Although it must be added that, according to Albert Einstein, a belief in astrology will make it work better, for you. After all, we live in a solar system, in a space-time continuum, and astrology is the biggest contender for the unified field theory.

Yet above all else, astrology is a language. It works best as a language, and it is perhaps more universal than broken English. The astrological classification system can and does relate to anything and everything.



Willpower, destiny, your astrologer and you
Look up to the heavens and imagine the stars and planets are sparkling jewels dancing across the night sky. Your potential is like those jewels with a dazzling array of facets. Put another way, your astrologer can symbolically demonstrated that your human potential is virtually unlimited.

Problems arise from a perspective that "potential" is a taboo or code word for failure. It is for fear of failure that we are sometimes afraid to try new things. Realizing that we will not become an instant expert, we sometimes opt to cop out and not even make an attempt to be or try something new. Perhaps worse yet, sometimes a perfunctory effort is made, unsatisfactory results are obtained, and an "I knew I couldn't do it and I know I can't do it" attitude is reinforced and seemingly justified.

Refresh yourself from the perspective that so-called "mistakes" do not constitute failure; they are only new lessons to be learned. Failure is really giving up and quitting, as juxtaposed to persevering and persisting. Total failure is total fear to the point that we do not even imagine new ways to be and to do. Pay attention now. There is universal law that states, "Practice precedes excellence." Myth and history are replete with stories of individuals who had struggled against all odds and obstacles and just kept after what they truly wanted until they reached their goals triumphantly.

Naturally, we all have our limitations, and prudence dictates that we respect them. However, wisdom encourages us to stretch beyond and transcend our limitations. Once we stop growing, our end is near. Even age need not be a barrier to growth in this era of longevity and life extension. Again, myth and history are replete with stories of individuals who in their senior or golden years achieved great triumphs.

Astrology can help. The initial personal consultation or "reading" from a sincere, professional astrologer is a good step to make. Your astrologer will provide you will a vital, new understanding of yourself. You will be amazed with how much useful information you will acquire from a good astrological consultation, which is an excellent reason to make sure that your sessions are tape-recorded.

I say "sessions" because astrology is not a one-shot deal; it is a constant light. Regular sessions with your astrologer bring cumulative benefits. At a minimum, treat yourself to a yearly tune-up. Birthdays are great times for astrological tune-ups. Better yet, check in and tune up with each new season; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Allow your astrologer to provide you with regular counseling and coaching. Good astrologers don't come cheap, but they do provide great value for the money.

In this age of information, your astrologer can be your "edge." If from each session you get just one good idea and put it into action, you will change your life, for the better. It is a given that "timing is everything." Regular sessions with your astrologer will help your timing, and encourage you to stay motivated and focused on what really matters the most to you. That is an appropriate utilization of willpower and a great destiny. Go for it.


The Critics
Revelations of President Reagan's use of astrology challenge us to a more open and sustained dialogue on the subject of astrology. Like him or not, the fact is that Ronald Reagan has had a remarkably successful career. How much has astrology contributed to his success? I put forth the proposition, that, contrary to the option of the critics, astrology has had a long and illustrious association with American History, The Bible, and science.

On the American Flag, each state is represented with a star. This should provide a clue as to America's ultimate destiny. On of the founders of our great nation, Ben Franklin, published an astrology almanac. Our nation's seal is embellished with a pyramid caped with an illuminated all-seeing eye. Study the flag and the dollar bill.

Some TV evangelists use emotional tirades against astrology in order to line their own pockets with gold, but in fact the Bible is full of positive astrological references. On the very first page of Genesis it says, "God made the Sun to rule the day and Moon to rule the night." The seal of wise King Solomon is the Star of David. Three wise men followed a star to Bethlehem to greet Baby Jesus. In his book The Astrological Secrets of the Hebrew Sages, Rabbi Joel C. Dobins documents that 3.45 percent of the Old Testament is of an astrological nature, and that, in fact, every biblical prophet was an astrologer.

As for the so-called scientific critics, why do they offer such unscientific criticism of astrology? Why do they fear open discussion? Why do they not offer specific studies of astrology? In fact, Dr. Michael and Franciose Gauguelin have contributed vast amounts of data which supports astrological theory. Gauguelin's results were verified by other scientists who react hysterically and covered up the facts. This scandal was revealed in The Wall Street Journal, which does not care why astrology works, only that astrology can contribute to greater profits.

Pop scientists such as Carl Sagan only offer meager disclaimers when confronted with the fact that many scientific greats such as Newton and Kepler were astrologers. Then we are handed ridiculous statistics which supposedly prove that a light bulb in a room has more effect on a person than say Jupiter or Saturn. It is this same off-the-track train of thought that once caused Scientific American to denounce accounts of the Wright Brothers flight as scientifically impossible. Well into the 20th Century, many prominent scientists offered supposed evidence proving the impossibility of space flight.

Many of us think of astrology only in terms of newspaper sun sign columns. By their very nature, they must be general and even vague, but they do serve a purpose to introduce us to the world of astrology. I challenge you to an open and sustained dialogue on the subject of astrology and offer this AdZe Aphorism -- "Sun sign astrology is to serious astrological study as Da Da Da Dum is to Beethoven's 5th symphony."


What does an astrologer do?
Different answers are acceptable, but I think that above all else, an astrologer gives council, albeit a very special form of council. The great thing about astrology is that it offers an almost instant rapport. Unlike most other modalities, where you need to establish trust before you can get to the really juicy stuff, with astrology all the client need provide is the birth data. With it, a mountain of information is available to the astrologer and that information is in turn quickly relayed back to the client.

Astrology offers an excellent form of character analysis. An astrologer can tell individuals all about themselves. This usually isn't shocking information. A typical analysis will confirm intuitions, say things that haven't been put into words before and offer support where there is none. After all, astrology is all about each person becoming his or her self. It is about the individual process. Various people and entities want you to serve their interests, which are not necessarily your own. So, astrology can offer encouragement where usually there's none.

Astrology can improve the chances of a satisfactory love life. Before you fall head over heals with someone, you can check in with an astrologer and get a preview of the person and of the potential of the relationship. Furthermore, if you're looking for a good relationship, an astrologer can suggest strategies and tactics that will optimize your chances for success. On the other hand, if you're already in an existing relationship, the astrologer can suggest tips for you to maximize your potential with your mate.

Astrology can help to recognize and cultivate hidden talents. This is the kind of stuff that makes for a good career, i.e. something that you love to do and are paid well for doing. Astrology can help you to maximize your potential for optimum health by making certain dietary recommendations and by suggesting physical activities that will be appealing. Astrology can help you to choose a good spot to live. Astrology suggest not only compatible countries, states and cities, but also compatible surroundings and even street addresses.

Astrology can help you to create the future. An astrologer can help an auspicious time to open a business, start a corporation, issue an important mailing, have a wedding ceremony, have a caesarean birth and countless other activities.

Astrologers can do a bit of everything, because they can offer insight into anything. No, astrologers aren't know it alls, and they aren't dilettantes. Astrology is the most potent form of unified field theory. Everything takes place in the space\time continuum. Astrology is a language, not a belief system. People no more have to believe in astrology than they do in, say, cordless telephones. You can get the call through without believing.

Going out on an unusual note, astrology can help you come to terms with, dare I say it, your spiritual life. ...

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