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life is not joke - Animated

,;*;,LÏFË IS NOT A JOKE,;*;,

;*;*;*;£IFE IS Ä GIFT;*;*;*; ;*:*;*:LIVE IT:*;*;*: ;*;*;ENJOY IT;*;*;

;*;*;& FÜLFÏLL ÍT;*;*;
:*:_:*:_:*:_:*:_:*:_:*:_:*:_:*: ;*;*;DEVIL'S MOST USED;*;*; ;*;*;*;*INSTRUMENT*;*;*;*; It was advertised that the devil was going to put his tools up for sale.On the date of the sale, the tools were placed for public inspection; each tools being marked with each sale price. There were a treacherous lot of implements.HATRED,ENEMY,JEALOUSY,DECEIT,LYING, PRIDE and so on. Laid apart from the rest was a harmless looking tool, that appeared to have been heavily used and was priced very high."What is the name of the tool?" asked one of the purchasers,pointing to it."That is DISCOURAGEMENT",replied the devil."Why have you priced it so high?" "Because it is . more useful to me than all the others.I can pry open and get inside people's HEARTS with that when i can not get near them with other tools. Once I get inside,I can make them do what I choose. It is badly worn because I use it almost everyday, since very few people know that it belongs to me. NEVER GET "DISCOURAGED!" KEEP YOUR HEAD UP THE "FAITH!" ><><><><><><><><><><>< There is always another "CHANCE" in LIFE for everything, but there is "NO CHANCE" for another LIFE...So Enjoy every moment of your life...
"*..*"EvèRý LÌFË iN Dìs"*..*" +*+WÖRLD wäs pÄinTèd+*+
+..+býGÖD's oWn hÄnDs+..+ **+Däts Y im THÄNKFU£+**
*..*Bcøz aS hE pÄiNted*..* +**+my £ÌFË... HÈ+**+
*..*IncLùdEd 1 cÖLÖr dÄT*..* "*..*"wìll nev3r fÄiD"*..*
**LIFE s not just waiting** **for someone who is** **made for you but life** **is living for someone** **who lives bcoz of YOU**
-*-LIFE is like a COTTON-*- -*-Dnt make it heavier-*- -*-by Sinking it n water-*- -*-of Sorrows,but make-*- -*-it lighter by letting-*- -*-it Blow in the Wind-*- -*-of JOY-*-
'*'LIFE will be Pleasant'*' '*'if we are satisfied w/'*' '*'what we have, but it'*' '*'will be more thrilling'*' '*'if we make efforts to'*' '*'achieve what we'*' '*'desire'*'
**LIFE never turns the** **way we want but we** **live it da best way we** *can, there's no perferct* *life, but we can fill it w/* **perfect moments...**
**LIFE is not a CD PLAYER** *where we can enjoy our* **Favorite Songs, but is** **like a RADIO,where we** *have to learn to enjoy* **whatever comes!**
** LIFE is like a FLUTE, it ** *may have several holes* *and emptiness but if we* **work on it, the same** *flute produces magical* **MELODIES**
Keep strong faith as what they call it!GOD BLESS YOU! Everyday God think of you, Every hour God looks after you, Every minute God cares for you, Because.... Every second HE LOVES YOU!!!
~#~D bottom linè!!!.. ~#~ ~#~ITS ÚR CHØICÉ HØW~#~ ~¤~¤~Ú LÍVÉ ÙR LIFE~¤~¤~

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