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30reasons y a beer is better then a woman

Beer always listens&neva argues!
Beer dusnt make u go shoppin!
Beer stains wash out!
Beer dusnt demand equality!
U can share a beer wiv ur m8s!
Beer dusnt go crazy once a month!
A beer doesnt fink football is stupid!
Wen u go2a bar,u no u can always pick up a beer!
Big,fat beerz r gud2av!
A beer wil always go down easily!
A beer is always wet!
U can av a beer in public!
U r neva embarrasd bout da beer u take2 a party!
If a beer leaks all ova da room,it smelz gud4a while!
Beer doesnt wnt foreplay b4u av it!
U can shoot a beer!
Itz easy2compliment a gud beer!
Beer is happy2ride in da boot of ur car!
You can have mor then1beer a nite&not feel guilty!
Beer doesnt care if u fall asleep afta uv had it!
Beer tastes gud!
You always no dat u r da 1st 1 2pop a beer!
Afta u av a beer,ur commited2nufin otha then dumpin da empty bottle!
Wiv a glass of beer,u can always get gud head!
Wen u say u love a beer,u realy mean it!
A beer as no problem wiv u takin itz top off!
Beer as no mother&can b mature within a year!
Beer wont follow u around4a week afta uv ad it!
A beer makes everyfin ok,a woman makes everyfin a problem!
A beer wont get upset if u cum home&av anuva beer!

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