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strega blair disegno - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


The Witch of Blair
The Witch of Blair
One interminable died series of in the forest of Blair

To a group of forty of miles from Baltimora, in 1734, nacque the small rural community of Blair, constituted from a ottantina of houses inhabited in the majority from protestants. In the 1769 Elly Kedward, famous like the witch of Blair, it appears for before the time in the directory of passengers embarks to you on the “Seafarer” and directed to Baltimora from the Ireland. In the 1785 entire population of Blair accusation the Kedward of witchcraft: the woman is recognized guilty to have kidnapped some children of the place in order to drink of the blood. In a icy Elly night it is capacity in the forest, tied to a tree and abandoned to the fury of the elements. In the month of November of the successive year, all the children who had said victims of the macabri rituali of the Kedward scompaiono without warning; many of the adults you mail yourself on their traces make the same end.

In 1824 during the jobs for the realization of the railway feature between Washington and Baltimora, some laborers find the rests of one city dipped in the folto of the forest: draft of the tragic Blair. The entire plot of ground comes acquired from Henry Burkitt who in that deep area the village of Burkittsville. A year after, a child of eight years, Eileen Treacle, drowns in the stream that crosses the forests of Burkittsville. Numerous they were the witnesses who declared to have seen an arm human to fuoriuscire the water and to drag the small Eileen in icy waters. But in spite of the stream the body of the child did not arrive to a meter of depth never was not found again.

In the 1886 small Robin Weaver to scompare from Burkittsville for three days: when to ricompare mrs. tells of to have been kidnapped from one whose feet never did not touch earth and dragged in one house in the forest. Meantime seven men who had gone to try the small, are find again to you orrendamente killed and their bodies cripples. Numerous citizens head in the zone with this in mind to remove the bodies, but to their place they find again alone seven small heaps of stone.

They passed beyond sessant'anni before that the vicissitudes tied to the witch of Blair returned of the present time. 13 November 1940, with the passing of the small Emily Holland of the community of Burkittsville, the issue of the witch was remittance in field. From then scomparvero other children. In approximately six months, of seven more trace was not had. A year after a wanderer, that it lived in the forest, Rustin Parr confessed of being the author of the homicide of the seven children. Their rests were recovered in the wine cellar of the shack in which it lived. Parr, that November 1941 was hanged person 27, supported to have churns for order of the “mrs. of the forest”.

Others three young people, that they tried to turn a documentary on that happened in the forest of Burkittsville, scomparvero mysteriously and from their last testimonies collections in the found again video has been drawn the famous film: The Blair witch project.

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