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[ff7 tips&tricks]

Getting a gold chocobo: Get a green chocobo by mating two great chocobos or two good chocobos. Obtain carob nuts by buying some at the gold saucer wonder square for 500GP or by stealing them from the vlakarados (dino) creatures found near the bone village. Get the chocobos to the S class, then give them a carob nut. Race the green chocobo until its in S class. Then use carob nut and mate the same or different chocobos. Then race the blue chocobo until its in S class use a carob nut and mate the blue and
green chocobos. You will get a black chocobo. Race it until its in S class. Then go to the chocobo tracks around icicle inn area and get a wonderful chocobo. Race it until its in S class. Find the zeio nut on an island north of the chocobo farm. You can steal it from a goblin that your party fights. If you steal nothing at first them try again. Mate the black chocobo with the wonderful chocobo using zeio nut. You should now have a gold chocobo that can go anywhere on the map.

Materia to beat weapon: Note: this must be done after meteor is summoned and the highwind is in your possession. 1. Before fighting either weapons, find and equip the morph materia before returning to the undersea reactor in junon. Go through the sight-seeing tunnel (where the ocean can be viewed) and enter battles until the ghost ship appears. Use morph when the enemy is low on HP to change them into an item called ´guide book.´
2. Leave junon and return to kalm, go into the last house on the right, next to the bar. Go up stairs, where and old man will be encountered. He will explain how he wants to understand the afterlife, and ask you to find three items: guide book, earth harp, and desert rose. He will notice that you already have guide book an give you the underwater materia. 3. Equip the underwater materia. It does not gain AP and will not duplicate. This materia removes the time limit when emerald weapon is encountered.
4. Defeat emerald weapon to recieve earth harp. Take it to kalm and give it to the old man to recieve master summon (red), master magic (green), and master command (yellow) materia. These materia cannot level up or duplicate, but have all the abilities of their single counterparts. Master summon grants all summon for as long as MP are available. A similar effect is also used by master magic. Master command is a little difficult to work with, but is still worth it.
5. Equip the new materia and ram it into ruby, who is minding its own business at gold saucer. With luck, the single character will allow you to stay and fight, and you will be ready to deal with this massacre.
6. Defeat ruby and take desert rose to the man in kalm to recieve a gold chocobo. You probably will already have one, as knight of the round is required for the weapon battles.
Cast magic three times at an opponent:
Have all characters with reflect status. Then, cast any any attack spell on all three of your characters. The spell will bounce three times into the enemy, each with the attack power of a full spell.

Easy battle square handicaps:

During the ´slot machine´ handicap sequence, rapidly tap square in the battle square section at gold saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Note: this trick will also work in a similar manner with cait sith´s limit break.

Unlimited items

This trick requires a W-item materia. The materia is obtained after your party parachutes back into midgar in discs3. After entering the subway tunnels in sector 8, your party may walk away from the screen and encounter the turks, or walk towards the screen to reach another subway section. Select the second choice and follow the subway tunnel until it ends at a dead end with the W-item materia. Equip the materia on the character with the item to be duplicated. When a battle begins,
select the W-item entry on the battle menu, select an unimportant item and use it on any character. On the second item choice, select the item to be duplicated by pressing circle, then press X to cancel your selection and increase the number of that item in the inventory. Repeatedly press circle followed by X to accumulate 99 of the duplicated item. Note: this will only duplicate items selectable in battle and cannot be used to duplicate the various sources, materia, weapons or armour

Refill HP
Cast regen-all on your party, then quickly open the playstation lid when all opponents have been defeated. The game will be unable to load the victory screen, and may glitch while the HP for each party member fills. After everyone is at full health, close the lid to resume game

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