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Dear, Doctor 3

Hello doc, my name is angella.i am 33 and i have a big problem...last week i fuck a guy called steven.he told me that he doesn't use condom, so i let him fuck me without...after the night going into the week i saw a redish-pink discharge coming out my vagina...have i contracted a infection

doc=well maybe or maybe
not...please angella go see a doctor, because it could be an infection or S.T.I

dear, doc
I have had four children & as a result, my vagina has become rather loose.a friend told me that i could take an operation to cure she right? yes.a gynaecologist could do what is called a repair operation 4 u

I am a guy who is not successful with women.recently someone told me that i have bad breath! this is quite a big shock 4 me.

doc= in most cases, it is caused from a problem with the teeth.tiny pieces of food can easily get trapped in crevices of a tooth.they then rot and cause a bad smell.

Dear*doc i'm struggling.i have a full-time job, which i have to be grateful 4 but i never have any money.i am deep in debt.i never have money 4 food or drink.some days i go hungry.

doc= i suggest that u seek the help of a financial counsellor...however u need to budget.don't buy on only essential things.

I am a woman who has put on a lot of weight, and my doctor thinks it could ae due to an under active thyroid.what does this mean?

doc= the thyroid gland is in the front of the neck.if it isn't producing enough hormone-and that is quite common in women-the person feels sluggish, tired and cold, and keeps gaining weight.

I am a female who is worried that i may never have a child 4 the man i love.we have sex at least 4 nights per week, yet nothing has happened.

doc= find out when u are ovulating-that is releasing an egg.that will probably be around 14 days after the start of the menses....

Dear, doc i am 28 and i had sex with two i seem to have that chlamydia there any way i can find out which woman i got it from?

doc= no.i hope u are getting good treatment and you should contact both these women and urge them to get treated too.

Hi doc, i am 20 and i have this lump on my penis.the hospital say they can remove it for me.should i go ahead?
doc= certainly.let them remove it 4 u

doctor, i have a bad mole cold.should i try to get some antibiotics?

doc= no way.antibiotics have no effect.stay home and rest.take aspirin & steamy showers

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