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mothers day - Animated

¸.•♥ •Mother's Day• ♥•.¸

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Mother's Day is the time to pamper your mother for all that she has done for you over the years.


The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.
- W. S. Ross

Celebrated every year on second Sunday in May, Mother's Day is the day when every child expresses the thoughts of love and respect that they have for their mother. It is the time to honor one's mother with greeting cards, gifts and flowersand doing something special for her - to make her feel special. It's time to give out awards to your mom for being the most loving, kind-hearted,

understanding and caring personin your life to post Mother's Daymessages and put up lovely quotes around the house on Moms and their love. It's time to treat her like a queen and treather with a royal buffet preparedby one's own hands, to give her promise-cards and coupons that she may use, when she needs your help the most.

Mother's Day is the time to pamper your mother for all thatshe has done for you over the years. So get ready to give yourmom a surprise by treating her as the Guest of Honor and by setting the mood for the day with touchy Mother's Day songs. You may use our gift ideas to letyour mother know that no one loves her more than her own children and also to let her knowhow important her tight hugs and kisses are and were when you were still a kid. On Mother's Day children everywhere take advantage to honor and to express appreciation of their mothers.

Being a mother is certainly not easy. At times there are special moments and at times stress and frustration takes over. This Mother's Day, why not remember some of the special moments or crazy times or silly days that you have spent with your mother. According to a survey, mothers agree that, being remembered by their children on Mother's Day holds a special place in their heart.

Receivng a card or a gift or any other token has an emotional meaning for them.

Mother in Different Languages

The first word that a child learns to speak is mother. The word signifies care, love, concernand sacrifice. It doesn't matter what the language is, the love and affection represented by this single word remains the same every where and in every language. When you are in pain, the first word that comes out ofyour mouth is "momma", which simply means that the first person you remember in pain is that of your mom. It also serves to reflect that the word is so soothing that merely by saying it; you experience an alleviation of your pain. This ordinary word has the power to make you feel secure in the hardest of times. Are you wondering how people around the world say the word 'mother'? If yes, the go through the following lines and learn howto speak mother in different languages.


Afrikaans =>Moeder, Ma
Albanian =>Nënë, Mëmë
Arabic =>Ahm
Belarusian =>Matka
Bolognese =>Mèder
Bosnian/ Bulgarian =>Majka
Brazilian/Portuguese =>Mãe
Chechen =>Nana
Croatian =>Mati, Majka
Czech =>Abatyse
Danish =>Mor
Dutch =>Moeder, Moer
English =>Mother, Mama, Mom
Finnish =>Äiti
French =>Mère, Maman
German =>Mutter
Greek =>Màna
Hawaiian =>Makuahine
Hindi =>Ma, Maji
Hungarian =>Anya, Fu
Icelandic =>Móðir
Indonesian =>Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish =>Máthair
Italian =>Madre, Mamma
Japanese =>Okaasan, Haha
Judeo/Spanish =>Madre
Latin =>Mater
Macedonian =>Majka
Marathi =>Aayi
Mongolian =>eh
Norwegian =>Madre
Persian =>Madr, Maman
Polish =>Matka, Mama
Portuguese =>Mãe
Punjabi =>Mai, Mataji, Pabbo
Romanian =>Mama, Maica
Russian =>Mat'
Serbian =>Majka
Slovak =>Mama, Matka
Spanish =>Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swedish =>Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss/German =>Mueter
Turkish =>Anne, Ana, Valide
Ukrainian =>Mati
Urdu =>Ammee
Welsh =>Mam
Yiddish =>Muter
Zeneize =>Moæ


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