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+Islamic Names Q, R, S, T, U, W, Y, Z


Qasim - Divider, distributor
Qays - Firm
Qudamah - Courage
Qutaybah, Qutaiba - Irritable, impatient


Rabah - Gainer
Rabi - Spring, breeze
Rafi - Exalting
Rafiq - Kind, friend
Raghib, Ragheb - Desirous
Rahman - Compassionate, merciful; referring to qualities of God listed in the Qu'ran
Ra'id - Leader
Rais - Captain
Rakin - Respectful
Rashad - Integrity of conduct
Rashid - One of good council; rightly guided, having true faith
Ratib - Arranger
Rayhan - favored by God
Reda, Rida, Ridha - (In God's) favor; contentment, satisfaction
Ridwan - Acceptance, good will; name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven
Riyad, Riyadh - Gardens


Sabih, Sabeeh - Beautiful
Sabir, Sabeer - Patient
Saad - Good luck
Sadaqat - Charity
Sa'eed, Sa'id - Happy
Safiy - Best friend
Safwan - Rocks
Sahir - Wakeful
Sajid - One who worships God
Salah - Righteousness
Salah al Din - Righteousness of the Faith
Saleh, Salih - Good, right
Salim, Saleem - Safe, whole, flawless
Salman - Safe
Sameh - Forgiver
Sami - High, lofty, exalted
Samir, Sameer - Entertaining companion
Samman - Grocer
Saqr - Falcon
Sariyah - Clouds at night
Saud - Fortunate
Sayyid - Master
Seif, Sayf - Sword (of religion)
Seif al Din - Sword of the faith
Shadi - Singer
Shafiq, Shafeeq - Compassionate, tender
Shakir - Thankful
Sharif, Shareef - Honest, noble, distinguished
Shihab - Flame, blaze
Siraj - Lamp, light
Sofian - Devoted
Subhi - Early morning
Suhail, Suhayl - Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhayb - Of reddish hair or complexion
Sulaiman, Sulayman - A Prophet's name (Solomon)
Su'ud, Suoud - Good luck


Tahir - Pure, clean
Talal - Nice, admirable
Talib - Seeker (of truth)
Tamir - One who owns date palm trees
Tamam - Generous
Tarif, Tareef - Rare, uncommon
Tariq - Name of a star
Tawfiq - Success, reconciliation
Taymullah - Servant of God
Taysir - Facilitation
Tayyib - Good or delicate
Thabit - Firm
Thaqib - Shooting Star


Ubadah, Ubaida, Ubaydah - Servant of God
Ubaid - Faithful
Ubayy - Old Arabic name
Umar - Name of the second Khalifa
Umarah - Old Arabic name
Umayr, Umair - Old Arabic name
Usama, Usamah - Description of a lion
Utbah - Old Arabic name
Uthman - One of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh)


Wadi - Calm, peaceful
Wafiq, Wafeeq - Successful
Wahid - Singular, exclusive, unequalled
Wa'il - Coming back (for Shelter)
Wajih, Wajeeh - Noble
Wakil - Lawyer
Waleed, Walid - Newborn child
Walliyullah - Supporter of God
Wasim, Waseem - Graceful, good looking
Wazir - Minister


Yahyah - A Prophet's name
Yaman - Proper name
Ya'qub - Arabic form of "Jacob"
Yasar, Yasser - Wealth, ease
Yasin, Yaseen - One of Muhammad's names
Yasir - Wealthy
Yazid, Yazeed - God will increase
Youssef, Yusef, Yusuf - Arabic form of "Joseph"; to increase (in power and influence); a Prophet's name
Yunus, Yoonus - A Prophet's name
Yushua - God saves
Yusuf - A Prophet's name (Joseph)


Zafir - Victorious
Zahid - Self-denying or ascetic
Zahir - Bright, shining
Zaid, Zayd - Increase, growth
Zaim - Brigadier General
Zakariyya - A Prophet's name
Zaki - Intelligent
Zakiy - Pure
Ziyad - Super abundance
Zuhair, Zuhayr - Bright

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