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dancing pair - Animated

,;*;,RIDDLES FÜN,;*;,


>What did Adam and Eve make after they were kicked off of the garden of EDEN? (They promised to turn over a new leaf)
>How do you keep a skunk from smelling?? (You plug his nose with a clothes pin)
>What do you get if you cross an alley cat with a canary?(A peeping Tom)
>Why do birds fly south? (bcoz its too far to walk)
>What do you call a duck that gets all "A's" in school? (A wise quacker)
>What do you call a man who's always wiring for money?(An Electrician)
>Where were English kings usually crowned?? (On the head)
>What is the best cure for INSOMIA? (A Good night's sleep)
>If King Midas sat on gold, who sat on silver?? (The Lone Ranger
>What pill do you take to get way out? (A space capsule)
>Why does the Chimney smoke?(bcoz it can't chew)
>If the red house is on the left and the blue house is on the right, then were is the location of white house?(In WashingtonD.C)
>What did the weagon train stop in the middle of the Prairie??? ans; It had (INJUN TROUBLE)
>What's the difference between an old Indian head Penny and a new Nickel? (Four Cents)
>What do you call an indian hitch hiking in Oct? (An INDIAN THUMBER)
>Which is correct Yolks of Eggs are White, or Yolks of Eggs is White? (Neither because yolks are yellow) (That's a Yolk on You)
>What's green and make holes?(A Drill PICKLE)
>What's yellow and always point North?? ans; (A Magnetic Banana)
>What's the best way to prevent infection from biting insects?? ans; (Don't bite them)
>What's a red, carries a sack of toys and falls down the Chimney?? ans; (SANTA KLUTZ)
>What goes 99 Thump,... 99 Thump... 99 Thump?? (A CENTIPEDE with a WOODEN LEG)
>Life is tough... but what can you always count on? (Your Fingers)
>What's another name for a grandfather clock?? ans; (An OLD TIMER)
>What goes up, and not goes down? (Your AGE) but some says (TAXES)
>What did Cinderella say when her picture didn't arrive? (Someday my print will come)
>What's get wetter the more times it dries??(TOWEL)
>How did you know when you're no longer WANTED? (they take your picture down at the POST OFFICE)
>What do you get when you eat URANIUM?? aNs; (A -Tomic Ache)
>What always weighs the same no matter how big it gets? (A Hole)
>What New York building has the most stories?? (The Public Library)
>What the best way to raise potatoes?(On a FORK)
>Why did Jane divorce Tarzan? (He became too big of a SWINGER).
>What weighs a 200lbs. and has stick in it?? ans; (A Hippo-Popsickle)
>What did the ice cream says to the nuts? (Here comes the FUDGE).

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