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□¡□ Easy-to-Grow Plants□¡□

Romaine Lettuce
Everyone loves lettuce! Romaine lettuce is easy to grow and a welcome sight on dinner plates in spring when the rest of the garden is just sprouting. Lettuce is easy to startfrom seed. You won't need many plants if you're just growing them for yourself and your family, but lettuce can make a nice product for the farmer's market. You can pick lettuce leaves while still young and have "baby" lettuce, or let them mature into full heads.
((Lemon Balm)) By.©Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹²Lemon balm is pretty, smells divine, and is edible. It's great in tea, fresh ordried, with a vibrant lemon and slight mint flavor. Lemon balm is so easy to grow that you'll need to be careful! It can take over a garden bed. You might try growing it in a container. Or, plant it with oregano and other mints and let them fight it out.
((Peas)) BY© Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹² Peas are a delicious early-season vegetable. With a simple trellis, which doesn't need to be more complicated than some wooden poles with wire mesh stapled to them, you can plant a fun, edible pea tunnel for your children to climb through. Peas are easy to start from seed. Choose a blight-resistant variety for optimum success.
{(Mesclun Greens)} BY©Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹² Commonly sold as mesclun mix, a variety of mustard greens and many lettuces lends color and flavor to the garden. Mesclun mix can be cut with scissors and will regenerate many times throughout the season. You'll have salad on the homestead every night with supper! Mesclun mix is also a terrific seller at farmer's markets. It's easy to grow and start from seed. Just be careful because it will bolt in hot weather; your best bet is to plant it as early in the season as possible. It does well under a cold frame.
{[Pie Pumpkins}] BY©Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹² Pie pumpkins are a natural fit for the small farm. They can be roasted, the soft flesh scooped out, and the resulting puree can be frozen for use in pies, cakes, and soups through the winter. Roast the seeds with salt for a delicious snack. Pumpkins are full of fiber and vitamins. To have the greatest success with pumpkins, start the seeds indoors and plant in compost-rich soil once the seedlings are established.
[[Beans ]] BY©Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹² Beans are among the easiest plants to grow on the small farm. Even if your soil lacks nutrients, beans can overcome this because they fix their own nitrogen in the soil. Beans are traditionally planted alongside corn and squash in what's known as a"Three Sisters"configuration becausethe beans will replace some of the nitrogen that the corn and squash use. Everyone's familiar with fresh beans, but dry varieties are a useful storage food for the small farm or homestead. You'd be surprised how much better they taste than dry beans from the supermarket. You caneven cook up a batch and pressure can them for your own"canned beans."
{}Cherry Tomatoes{} BY©Rαм‎‎℮‎sh Chand²º¹² Love tomatoes but a bit afraid to start growing them? Cherry tomatoes are an easy introduction tothe delicious world of tomatoes. They're easier because you don't have to prune them and you don't have to worry about supporting the weight of a huge, heavy tomato plant laden with large fruit. I've had a lot of success growing cherry tomatoes with large wire cages and very little pruning - I just remove some of the suckers at the bottom early on, then let them go. Each year we've had more than we can eat. That isn't a problem, either - cut them in half and dehydrate them for a delectable taste of summer sun in the middle of winter.

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