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squall - Newest pictures


Maybe y0u already kn0w them...

Squall Leonheart
Age:17 Height: 5´8"
The main character! That means the character you are playing with, through all the game :) he seems selfish and lonely but.. Love changes everything and once he meets a beautiful girl in the SeeD party, his world turns upside down!

Rinoa Heartilly
Age:17 Height: 5´3 1/2
There she is! She changed Squall´s life forever.. Even if that meant scaring the poor lonewolf :( well she is funny, beautiful and has family troubles. I will talk about it later.

Quistis Trepe
Age:18 Height: 5´6"
Honestly this an unhappy girl ! Well she left home early to become an instructor, she loves Squall but he ignores her, she has lot of fans but this beautiful girl might be the only one who is alone in the ending.

Seifer Almasy
Age:18 Height: 6´2"
This good looking boy is terrible.. But after all, he is just looking after his "romantic dream" and oh maybe he is egocentric :) just maybe.. Well he is jealous of Squall: we can´t blame him! Look at the facts - 1. Squall becomes a SeeD; 2. Squall is the favorite of the Headmaster; 3. Squall got the girl (Rinoa) ; 4. Squall has got lots of friends! So what? Do you still hate Seifer? Maybe he should appreciate more Raijin and Fujin´s company, that´s all.

Zell Dincht
Age:17 Height: 5´5"
Probaby the first thing that comes in your mind is "chicken wuss"! Being portuguese I honestly still don´t get it why they call him that.. Oh but he is lucky ;) He has a great adoptive family and a pigtail girl running after him? What is going in your mind now? Hotdogs?

Irvine Kinneas
Age:17 Height: 6´0"
B00m baby! His department: ladies and guns! What is he doing in the game? Annoying Squall and trying to get with Rinoa and Selphie. Does anyone knows why is Quistis outta story? Maybe she scares Irvine.. Maybe!

Selphie Tilmitt
Age:17 Height: 5´1 1/2
Who-ooo! This girl sure has spirit! She loves Balamb Garden but her first "home" was Trabia Garden, attacked by the missiles :( She is friendy and beautiful!

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