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gemma uk

Teen love cont.

Gemma said "gag me then, do anythin i just want to be fucked hard, really hard, dont u want to fuck me?" I got out of bed turned the light on and said "Of course i do have u seen ur body? Ur beautiful, we will do it my way tonight, your way tomorrow when we are on our own, is that fair?" "Ok i know ur rite im just so fuckin horny! Will u just stand over me and wank ur cock till u cum, then cum on my face and tits?" gemma said. I replyed "Fuckin hell gem, u aint shy are you!" she said "ive got 2days maybe 3 to have sex wiv u before my mum gets back, cause i dont think she will be very happy that im fuckin her husband, my step-dad, will she??haha" i said "im sure she will be ok wiv it as long as she can watch hahaha." Gemma sat on the side of the bed, i bent over and kissed her softly, and took off her top her tits just stayed there! Not saggy, not soft, but hard and firm like a porn stars tits! And her nipples were the biggest ive seen, and ive seen a few!! I started to wank my cock inches from her face, she stuck out her tongue every now and again so i could wipe off my pre cum, she started playin with her pussy as i wanked, i was gettin close gemma said "cum all over my fuckin tits" That done it i cum hard the 1st spurt went over her face and in her mouth, the 2nd spurt went over her tits, the 3rd and 4th spurt i aimed back at her face. She grabbed my cock and sucked every drop from it swallowing the lot till my cock went soft then she still carried on sucking and playin with my foreskin!! " you are a rite filthy girl aint u gem" i said. Gemma layed back on the bed and said " That was so fuckin good i loved it, i am every mans dream girl, there is nothin i wouldnt do, and i mean nothin! I need a fag now come and lie down wiv me". I layed down on the bed and she lit a fag and gave it to me then she lit another one for herself. "That turns me on so much" i said. "Wot does?" gemma replyed. " Girls smokin" i said. "Noooo really!! I love smoking after sex."gemma replyed. I said "yeh so do i, but i mean during sex, havin my cock sucked while ur smokin is a massive turn on, fuckin a girl while she smokes, kissing and smokin thats wot im on about". Gemma said "im not the only one who is kinky as fuck then am i, ur just as bad! Ill do that if u want." She reached down and took my soft cock in her hand took a puff on her fag inhaled deep then put my cock on her tongue and blew out the smoke! She said "ur cock is big even when it aint hard hahaha." gemma said. She smoked and sucked my cock till it was rock hard again, on the last puff she inhaled then came up and kissed me hard as i pulled on her nipples, then we heard the living room door open! "Shit its sarah" gemma said. She quickly put on my t-shirt and said "Turn over and pretend to be asleep im gonna show her how big your cock is so turn ur body but keep ur head face down in the pillow" i heard gemma open the door and walk out. Sarah said "wot u doin in there is ur dad not home yet?" gemma replyed "yeh he is home he is passed out on the bed, he must of been so pissed he aint even moved, i was tryin to get some money from his wallet so i could buy summit tomorrow, he is fuckin naked and u should see the size of his cock its the biggest 1 ive ever seen!! Do u wanna see it?" sarah said "he wont wake up will he cause we will get in so much trouble if he does". "He wont, ive been in here 20minutes and he aint even moved he is so out of it". I heard them come in the room and gemma must of sat on the bed, i could hear every word they were saying even though it was a quiet whisper! "look at the fuckin size of it" gemma said touching it. "dont fuckin touch it he will wake up" sarah said. "He wont im tellin u he is out of it, im gonna suck it do u want a go?" gemma asked sarah. "No way he will really wake up if u do that, he is your dad anyway u cant suck it." sarah said. Gemma replyed "he is my step dad, and we are never gonna get a moment like this with a cock this big probley ever! Come on." gemma started suckin on my cock then i felt another tongue on my cock!! I was gettin a double blowjob but couldnt move!!! Sarah said " fuckin hell gem im so wet lets go to your room so we can use ur dildo" gemma said "come on then i need the toilet 1st though u go in." they both left my room. Gemma said "meet me in the toilet" I sneaked into the toilet and gemma was just sittin down to piss. I grabbed her and pulled her off the toilet i sat down on the toilet lifted up my t-shirt that she was wearin and pulled her on to my lap pulled her head close to mine and whispered "piss all over my cock" gemma whispered "kiss me gently while i do it then." I kissed her softly and felt her warm piss flood over my cock that was gettin hard very quickly and pushing against her pussy! "Sarah is gonna be usin my dildo soon and im gonna be usin it after i want u to watch us, be even better if u caught us doin lesbian stuff she will shit that u will tell her mum! Yeh ill get her to lick my pussy u catch us and say u gonna tell both our mums, then ill say we will suck your cock if u dont say anythin" I thought that was a fuckin good idea but said "she will never do that." gemma just went into her room but left the door open a bit so i could see, sarah was tellin gemma she was so fuckin horny after lickin my cock and wanted to cum, i heard gemma say "if u lick my clit till i cum ill lick urs and fuck u wiv my dildo." Sarah said "But u fuckin squirt when u cum ill get soaked" so gemma said "just fuck me wiv my dildo then" sarah grabbed the dildo and put it inside gemma, sarah said "tell me when ur gonna cum cause i dont wanna get wet" i walked in and said "wot the fuck are u both doin! Cover yourselfs up i dont think your mums will be happy about this" Then walked out. Sarah started crying and said to gemma "He wont really say anythin to my mum will he? She will freak and never let me out again" gemma said "Yeh he fuckin will, he caught me smoking and said if i didnt clean his car inside and out he would tell my mum thats why i cant go anywhere on a sunday! So if we do summit for him im sure he wont say anythin" sarah stopped crying and said "Wot can we do though? He wont want anythin from us, u already do his car, do u think he will want us to clean the house?"

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