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Ghosts want to be noticed.

Ghosts have no sense of passing time.

Often, they do not know that they are dead.

Sometimes they exist in a state of confusion, perhaps like being stuck in a dream.

Ghosts can smell things and love the smell of lemons.

Ghosts have a sense of humor and love to hear humans laugh.

Sometimes ghosts get bored with their surroundings

Most ghosts are happy, but some still cling to an emotional pain.

They can appear to the living in dreams.

They can leave behind certain scents, such as perfume.

They can make sounds that are audible.

They use their energies and ours to move things.

They are pranksters.

They usually appear as intense balls of light called orbs that are neon blue or violet.

Ghosts favor night due to the decrease in daytime energy use.

Ghosts may appear as mists or vapors.

A hooded black smoky figure is a dark entity and you should be careful around them. They usually appear at the foot of beds.

Some alleged hauntings are actually a "residue," which is a past event that replays itself over and over.

Certain places are portals or vortexes where ghosts transport themselves.

Hauntings are most intense around children entering puberty, as kids this age are emitting immense amounts of energy.

Ghosts can read your thoughts.

Ghosts retain all the memories and emotions of their lives.

Sometimes ghosts are trapped and need to be released. Let them know they can move on.

Noisy, troublesome ghosts are known as poltergeists.

Ghosts tend to be very temperamental.

If a spirit was a jerk while living, they will probably still be a jerk while a ghost.

Ghosts hang out in cliques with other ghosts.

Ghosts make friends with other ghosts from different eras.

If you hear a strange whisper in your ear when sleeping, it is probably a ghost.

Ghosts do not sleep.

Ghosts like to climb up and down stairs at night.

Most ghosts can't or won't hurt you.

Animals can see or sense spirits, that's why you often see them just staring intensely at what appears to be nothing.

If you are being haunted, if you simply ask them to leave, they will. Say something like "I know you are here but you are scaring me please leave."

When a ghost enters a room, the room usually gets cold.

Animal ghosts exist and have been sighted.

Ghosts who lived hundreds of years ago keep up with the trends.

Children perceive ghosts as imaginary friends.


People in the house are having bad dreams.

You hear footsteps, taps on the walls or voices.

Objects are mysteriously disappear only to return later.

Pets react to something others can't see. A dog might be growling at thin air or its hackles may rise. Pets may refuse to go in a particular room.

Electrical appliances and lights turn on or off by themselves. Tap water turns on or off and toilets flush of their own accord. Doors open and close with unseen hands.

Unexplained cold drafts or cold spots can be felt.

Small children talk to people who are not there.

*Towards the end of his life, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin (who murdered an estimated 20 million people in "The Purges") became so paranoid that his victims would return to haunt him he had guards stationed in his bedroom while he slept.

*It isn't just godless dictators who are haunted, either.Gangster Al Capone claimed he was being haunted for years by the spirit of James Clark who was one of the seven victims of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929 which Capone had carried out against rival gang members.He was often heard screaming at the spirit to go away during the night and it alledgedly haunted him until his death about 20 years after the massacre had occured.

*Many parapsychologists believe as many as 1 in 8 households in America at any given time are experiencing some kind of paranormal phenomenon.

*Belief in ghosts is traced back to as far back as 3,500 B.C. in early Egyptian manuscripts which speak about spirits and out-of-body experiences.

*The Capital Building in Washington D.C. is alledgedly haunted by a demonic cat that appears in the basement to fortell national disaster.

*Thomas Edison worked on a device to contact the dead but died himself before even completing his project.

*Abraham Lincoln (who supposedly haunts the White House) alledgedly had a dream which fortold his own assasination only weeks before it happened in April of 1865.He claimed to have seen his body resting in state at the White House, mourners surrounding the casket.After his assasination, Lincoln's body was in fact lying in state at the White House.He has been seen off and on within the White House ever since.

*Legend has it that looking into the eyes of a person you kill will cause them to come back and haunt you.

*Anne Boleyn is probably the ghost with the most sightings.Executed at the Tower of London in 1536 for alledgedly cheating on her husband Henry the Eighth, she has been sighted over 70,000 times in nearly 500 years!

*Legend has it that a ghost cannot cross a body of water.

*Even though roungly one-quarter of all Americans believe in ghosts over 98% believe in life after death or at least the possibility thereof.

*The modern word "Poltergeist" comes from an old German phrase to describe a loud or even a violent ghost.The word "polter" meaning "noisy" and the word "geist" meaning "ghost".

*The Pennsylvania Dutch used the word "schpuk" when referring to spirits as far back as the 17th century.The word has now evolved into the modern term "spook" referring to a ghost.

*One in every six Americans believes they have seen, heard, of felt a spirit at least once in their lifetime.

*As late as 1953 attempting to conjure a spirit of ghost in Britain could mean a sentence of one year in prison as doing such an act was considered a form of "witchcraft".All "Witchcraft Laws" were repealed in Britain by the mid-1950's.

*The most vistied haunted spot on the entire globe is Gettysubrg, Pennsylvania where 53,000 Union and Confederate soliders were killed between July 1-3, 1863.Countless reports of hauntings stem from this battlefield.

*It is common lore that if you don't hold your breath when going by a cemetery you will breath in the spirit of a person who is recently deceased.

*President Roosevelt, of the USA who channelled this message, after his death, to a medium, -

"I wish that I could give one more fireside talk, to tell all people that the greatest humbug of all is death. I was very active at my funeral. The only one who paid any attention to me at the funeral was my dog Scottie.

I was very amused at all the best brains in the country, concentrating on the shabby old garment of mine, that was being put under the earth and there I was as large as life! And when my dog saw me, he rolled on the ground making a diversion! I went into a body like my own body, young, healthy, strong and no one at my funeral saw me, because this body was travelling faster than theirs!"

*US President Andrew Jackson alledgedly had a run-in with an infamous ghost called the "Bell Witch" in Tennessee during the early 1800's.While on his way to investigate the haunting for himself his carriage suddenly stopped and would move no further until he heard the spirit call out "You can go on, General" in which the carriage began to move again.

*Abraham Lincoln was known to hold seances at the White House on a regular basis and many continue to say he was a psychic.

*Some ghost photographs date as far back as 1839.

*Ghost hunting itself is at least 150 years old with many early ghost hunting organizations starting in Europe in the mid-1800's.

Seeing unexplained shadows, usually out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes the shadows take on a a vaguely human shape.

Feeling as though you're being watched when no one is there.

Feelings of being touched or something brushing past - a gentle poke, push, or nudge.

Noticeable changes in temperature. Cold spots are most often reported.

Unexplained smells such as distinctive perfume or foul odors that have no explainable source.

An earthbound spirit is a human spirit that has not properly passed over. They have not gone onto the next level, the light, heaven, whatever you choose to call it. They remain behind, here on earth, and they account for many ghost sightings and haunted places.

The reasons for this are varied. Some are complicated and unique to that spirit and others are simple to understand and relate too. I will discuss a few of the most common reasons that a spirit remains earthbound.

Some spirits remain at or near the site of their death, especially if it was sudden and unexpected. They remain confused and don't know or accept that they have died. These spirits remain in the area and try to make contact with anyone that passes by that is sensitive to spirits. This type of spirit can be found almost anywhere a death has occurred.

Sometimes a spirit realizes that it is dead and that life continues beyond that. They do not go to the light for reasons such as the fear that their existence will end, fear of the unknown, fear of going to hell or being judged for past deeds. These spirits are bound here because of their own fears.

Other spirits stay behind to take care of unfinished business. It may be to make sure their finances and their loved ones are ok or to pass along one final message. Often these earthbound spirits do not remain here for long, once they can complete their goal, they normally pass over. If the deed that they are attempting to finish is complicated they will often contact the living to assist them. In many cases the living are unsure of what the spirit wants and it adds to the length of the time the spirit spends here. Almost anything that a spirit ...

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