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The Fantasy Of The Seven Seas Of Rhye

*Rog and Bri feeling rather pukish*

The Story is finally here! Hope you all enjoy the evil versus good magical ´Seven Seas Of Rhye´

Part 1: Zed returns!
inspired by the song
´Great King Rat´

Zed,a young woman of 19 has returned to the city of Rhye where she was born. She has heard of evil King Rat´s death and plans to settle down with her family in peace. However since King Rat has left the kingdom without a ruler his followers still remain holding the future king Dekry,hostage in Rat´s castle and so Zed beginns her journey to rescue Dekry and the City. Apon arriving at the castle Zed is attacked by Rat´s men but skillfully defeats the majority and escapes to the dungeons. She smashes Dekry´s cell with one mighty(kungfoo!)kick and then suddenly hears a farmiliar voice right behind her,however,thinking that the stranger is one of Rat´s men she sttacks him and only realises that it is her lost love Rabbie once they hit the ground. He tries to explain to her everything thats happened butis too late,the group of followers burst in,restrain Zed and take her to the outside court,leaving Rabbie and Dekry to escape. The city of Rhye watch said as she is tortured,shouting and screaming for that moment Rabbie cascades down a rope from the balconies,holind a sword and slaughtering the men. He rescues Zed and escape into the open heading towards the Feller Forest.

Part 2: Summoned to the forest
inspired by the songs
´My Fairy King´

The King of the Fairys has heard pf the two strangers in the forest and discovers that it is Zed the heroine and the EVIL Rabbie...son of Mustapha. They quickly becomelost in the forest but then suddenly open up into The Fairy King´s layer. He brings Zed forth and tells her to go back to Rhye,where she´ll be safe because she an´t stay with Rabbie or in the forest. She pleads to the King and tells him of her travels with Rabbie,that he is a good and honest man but the Fairy King reluctantly still casts her out. Being so upset she runs away deep into the forest with Rabbie following behind her. She knowas her destiney so seals his fate with a single kiss and is chesed out of the forest by the King´s Fellers leaving Rabbie behind.

Part 3: The Black War
inspired by the song
´March Of The Black Queen´

Zed comes back to Rhye after a long time by herself. Chaos is present!! She walks into the perculiar feeling of a dark and shivering city and finds not one single person around until a begger pleads at her feet expaining an evil Black Queen has taken over the city and turned them into slaves. The brave heroine felt no more and started to run from Rhye but coame face to face with the Black Queen herself. She casts Zed down and her evil power works away destroying the only hope of Rhye´s survival. But! On her dying breath,Zed miraculously rises up,filled with some force of The Fairy King and kills the Queen with some pretty good magic.

Final Part: Victory Arrives
inspired by the song
´The Seven Seas Of Rhye´

Zed´s triumph made her the new ruler of Rhye and a great celebration was held all over her new Kingdom. Rabbie is left never to see her again but stays with The Fairy King who will protect her forever.


(Written ALL by ME lie!!) :oD

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