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pyramid - Building


*:: ÖF THÈ WÖR£D::*

A Beautiful World we live IN!!! Many of us dont realize that the world where we dwell in is dotted with amazing, extraordinary and awesome parks and Land Marks either NATURAL or MAN-MADE which pleases the eye. There are so many Phenomenal places on earth with origins that sometimes can or cannot be explained, often fascinating us with their BREATH-TAKING views and Sceneries....
"SEVEN WONDERS of the WORLD" Historians and tourists from around the globe ranked or clasified the "MUST-SEE" places according to natural or MAN-MADE origins. Topping the list for the "Seven ANCIENT wonders" were the great (1)PYRAMIDS of EGYPT build more than 2000 years before the birth of CHRIST. Followed by the hanging (2)GARDEN of BABYLON, the (3)STATUE of ZEUS at OLYMPIA, the (4)TEMPLE of ARTEMIS at EPHESUS, the (5)MAUSOLEUM of HALICARNASSUN, the (6)COLOSSUS of RHODES and the (7)LIGHTHOUSE of ALEXANDRA, Except for the Pyramids which until now still exist, all of these Man -Made Landmark beauties were destroyed by natural causes such as EARTHQUAKES & FIRE...
Going to the "SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS" of the WORLD", undisputed on top of the list is a mountain so high it almost reaches the sky- the mighty.... 1ST MT. EVEREST in the HIMALAYAS. It wasn't until the 20th century that it was finally conquered when a group of men led by Sir Edward Hillary climbed its treacherous terrain with its undulating weather condition to reach the apex of the Mammoth mountain.
2ND is a NATURAL PHENOMENON occuring every cold winter nights in ALASKA showing the performance of Magical dancing lights visible in the naked eyes. The enchanting 3RD VICTORIA FALLS in Zimbabwe, so tall that a dinosaur would feel so small, is also considered as a member of the "ELITE SEVEN"...... 4TH The GREAT BARRIER REEF of AUSTRALIA houses a giant Coral reef that serves as the AMAZON JUNGLE of diverse kinds of fish and sea creatures. Also the 5TH GRAND CANYON in ARIZONA, A magnificient structure carved out of the past would simply stun viewers with its Mind- Bloggling curves formed through natural cause from time immemoral.
The 6TH PARICUTIN VOLCANO IN MEXICO which grew naturally to amaze humans and the 7TH HARBOR of RIO de JANEIRO in BRAZIL round up the top seven in the LIST...

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