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=Meadow Visualization=

1. Begin by sitting quietly in your room. Let all the tensions and the stresses of the day flow away from you and fade away.

2. Still yourself and let your breathing become deeper and more relaxed. As your breathing deepens, focus on it. Let your mind become more calm and let it dwell in the internal peace of your own rythmic breath. Remain like this until you feel more calm and receptive.

3. Now imagine the walls of your room are slowly dissolving away. You find yourself sitting in a sunny meadow. The grass is thick, green and lush around you. The earth feels warm and comforting beneath.

4. The sun shines down above you. Its rays warm you. A light wind blows against you and caresses your face. Close by you hear the sound of running water as it flows along in a stream.

5. You become aware that you are surrounded by the four elements- wind, sun(fire), water, earth; each one supporting, comforting or energizing you in a different way.

6. Now you become aware that these elements are but different forms of energy; the energy that is the life force.

7. Focus on your breath again and imagine it is also the life force. Each breath is an intake of life force energy.

8. Feel your breath, not only as air rushing into your lungs but also as the life force itself. Feel it flowing through your body.

9. Sense yourself becoming a being of energy. Sense the energy of the world ebbing and flowing and pulsating all around you; running through you and around you. You are it and it is you.

10. Hold this image for a little while- perhaps for a couple of minutes- and then let the energy that has been building up withing you slowly subside.

11. Return to everyday awareness and when you feel ready to get up, do so.

12. Take your time and try not to make any sudden or hurried movements for a little while.

13. Make a note of your experiences; how you felt at different stages of the exercise. While writing up your notes, you will find it helpful to eat and drink something. This will earth you. It will bring you fully into everyday awareness and centre you in your body.

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