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Dog Facts

Dogs have been man's pet for over 14,000 years. Dogs descended from the wolf family that roamed Europe, Asia, and North America. Scientists know that man and dogs have had a relationship for many years through their study of cave drawings, early pottery, and Asian ivory carvings.


Mixed breeds" and "Cross breeds" are NOT the same. Mixed breed dogs have various lineage that is most likely unknown, as for cross breds, they are only 2 different breeds of dogs combined together. Mixed breed dogs are less likely to suffer from inherited diseases and disabilities than purebred dogs are.

According to Breed All About It (a television show), Royalty and The Rich used to like little dogs for an unusual reason. They would put the little lap dog under the covers before retiring so that bedbugs, fleas, etc., would go onto the dog instead of themselves!

A few rare and unusual dog breeds are the Podengo, Broholmer, Lundehund and Lowchen. The Podengo is also known as the Portuguese Warren Hound. It is usually a fawn or yellow color, but can be brown, black or sooty colored without white patches or spots. It resembled a long-bodied chihuahua. The Broholmer is a breed that is recognized only in Denmark. It was believed to of become extinct in the 1960's but, in December of 1974, a purebred Broholmer popped up in Finland. This dog, named Bjoern was a male, and the owners hoped to of found a female for him to mate with, this didn't happen. Bjoern died in 1975 and the breed has yet to appear again. The Lundehund is a breed which has lived solely on two islands in the north of Norway. The Lundehund has 5 toes, and seven or eight cushions! It is a climbing dog, bred for rugged terrain. The Lowchen is native to France. It's called "petit chien lion" or, "little lion dog." This is due to its fur growth, as it resembles a lion's mane.

The oldest American breed is the American Foxhound. This dates back to 1650!

As much as your dog likes rawhide.. it's not that great for them-well.. to much of anything is never good. You should limit your dogs' rawhide intake, as too much can cause stomach disrupts, constipation and diarrhea. Although, most dogs tolerate it very well, some don't. Just be careful. Always supervise your dog when they chew on anything.

Don't smile at any dog that you feel may be dangerous. To him, you would be baring your teeth as a sign of agression.

The gigantic Irish Wolfhound is so strong that he can pick up a Mastiff or Bulldog. When he was pitted against either in a fight, he would pick his opponent up by the back and simply shake him to death.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have an actual ridge along the top of their backs, which is made up of forward-growing hairs.

The Saluki is represented in Sumarian carvings dated back to 7000 B.C. It is said that "Whenever one sees the word 'dog' in the Bible it means the Saluki."

The Boxer was so named for his manner of fighting - which is that he starts a fight with his front paws like a human boxer.

The tallest and shortest breeds of dogs you ask? Well.. The tallest breeds are the Great Dane, the Irish Wolfhound, the St. Bernard, the English Mastiff, the Borzoi, and the Anatolian Karabash (Turkish Shepherd Dog). All of these breeds can attain 36 inches (90 cm.) at the shoulder! As for the smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua, which is between 2-6lbs. It has been recorded proof of a Chihuahua skeleton that was a total of 7 inches in length. There is no weight recorded on this skeleton, but estimates believe it couldn't be more than a pound! The second smallest breed of dog is the Yorkshire Terrier, which should officially not weight more than 7lbs. But, many pet Yorkies tend to get much larger than this standard.

The Great Pyrenees dogs are so sensitive to anesthesia that it can kill them. Great caution is required for any surgery for this breed.

Dalmations, with all those cute black spots, are born white.

Chow Chows were originally bred for three reasons: 1) of course, for a great pet/hunter/helper; 2) to keep people warm with their furry hides; and 3) as food (like pigs or cows).

The Afghan Hound is mentioned in writings as far back as 4000 B.C., and its name can be translated as "baboon" or "monkey-faced hound." Despite the unflattering name, he was a favorite of royalty.

The Bloodhound doesn't need to smell blood to find someone who is lost. It is said that his name instead means blooded hound, or aristocratic.

Did you know that the oldest pure-bred British dog is reckoned to be the Cardigan Welsh Corgi? Their proof of existance has been traced back to dogs brought to Wales by the Celts from the Black Sea around 1200 BC.

The Basenji doesn't bark.

Chow Chows have bluish black tongues and gums (which start out pink but turn dark by eight weeks).

Newfoundlands have webbed feet, making them great swimmers and divers.

Bassets can't swim. Their legs are too short to keep their heavy, long bodies afloat.

The five most popular dog breeds in 2004 by the AKC are: 1. Labrador Retriever; 2. Golden Retriever; 3. German Shepherd Dog; 4. Beagle; 5. Yorkshire Terrier

Dachshunds were bred to fight badgers in their dens

Some dogs have coats with two layers: the beautiful hair you can see, and a hidden, second coat called an undercoat. This undercoat helps a dog stay warm and dry in cold weather and it protects his skin from the hot sun, too

A puppy is born without teeth. When the pup is three to four weeks old, 28 teeth will break through the gums so the puppy will be able to eat solid food

Dalmatian puppies are pure white when they are born and develop their spots as they mature and grow older

A Golden Retriever's coat has two layers: the beautiful golden hair you can see, and a hidden, second coat called an undercoat. This undercoat helps a Golden stay warm and dry while he's swimming or in cold weather

A dog's temperature is between 100.2-102.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

German Shepherd Dogs love to herd. Although this dog's name sounds like 'SHEPARD', the correct spelling is 'SHEPHERD'. Notice the word 'herd' in his name.

Dogs were the first animals domesticated by people.

At 4-8 weeks of age, a puppy's mouth will get 28 baby teeth. At 4-7 months of age, the baby teeth fall out and are replaced with 42 permanent adult teeth.

There is no purebred dog called a Golden Lab. Your dog is either a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever.

In the middle ages, Rottweilers were used to hunt boar, which are wild pigs with tusks

Dogs have been wearing collars ever since Egyptian times! We have seen dogs with collars in art that dates back to ancient times.

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed among registered dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures. Sometimes they gain fame through a stroke of luck and sometimes it’s due to extraordinary courage. You’ll enjoy this amazing dog trivia.

The Basset hound made famous in the Hush Puppies shoe commercials was named Biggles.

Biggles' grandson, Mr. Jeffries, earned fame as the dog with the longest ears in the world. His ears measured 11 and ½ inches each and he often tripped over them.

Tia, a 2 year old Neopolitan Mastiff gave birth to the world's largest litter in 2005. She delivered 24 puppies by caesarean section. Twenty of them survived, setting another record of the most surviving puppies.

The world's tallest dog is a Great Dane from Sacramento named Gibson. He measures 7 feet when standing upright.

Andrew Larkey of SYdney Australia, walked 11 dogs at once on leash for one kilometer.

Twelve veterinary science students from the University of Sydney set a record bathing dogs when they scrubbed 848 dogs in eight hours.

The real hero of the 1925 Serum Run was really Togo. The 12 year old husky led his sled dog team through 260 miles of blowing Alaskan blizzard to deliver emergency diphtheria serum to Nome. Balto received most of the fame because he led the final 55 miles.

The first search and rescue dog on the scene of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11. 2001, was Bear, an 11 year old Golden Retriever. He began recovery efforts immediately, working 18 hour days in the beginning.

Endal, a yellow Lab, helped rehabilitate a Gulf War veteran. He also saved Allen's life, when Allen was struck by a car and knocked from his wheelchair, unconscious. Endal pulled him into the recovery position, covered him with a blanket and grabbed his cell phone. After no response, he walked to a nearby hotel and raised the alarm.

Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? They have an upper and lower eyelid and a third one inside of the other two. It helps protect the eye from dirt and dust. It is also called a "haw".

Rin Tin Tin was the first American dog movie star and signed his own contracts for
22 movies with a pawprint.

Toto's role in The Wizard of Oz was played by a female Cairn Terrier named Terry.

In the late 1800's, Lassie type Collies were known as Scottish Sheepdogs.

George Washington had 36 foxhounds, and one was named Sweetlips.

Former President Lyndon Johnson howled with his favorite dog, Yuki, a stray rescued by his daughter, Luci, at a Texas gas station. He also had two Beagles named Him and Her.

Teddy Roosevelt's pit bull, Pete, once ripped off a French ambassador's pants at a White House event.

Franklin D. Roosebelt once spent $15,000 to have a destroyer return to the Aleutian Islands and retrieve his Scottie, Fala, who had been accidentally left behind.
Davy Crockett's dog was named Sport.

Zorba, an English Mastiff, is the heaviest dog on record, weighing 343 lbs at the age of 8 in 1989.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest dog on record was a Yorkshire Terrier in Great Britain who, at the age of 2, weighed just 4 ounces.

The longest lived dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was an Australian Cattle Dog, named Bluey, who lived to be 29.
The first living being to travel in space was a small mixed breed dog named Laika, who gave her life ...

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