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=-->>AboUt computer

Basic of Computer

There Are Two Kinds Of Device:ç
1.çInput Device=Keyboard, CPU, Mouse, Scanner.
2.çOutput Device=Monitor, Speaker, Printer.

Super=1000, Main Frame= 250.
Multi User =Linux, UNIX.

Binary System

01010101=Binary System.
Here Each 0, 1 Is 1 Bit And All Of 01010101 Makes 1 Byte.
8 Bit= 1 Byte.
1024 Byte = 1 Kilo Byte.
1024 Kilo Byte= 1mega Byte.
1024 Mega Byte= 1 Giga Byte.
1024 Giga Byte= 1 Tera Byte.


There Are 3 Kinds Of Software:
1. Application Software: Notepad, WordPad.
2. Operating Software: Windows Xp, Windows Vista.
3. Database Software: Ms Access, Sql, Oracle.

Operating Software =W-95, W-98, W-2000, W-2000me, W-Xp, W- 2000server, W-Vista.
LAN=Local Area Network.
MAN=Metropolitan Area Network.
WAN=Wide Area Network.
WWW=World Wide Web.
Types of Network Topology:
1)çBus Topology.
2)çRing Topology.
3)çStart Topology.

?çCPU=Central Processing Unit.
?çRAM=Random Access Memory.
?çROM=Read Only Memory.
?çSMTP=Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
?çHDD=Hard Disk Drive.
?çFDD=Floppy Disk Drive.
?çFAT=File Allocation Table.
?çI/O=Input/ Output.
?çCD=Compact Disk.
?çVCD=Video Compact Disk.
?çDVD=Digital Video Disk.
?çDOS=Data Operating System.
?çBIT=Binary System.
?çKB=Kilo Byte.
?çMB=Mega Byte.
?çGB=Giga Byte.
?çTB=Tera Byte.
?çISP=Internet Service Provider.
?çPC=Personal Computer.
?çLAN=Local Area Network.
?çMAN=Metropolitan Area Network.
?çWAN=Wide Area Network.
?çWWW=World Wide Web.
?çTCP=Transmission Control Protocol.
?çIP=Internet Protocol.
?çOSI=Operating System Interface.
?çMBPS=Megabyte per Second.
?çBIOS=Basic Input Output System.
?çCC=Carbon Copy.
?çBCC=Blind Carbon Copy.
?çO/S=Operating System.
?çCU=Control Unit.
?çHttp=Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
?çRtf=Rich Text Format.
?çALU=Arithmetic Logical Unit.
?çCMOS=Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.
?çPROM=Programmable Read Only Memory.
?çEPROM=Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
?çASCII=American Standard Code for Internet Interface.

Ms Word

• What Is Extension Of Ms Word?

Title Bar= Microsoft Word --- X
Menu Bar= File Edit View Insert Format Tools
Standard Bar=Abc Save Print New Open
Formatting Bar=B I U
Drawing Toolbar=Word Art Shading Color Shape

Name of Some Word Processor:
? Word Star.
? Word Perfect.
? Msword.
? Adobe Page Maker.
? Adobe Illustrator.
? Proshika.

• How We Can Start Ms Word?
=Start>Programs>Ms Word>New Blank Document (From Task Pane).

• How We Can Save File?
=At First You Type Something in Your Document> Then Click File Menu> Click Save> Type the file Name.

• How We Can Open Existing File?
=At First Save A File> Close It> Click File Menu > Open> Select Your File> Open.

• How We Can Lock A File By Password?
=At First Open Ms Word> Then Type Something in Your Document> Go To File Menu > Click Save > Click Tools > Security Options > Type Password > Click Ok > Again Type Same Password > Ok > Type File Name > Save.

• How We Can Change The Password?
=Open Active Password File > File Menu > Save As > Tools > Security Options > Back Space/ Delete > Type Password > Ok> Again Type Your Password > Click Ok > Save.

• How to Copy Text?
=At First You Type Some Text > Select The Text > Then Go To Edit Menu > Click Copy.

• How We Can Paste Command?
=After Copy Set Cursor Your Position Where You Want To Paste Text > Click Edit > Paste.

Shortcut Command:
? Select=Ctrl+A
? Copy=Ctrl+C
? Paste=Ctrl+V
? Print=Ctrl+P
? Save=Ctrl+S
? Undo=Ctrl+Z
? Redo=Ctrl+Y
? New File =Ctrl+N
? Open File=Ctrl+O

• How We Can Use Header & Footer?
=Click View Menu > Header & Footer > Then Type Header (Your Choice) Click Switch between Header & Footer (From H, F Toolbar) > Then Type Footer > Click Close (From Header & Footer Toolbar)

• How Can We Call Task Pane?
=Click View Menu > Task Pane. [It Use For Shortcut Work]

• How Can We Show & Hide Toolbars?
=Go To View Menu > Toolbars > Then Your Choice Which Toolbars You Want And Which Is Not.

• How Can We Show Full Screen in Document?
=View > Full Screen.

• How Can We Go For Clip Art?
=Insert > Picture > Clip Art > Click Clip Organizer From Task Pane > Double Click On To Office Collection Folder > Then Click Any One [From Left Side] > Select Your Picture [From Right Side] > Click Picture Drop Down Arrow Button > Click Copy > Click Close Button > Yes > Set Your Cursor Where You Want To Paste > Go > Edit Menu > Click Paste.

• How We Can Insert Word Art?
=Insert > Picture > Word Art > Select Any One Design > Then Type Your Name > or Other > Click Ok.

• How Can We Insert Image File?
=Insert Picture from File > Select Your Specific Drive [From Look in Box] > Select Any Image > Click Insert.

• How We Can Insert Text Box?
=Insert> Text Box > Drag Your Mouse > Then Type Your Choice.

• How We Can Change Font Name, Size, Color & Other?
=Go to Format Menu > Font > Then Change According To Your Choice.

• Equations: Insert > Object > Select Ms Equations 3.0 > Then Type {Y=3 4} (For Mathematical Term)
• Footnote & Endnote: Insert > Presence > Footnote > Ok.
• Boarder & Shadings: Format > Boarder & Shadings > Then Chose Your Choice.
• Paragraph: Format > Paragraph > Click Drop Down Menu of Special by First Line > Ok.
• Bullets & Numbering: Format > Bullets & Numbering > Then Chose Your Bullets & Numbers.
• Columns: Format > Columns > Then Chose Your Columns.
• Change Case: Format > Change Case > Upper Case or Lower Case or Sentence Case > Ok.

Tools Menu

Spelling & Grammar: At First You Type Something > Then You Go To Tools Menu > Spelling & Grammar > Then Correction your Wrong Spell & Grammar.
Word Count: First You Type Something > Tools > Word Count > Then See How Many Character You Typed.
Auto Summarize: Tools > Auto Summarize.
Protect Document: Tools > Protect Document > Type Password > Ok > Retype Password > Ok.
Unprotect Document: Tools > Unprotect Document > Type Password > Ok.
Letter & Mailings: Tools > Letter & Mailings > Mail Marge Wizard > Then Chose Any One from the List of Task Pane.
Envelops & Levels: Tools > Letter & Mailings > Envelops & Levels.
Auto Correct Option: Tools > Auto Correct Option.

Tables Menu

Table: Table > Insert > Table > Then You Choice How Many Column & Row You want > Ok.
Edit & Draw Table: Table > Draw Table.

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