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gemma uk

Teen love

over 18s only.

This is about my 15yr old step daughter. She is 5ft 6 size 14 long dark hair, 36dd and very pretty. Her mum was away for 4 days on a team building thing for work, so it was just me and her daughter for 4days. It was thursday and i always go out wiv my mates and get pissed,so i said gemma could have a mate round as she didnt have to go to school cause of teacher training. I said they could have a few drinks and sorted out a few bottles of strong cider, and half bottle of vodka. Well it was kickin out time at the club, so i texed gemma sayin i was gettin kfc did she want any? I got this tex back. Oh yeh sarah is really out of it so dont worry about her im so pissed, can u get me 20 fags im dyin 4 a fag, are u doin anythin when u get back like watchin a film or summit?xxx. I was horny and just wanted 2go home and have a wank watchin my porn lol. But maybe i could end up havin sex with gemma instead!! So i texed her back this message- ill get u some fags but i was just gonna watch some porn and have a She texed me back straight away. U cant wank while im in the room, im on ur bed waitin 4my food hurry up!! By the way u have way 2much porn in I replyed quick i hope u aint naked goin through my porn? Lol. Ill be 10 mins.x she texed back- No im not naked im wearing, no im not tellin u wot im wearin lol. Ive found a film called dirty teen schoolgirls can we watch that? i replyed. U got 2be jokin im not watchin porn wiv u pour me a vodka ill be there in 2mins.x i walked in looked in to the front room sarah was asleep on the floor passed rite out in a red thong and an arsenal top! I covered her up wiv the quilt, then went upstairs looked in my room and gemma had put the porn film on!! "GEMMA i cant belive u put that film on" i shouted. "im in the toilet ill be out in a bit, its only a laugh aint it" she called back. I went in my bedroom took off my t-shirt and layed across the bed eatin my food, 2minutes later gemma came in wearin a thin red top that looked way to small it struggled to hold her tits in and no bra!, and red hotpants! "where is my food im starving" she said. I could feel my cock gettin hard so turned to lie on my front quick so she couldnt see. " U sure your tits are gonna stay in that top! " i said. She replyed "yes they will dont worry i wont smash ur burger hahahaha." I laughed at that, it was funny. She layed on the bed facing the tv so her feet were on the pillow, my head was close to her arse!! She smelt so good, that didnt help my cock! Gemma turned 2 me and said " Why dont u lie up this end so u can see the tv better?" i told her "Im ok as i am, dont worry about me, u just watch ur porn! Haha, still cant belive u put this on!!" gemma said " Its only a laugh aint it, i mean look at the size of her skinny as fuck she is, and he has got a massive cock. We aint like that." i said to gemma " No we aint like them u got a better body and bigger tits, and my cock is bigger than that when its soft and take my word for it cause ur not gonna see it!!" "Fuckoff is it bigger than that" gemma said. I replyed " It fuckin is im tellin ya" I turned over and showed her my cock i had a semi so it looked even bigger! I had tight boxer shorts on so she never saw it in the flesh. Gemma said "Fuckin hell u aint lyin!! Thats massive!" i said "Come on we should get some sleep, i got to take sarah back in the mornin" I turned the light out and got under the quilt gemma was already in there. "i cant sleep wiv pants on gem so im gonna take em off, do u want me 2put some pillows down the middle?" i said. She replyed " No dont worry, i cant sleep wiv em on either, i need my teddy to cuddle an all. "you aint bringin a teddy in ere" i said. "well im gonna have to cuddle u then, turn over so u dont jab me with ur cock hahaha." she said. I turned over and she cuddled up to me i could feel one of her hard nipples in my back, her hand was on my chest, her long nails running through my chest hair, she kissed the back of my neck and said "Thanks for the food and fags, i enjoyed tonight" i told her "no worries when your mum goes away we can do it again no porn next time though,hahaha." Gemma said "yeh you cant go out next time, you can stay in and get pissed and yes we are gonna watch loads of porn i love it, hahaha." I knew then she wanted me to fuck her. I just said "ok gem, lets get some sleep now" she replyed "Im so tired now its not gonna take me long." About 20minutes had gone by when she turned over, i left it another 5minutes then turned over and put my arm over her stomach, she moved herself so my hand ended up between her legs, with the back of my hand touching her pussy. She turned my hand round and took hold of my finger and put it inside her pussy! It was soaked and i mean soaked! I turned again on my back this time gemma turned wiv me so her hand ended up right on my cock, i felt her grip it and pull my foreskin back. My cock was soft but growing very hard. "gemma ur touchin my cock" i said. No reply! She was either asleep or thought i was! So i took her hand off turned on my side and put her hand on her pussy and pushed one of her fingers inside her, she moaned out as it went in, then said "put your fingers in me and kiss me" I didnt need askin twice! I leaned in and kissed her gently our tongues fighting with each other, she was breathing heavy as my finger went in and out of her pussy very slowly, then i just rubbed her clit, her nails digging in my back, she cum in seconds flooding my hand and bed like she had just pissed!! "Sorry, i cum like that all the time, i cant help it" gemma said. I said to her "Dont be sorry, just cum over my face like that next time" she kissed me hard forcing her tongue deep in my mouth, " U have to fuck me and fuck me hard, dont be gentle, be really rough wiv me that will turn me on so much" gemma said. I told her i couldnt be rough wiv her as sarah would hear her scream.

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