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Dear moderator and visitors
I am user of pep since last 2years but i observed that peperonity became next sexhome
Maximum sites in "Site of the week" contents related to sex..and yah They also getting max hits
Maximum sites in "most hits" related to sex content
Max Sites user become popular by using sex content like "Teen sex videos, 3gp sex, desi sex etc"
They are putting links in their pages
Intresting is that Moderator gives maximum Supports so their sites always in Top lists!
There are many gud sites related to knowledge, maths, travels, pictures, chat etc..Why cant moderator stop sex publicing sites coming from most hits and top lists?
Its show realy bad homepage of peperonity..
Stay attention! comment please
Png Sex Videos (new)
08.05.2017 03:59 EDT,
Am Jst New In This Site And I Need To Know More Because Will U Satify My Request
08.05.2017 03:53 EDT,
Hello :-) I am agreed with you about your opinion of the moderation. Have a good week!
11.01.2010 10:08 EST,
06.01.2010 14:11 EST,
Yeah! Boy u are perfectly right of it.Seems people wont bother or mind at all as long it can satisfy their needs even it is too scandal.We are now in a new generation [am i included?:)] living in a modern world and i'm amazed at your age u came up in such a better idea.Good job boy! Keep it up!
05.01.2010 21:57 EST,
I think such pratices are inmoral and disobideant to god.
05.01.2010 12:18 EST,
We cant please everybody , its a matter of choice my friend, im proud of u, be happy!!!
05.01.2010 11:37 EST,
Well , my friend we are now living in a modern world, and yes its nt peperonitys fault, its users choice, although my site is a decent site, bt we are free to choose the best and friendly site, anyway thanks and im lucky having a good friend like u!!!
05.01.2010 11:29 EST,
like i was saying before PEP cut my message short was, the xxx content is right below the persons name in the profiles and personally i dnt want to see it. pep promotes sex ads as links to sex sites, all in users profiles. and this is supposed to be a site for all ages??? putting a "warning" on pages is ok, but actually putting sex ads in all users profiles when sending a private message is sick and disturbing. i mean, there is a teen room in peps main page and one can't enter without a profile, and they get first class access to peps promotion of sex links. sick.
05.01.2010 11:13 EST,
i agree with you dipen. i invited a friend from my neighborhood to chat with me in pep's main page chat rooms and when he got to the peperonity home page, there was sex content and his wife started arguing with him about it, thinking he was searching sex sites, and also thought wat kind of person i was for inviting him. also the sex ads in the private messages show xxx hardcore content and when m chatting outside or next to a family member they see sex and it's emberrasing,and i personally don't want to see that every time i send someone a private message. it's right below the users name in pr...
05.01.2010 11:07 EST,
Gud job!
05.01.2010 09:54 EST,

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