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Schools out part 2

one of the students put their hand up so i had 2 go 2speak 2 her. She only wanted me 2explain a question better. I returned 2 my desk dropped my pen on the floor and went down 2pick it up breanna parted her legs 4me. I moved in wiv my tongue and took a quick lick of her soakin wet cunt, then came out, sat down it was so risky! "sir that was so nice i had 2bite my lip so hard then" breanna whispered. I looked at her lip and could see a little bit of blood. " ur lip is bleedin do u need 2go 2 the office" i said quietly. "no sir just do that again" she whispered back. "plenty of time after the test" i said. "Right thats it time up ill come round and get ur papers when ive got it u can go, apart from breanna who will be cleanin the classroom" after all the students left i made sure the blinds were shut and the door locked, i went up behind breanna moved her hair from her neck and started 2 kiss and suck her neck and ear, she was moanin, i whispered in her ear.. "i hope ur gonna be the little slut i hear people say u are" she replyed " u aint got a clue how bad i am have u sir, when my face is covered in ur cum, i want u 2 lick it off and spit it in my mouth" i turned her round and pulled her tits from her shirt suckin hard on her nipples, rubbin her soakin wet cunt at the same time. "please fuck me sir, fuck me now, sir fuck me hard please" breanna begged me. I took out my cock and rubbed it all over her soakin wet cunt she was biting her lip again, "breanna ur bleedin again" i said " i dont care just put ur cock in me sir, fuck me hard then cum all over my fuckin face" breanna yelled! I rammed my cock in she bit her lip harder so she wouldnt scream, the blood was all over her chin, she wiped it away with her hand and licked it off!! I must of only fucked her for about 3minutes, about 30 pumps in and out then felt my balls tighten. " im cummin babe" i said. "dont cum in me dont cum in me cum in my mouth" she cried. I pulled out and cum in her mouth and most of her face. "ohh sir that was amazin, i take it u love fuckin ur dirty schoolgirl then? Next time ill show u just how dirty i am, ill let u take my arse, ul be the 1st! and ill give u a blowjob as i smoke a fag!" she said. Breanna is a dream and ill tell u wot happened when i got her back 2 my house another time.

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