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□¡□How to Grow an Apple Tree□¡□

Here is a step by step article on how to grow your very own apple tree. Apple trees grown from seed provideboth children and adults alike with a very satisfying gardening activity.
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1 Save some seeds whenever you eatan apple or just buy some from the store .
2 Take your seeds and lay them out to dry until there is no moisture on the outside shell .
3 Cover your seeds with a damp paper towel and place them in the fridge . Check every so often to make sure the towel stays damp. Once the seeds have been in the fridge for about a month, the seeds should have sprouted.
4 Put the seeds in a small cup of potting soil and remember to water the seeds to make sure that the soil is moist but not wet (or else the soil gets dried out and crumbly) . Now just wait for some growth!
5 Transplant the newly sprouted seedling to a larger pot and keep watering daily . If you want 'all-natural apples' do not add store bought fertilizer (you can use leaf mulch or compost).
6 Pick a location for your tree . Choose a planting site that gets full sun, is convenient and has a big enough space to grow (in other words, no rotten apples in the neighbor's yard). With pruning, expect the tree to eventually reach a height of 20 ft or so).
7 Transplant your seedling to the outdoors . Once your little sapling hasgotten big enough that no one will step on it or think it is a weed, carefully transplant it without cutting off any roots. Best time of year to plant depends on location - inZone 8 or so and warmer fall plantingcan work well, otherwise plant in spring, once the threat of hard frost has passed. Dig the planting hole much wider than the roots to allow them to grow easily. Water the tree in well to eliminate air pockets, then spread a mulch of hardwood chips or hay a few inches thick, in a 3 ft circle around the tree. This will help retain moisture and keep grass from growing and out-competing your young tree's roots for water and nutrients. Speaking of which, do not add any nitrogen sources (fertilizer, un-aged compost) when planting. Wait a month or two before considering adding a slow-release nitrogen source.
8 Let nature take care of the rest . After the first year, you can stop watering it, unless you live in an extremely dry area, in which case you should continue to water, at least during the dry season. The equivalent of an inch or two of watera week is ideal for the first year, make sure you give it a good soakingnot just a sprinkle.
9 Be aware of deer ! If you live in an area with deer, you'll need to protectyour young tree. Deer absolutely loveto browse the buds on apple trees, insome cases they'll even damage the trunk itself. Mesh fencing a little larger than the tree, secured to posts will work in most cases, in low-pressure areas spraying the tree with a purchased or home-brew spray may also be effective.
10 Prune as little as possible the first few years, so you don't delay fruit bearing . An apple tree wants to builda lot of growth before it decides to create fruit - it's way of reproducing -so let it grow till it starts to bear.
11 Wait patiently for your tree to bear fruit . Eventually (hopefully!) the tree will bear fruit. Apples are normally propagated by grafting because they do not reproduce true from seed, so your seedling tree is anexperiment! It may produce fruit that tastes wonderful, or not, but either way the fruit is unlikely to resemble the apple the seed came from.
12 Care for your apple tree . Growing fruit will take pruning, thinning, and keeping insects and disease at bay, among other things. There are many good books and resources to guide you. A great place to start is your state school extension, they may have helpful summary bulletins. Remember that your apple is what's called a seedling, standard, or full-sizetree; follow the recommendations for this type. Good apples can be a challenge to grow, depending on your area, so read up on the pests and diseases in your locale.
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Keep it in a pot until it is about 1.3 - 2ft. tall (40-60 cm).
Only put one seed in a pot, so they don't have to compete for nutrients and sunlight.
Prune your apple trees once they start to bear, following advice from extension bulletins or a pruning book. The central leader form will be best for most folks.
Check with your local extension for bulletins on general care of apples, or pick-up one of the many good books available from a local library.
Before eating the fruit, check for bugs and brusies on the apple.
Edit Warnings
You might want to keep an eye on the precipitation in your area though,and watch the tree. If the leaves starts to wilt, and it isn't supposed torain for a while, you should sprinkle it with your hose.
Do not remove it from the pot too early or it might get stepped on, or someone might pull it thinking it is a weed.
Over watering can cause root rot.
Edit Things You'll Need
A cup
A pot
Apple seeds
Potting soil
Sufficient light
Paper towels

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