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Lalaji Ne Meri Maan Ko Choda

Hello folks I'm Danish from Pakistan and I'm in 9th standard. I'm 15 years of age. First I tell you about my family. I am the only son and I have two sisters. Both were younger to me. My father was in Merchant Navy and he usually goes out for months. My mother named Tayiba was 38 and having a very good figure. We live in Clifton, Karachi and in our area there is a Super Store which is owned by a Hindu Lala Naraindas. Lala Naraindas was of 55 years of age and we used to bring our rashan from his store on credit. And after the month we pay him his dues. But once my father's pay was delayed. So daily I went to bank but came back empty handed. I went to lalajee and told him the whole story. He said 'OK! but after three days you should have to clear the dues'. I said 'Right lalajee'. On fourth day, Lalajee came our home in severe anger and started abusing my mother 'Behnchod, Teri maan ko lovda maroon, paisay nikal meray'. When I heard this I came out of the room and stand behind the curton of living room. My sisters were in school only I and mother was at home. Mother wanted to settle the issue but I saw Lalajee slapped my mother face and also kicked her big ass. My mother wanted to get up but as she straighten herself Lalajee pulled her shalwar down to her knees. And shouted 'Madrchod! aaj tujh say sood loonga asal tu aata rahay gaa Randi'. Mother started begging him ' Lalajee! aaj ka din day do kal main khud paisay day jaon gi'. Mother holds her shalwar and also her kameez to cover up her big white sexy thighs. But lalajee pulled her shalwar from her legs. Now my mother's legs were nude and she tries to cover her thighs with her kameez. Lalajee sat besides her and said 'aaj tu teri choot maar kar sood wasolon gaa'. Mother started weeping and said 'Lalajee! teray haath jorti hon mujhay chor day, mera beta ghar per hay, aik din day day, meri ijat kharab nahi kar, main kissi ko mounh dekhanay kay kabil nahi rahon gi'. But Lalajee was in full mood of fucking my mother. He again slapped her and as mother disbalanced, he pulled her kameez up to her big breasts. And the slits of her kameez was torn. I saw my mothers white sexy body and my lunn erected in pants. Now lalajee came in position and opened my mothers legs apart. I saw my mothers unshaved small haired brownish choot surrounded by big white thighs. Mother once again covers her choot with her hands and in the meantime lalajee opened his longi and took out his big black shaft(lunn) surrounded by thick long black hairs. I was shocked to see such a big lunn and said in my mind, ' Yeh lala tu meri maan ki choot phaar day gaa, itna mota lunn tu meri maan bardasht nahi kar sakay gi'. And he started touching his big lunn on my mothers hand covered choot. Then lalajee took hold of my mothers hands and placed his lunn on her choot and jerked 'huunh'. My mother punched the floor , turned her face sidewise and screamed as lalajee's big hard lunn slipped in her tight choot, 'Aaahhh!'. With his second jerk my mother got up and tries to stop lalajee with her hands on his hairy belly, 'Oooee! main mar gaee...buhat mota hay lalajeee Aaouchhh..'. Lalajee kept building the pressure and his complete big tool slipped in my mothers choot. I can only see his big hairy bag of testicles. My mother was in severe pain and her lower lip was under her teeth. Now definitely mother is bearing pain due to big and hard lunn in her choot. Now Lalajee started moving his tool much easily and he said ' Tayiba! teri choot tight hay, Randi itnay arsay kahan chupa rakhi thee, (while kissing my mothers lips)behnchod! tujhay nahi pata tu tu makhan hay'. Lalajee was pushing his big lunn in my mothers choot like a piston. My mother was mouning on every powerful jerk of lalajee 'huunh....huunh....huunh....huunh'. Lalajee's big black hairy ass spreads as he pulls his lunn out and squeezes as he thrusts in. Lalajee was also kissing my mothers lips after holding her face in his hands. Because my mother don't wanted to let lalajee kiss her lips. Then lalajee pulled the rest of her shirt from her big firm breasts. My mother was wearing black brassiers. Lalajee pulled her brassiers and broke the hook and throw it away. And hold the both big mummas of my mother in his hand. Lalajee sucked her both nipples. My mother has milky white breasts with dark brown areola and nipples. I was really enjoying this live sex of my mother and lalajee Naraindas. And lalajee was really humilating my mother in sex. I was already ejaculated in pants. Now my mother was complete nude. Lalajee got up for a while but he didn't pull his lunn out from my mothers choot. My mother rubbed her pubic hairy portion because Lalajees lunn was really very thick and big for my mothers small choot. Lalajee took her both legs on his shoulder and pulled ahead and started thrusting more powerfully. Now my mother was in 'J' shape and lalajees thick shaft was slipping in and out. After sometime lalajee left my mothers legs in air and laid on her and kept thrusting. Then lalajee said,' Tayiba! ulti hoja, thorri dair teri motti gaand men rakhnay day, maja aaway ga randi'. Mother said,Haaey! nahi lalajee!'. Lalajee '(while kissing her lips) Tayiba rani bas thorra sa ander karoonga, sirf toppa ander karnay day apni barri gaand kay'. My mother 'lalajee nahi! mujhay dard hoga, aap ka buhat motta aur sakht hay, meri phaar dogay aap tu, mujh say chala bhi nahi jaey gaa'. Lalajee ' Randi kuch nahi hoga, bas oper oper hi rakhon gaa teri gaand ki mori kay'. Mother ' lalajee!aap ka aik dafa meri mori kay ander ho giya tu bas meri tu cheekhain nahi rukain gi, suna hay peechay say kerwanay mein jiada dard hota hay, aap kay agay haath jorti hon, mujhay chor dain'. Lalajee keep on fucking my mother, he now pulls her ass apart with his both hands and his shining thick black lunn was slipping more frequently in and out of my mothers choot. Lalajee after jerking so fast got up and took his lunn out of my mothers choot for the first time. He then pressed the toppa of his thick lunn and few drops came out which he cleaned with my mothers right thigh and pushed his lunn back again. I saw my mothers choot was swollen and turned into a big reddish hole. Now he took my mothers right leg in air and jerked with his full force. My mother was showing the pain of penetration from her tightly semi closed eyes. After sometime lalajee stopped with a moan and he was filling my mothers choot with his thick sperms. Lalajee was breathing heavily after fucking and humilating my mother like a randi. My mother took the sigh of relief as lalajee took his lunn out of her badly swollen choot. I saw my mothers choot was turned into big reddish hole as it was bleeding. It was really bleeding but only the mix juices of my mother and lalajee, also with few drops of whitish sperms which were dropping to carpet. I really love to see this humilated fuck of my mother by an unknown person. Onething to be very frank, I have enjoyed alot this whole real fuck scene. The humilation in this fuck scene was excellent because Lalajee treated my mother as Rundi. This scene was never ending, because now my mother has really turned a rundi due to lalajee. Lalajee first fucked rather raped my mother and then he used to come regularly to enjoy the sex with my mother. Once lalajee came to our house with one of his friends and both of them enjoyed fucking my mother. I have seen many times my mother fucked by other man.

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