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cupid tag - Animated

.;i!i;.If HêÄrT-ÐêSiRêS.;i!i;.

.;i;.£øVê CøNqÙêRs 䣣.;i;. ---(v)---(v)---(v)---


..+""-., ,.-""+..
# ? :#: , #
"'- .,?,. -"'

(v)When we listen to our heart desire,its a like a soft voice in the ear that has the power to keep us alive. We have a heart that is soft and can understand others...
(v)Keep someone in our heart is pretty easy. But to be in someone's heart is very difficult,so never hate the heart which cares for you!
(v)A 'HEART' is the center of life circulation... Heart is closer to your head.When someone is involve the heart control the mind. The emotion that you have is stronger than what you perceive,A heart can control the mind because when someone is involve even the Ugliest women and men in the World... are the MOST beautiful In The Eyes Of The Beholder... when the HEART DESIRE!..
(v)A 'HEART' feels the joy when LOVE works, It is relaxed and inpired.......... A 'HEART' controls the mind because even the MOST Intelligent Men and Women in the World can be Defeated IN THE NAME OF LOVE(when heart desire) A 'HEART' can normally feel LOVE when a person found who suits his/her taste..
(v)A 'HEART' when it works, even the MOST Arrogance person can Bow Down to LOVE because they say... 'LOVE IS BLIND' (if a heart desire).(v)When a person in LOVE even the Richest person can possibly love the Poorest on Earth because they say.... LOVE can TEACH to ACCEPT the LOW LESS PERSON. LOVE is not IMPOSSIBLE...
(v)A 'HEART' is the Center of Life Circulation, but when surrounded by LOVE it will help improve life's performance. The HEART is the way of keeping yourself to hope for something positively happen in the future.It lengthens the abilities to learn something new everyday!!!
(v)A person who has LOVE in his /her Heart is younger than a person who is full of hatred and unforgiveness. Love leads to forgive and forget totally that a person commits every stain that has marked the HEART...
(v)Love is just around if someone can accept or reject in their HEART, we might not find a perfect love in this world but if we're persistent to love then Nothing is impossible.Love is the decision not an Emotion of feelings that if made from the HEART will out last everything.LOVE is the greatest feeling that we may have in this Life. LOVE can break any HEART however in the other hand LOVE can HEAL a Broken Heart.. The highest mark that we ever need is to fall in love with GOD and be our Friend at All times.....

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