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MasterC's Slaves story

ive been his live in slave now for just over 7months, im very lucky to be allowed to write this without being told what to write, although he will be reading it so i hope he will be happy with what i write? My name is gemma im 23yrs old 5ft3 34c quite slim with long natural blonde hair and i answered the masters advert for a live in slave on another site. He explained what he wanted from me and i moved in that day! I drove 4 hours non stop from where i lived, i didnt want to, i wanted to stop for something to eat and a toilet break. I was over 2hours away and really needed the toilet, i was so tempted to stop, but i wouldnt let myself fail what i considered to be my 1st test. If i did fail i would of just turned my car around and go back home. I held my pee in for nearly 40minutes, i couldnt hold it any longer i was in so much pain! The relief was so intense, i swear i had an orgasam!!! Now my jeans were soaked it was hot and after about 20minutes it started to smell, i lit a fag and worried about meeting my new master stinking of piss! I arrived about 3 and texed him (master sorry to disturb whatever ur doing but i have just arrived outside ur house) to say i was here. I got a tex back sayin he wouldnt be back for another 40 minutes cause he was on a job! Great i thought im gonna fucking really smell now. I just sat there in my own piss and waited. He pulled in behind me got out of his car and walked to his door then becond me over with his finger. We went inside i could feel myself getting wet and i have no idea why?? I said i was sorry for smelling so much sir u told me not to stop so i didnt and i couldnt hold myself any longer sorry sir. Master didnt say a word he just took my hand led me upstairs to the bathroom put the shower on then left the room again! I didnt know if i should get in or not, he never said so i just stood there in my piss soaked jeans stinking like u wouldnt belive! Master came back in with black shorts and a really tight white t-shirt on. He took off my purple half top and bra then circled me looking at my body, i was looking at the floor the whole time, again i dont know why?? Master then undone my jeans slowly, i could feel his breath on my shoulder, i stepped out of my jeans and he removed my socks, took my hand and turned me round to face the mirror, Pulled off my white thong that had turned yellow with my piss! Looked down at my pure blonde pubic hair smiled, sniffed deeply then licked the hair? Not my pussy but the hair!! Master got up and put me in the shower he washed me from head to toe, not sexually just intensely tender and sensuall. He dried me off, put deodorant on me then sat me on the toilet and got a bag from the shelf behind me, it was a make-up bag! He put on foundation, done my eyes and put on lipstick, then showed me the results in the mirror. I couldnt belive it he had done a fantastic job!! But my lips were unreal, they looked plump and quite big! They were bright red but looked so wet. Dressed me in a tiny pink top that only just covered my tits and a pair of tiny pink knickers, Master still had not spoke and it was starting to worry me. He took me in the living room sat me in a big lazy boy chair, it must of been his, where he always sat. He left the room again. He came back in with a massive cup of tea in an arsenal mug, box of chocolate fingers, 20 fags and a massive cigar. I said thank you sir, thank you so much. He sat on the sofa next to the chair i was in, then i was so relieved, he spoke. " gemma we need to sort out what you expect from me and what i expect from you tell me what you expect gemma." i replyed instantly. " i expect you to push my limits to the max, by that i mean that what ever fantasy or fetish u have i want you to tell me about it and i will do it, it wont matter how bad it is i want to do it for you sir, also i expect to cum at least twice a day sir. Now wot do you expect from me?." "its simple" he said " i expect u to worship me, do everything i say domesticaly without fail or i will punish you, as for the sex i am very dirty as you know thats what you like or you wouldnt be here would you." i had finished my tea and ate a few chocolate fingers by now. I was just about to light a fag when my master said "wait before you light up, every fag u have u will smoke with fresh lipstick on, and u will suck my cock at the same time." i replied "of course sir." he stood in front of me i pulled down his black shorts and his 8inch cock was about 2inches from my face, i lit a fag took a massive drag pulled back his foreskin and took his cock deep in my mouth, smoke came out my nose all over his cock, i blew smoke over his cock as i sucked and wanked him, i took my last puff, pulled masters foreskin back over the tip, took the foreskin in my mouth and blew the smoke out, i wanked him fast master held my head and forced his cock down my throat till he cum!! I was quite suprised i took it without being sick, but i did. I was quite proud, master wasnt happy though, he said " thats the last time im gonna be so gentle, ul puke next time u dirty slut. I was so wet now and had made a wet patch on his chair he saw this and told me to stand up, i did as i was told he pulled my hair back and forced me down to the wet patch. Lick it up u dirty slut how dare you wet my chair. I licked my juice up and could feel my cunt pouring now, master went behind me and begun licking my cunt! Then he pushed his tongue deep in my arse! I cum so hard i was shaking,

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