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>>21 OCT<<

- Not here at the moment. Take a look at my new page at the top of the list and you will see where 2345876 is at the moment :D

09 Oct
- Added Beyonce - Deja Vu to new site

05 Oct
- Loads of updates on my other site, full mp3 tones of the following artists added: Bon Jovi, KoRn, R.H.C.P, U2 and a few requests! Check it out

21 Sep
- Updated my with a lot more full length and free mp3s. Lots Up now!

20 Sep
- Deleted >>PLEASE READ<< as it wasn't getting used.

19 Sep
- Updated go n get some full free mp3s!!!
- Deleted the page >>Free mp3 tones<< as the site no longer exists.
- Deleted >>AMUSING MP3s<< as they are on

13 Sep
- Two new pages added at they are all Arctic Monkeys album and Kaiser Chiefs!

12 Sep
- Well done a few updates on my downloadzzone site people. Please email me telling me what you think of the new site!

10 Sep
- Wow It's now 01.23am been working on since 21.45pm last night! anyhow put a lot of new downloads on my new site :D

09 Sep
- Hello people well the mind behind this site has been working behind the scenes for the past week and a half on my new sub-site which has FULL FREE MP3s!!!! and much more. Just go on my new page (under this page) >>MY FREE MP3s<< or goto
- Deleted >>FULL MP3s<< as they are on my new site.
- Added new link to >>SPONSORS & LINKS<< thanks mate.

01 Sep
- Well hello lol September!!! This years flying in! Ok deleted 4 sites from sponsors as they didn't have my link on there pages. And added another 3.
- I have added a page called full mp3 tones, go register its great!
- Added a page with more mp3 tones on!
- Added Amusing mp3s and Best mp3s aswell!!!
- Off to bed now, but hope to update more in next few days!

23 Aug
- Hey everybody, yes I know such slow progress on my site but if you are interested i am now a married man since 18th Aug 06!!!! Ok anyhow addded a new page >>PLEASE READ<< so be kind and complete it. thanks Dan

09 July
- Added two more links to my sponsors, thanx guys.

22 June
- New FPL added. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE HELP ME OUT!!! Send links to ur sites with a description of what they offer. Thanks.

06 APR
Ok I am officially out of ideas for new pages!!!! Need serious help! plz email me with ideas for pages or links. Thanks Dan

11 Mar
- Hi everyone please read my new page called HELP! It is worth it lol

28 Jan
- Updated the FPLs, sorry that the updating is very slim lol I would just like to tell you this is because i have a very busy life at the moment and the weekends where I update are always busy with loved ones :D thanx for visiting, Dan

17 Jan
- Everybody go here: then enter your site and increase the amount of hits you get!
- Added a new page calle increase hits (the same as i described above lol

01 Jan
- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a good new year and aint had to badder hangover today :D whoooooooo 2006!!!!!!!

31 Dec
- WOW as 2005 goes away I would like to wish you all the very best for the new year!
- Deleted the page titled Xmas prezzies as xmas seems so far gone and it wasn't getting used!

26 Dec
- Hey everybody hope you all had a good Christmas and got what you all wanted, I did lol cya, Dan! xx
- Added a new page called xmas prezzies, please tell me what you got for xmas in this guestbook thank you

25 Dec

24 Dec
- IT'S CHRISTMAS TOMORROW PEOPLE!!! Not doing any updates today as I don't know what to put on lol

23 Dec
- 2 DAYS TILL XMAS!!!!!!!!!
Changed Front Page name (of course)
- Edited the Things to do when driving page as I got annoyed at the innocent words like s.p.e.e.d being ***** grrrrrrr
- Just done a Christmas clean up on the site and deleted a whole 9 PAGES!!!! Those pages were: Strange, Applications, Videos, Fun & Games, Tones & Logos, Racism, WOW, Beware and PSP review. This is because....well they were a bit turd and some were old lol
- Added new pages that are amusing, these are: Last Words and Bumper Stickers and Random Quotes

22 Dec
- 3 DAYS TILL XMAS!!!!!!!!!Changed front page name
- Added a new page called Things to do when driving - this is very funny

18 Dec
- 7 DAYS TILL XMAS!!!!!!!!!! Added the Sir Mix Alot page to the site (no guesses whats on there then lol)
- Now added Nessie the Dragon :D

17 Dec
- Added a new front page im,age as it is only 8 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!
- Deleted the following: o2 bolt ons, Footie Pics, My Pics and I have moved Sweety Chick page to the now Crazy & Sweety page

10 Nov
- I have deleted the following pages (as they were acient) The Ashes 05, Wierd, About Me Me Me and Site of Month.
- Updated the NEW Site of Month page (will no longer be updated)
- Changed the front page text slightly please take sometime to visit thanks

28 Oct
-Added yet another new page, this page is about making money :D
-Added a new page which is a review on the Sony PSP. (as requested in guestbook)

17 Sep
- Hello, following pages have been removed from this site and placed on the my "religious" subsite (link found on page >>SUBSITE<<) lol: >>GOD?<< and >>TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT<<

- The following pages have been moved to my Jokes subsite: >>CHAV JOKES<<, >>JOKES<< and >>INSULTS<<,
- Deleted some old entries in here.

12 Sep
- Changed front page stuff as it seems very relivant, wow the Ashes were fun eh?
- Added a new page called THE ASHES 05, as i can't get over the fact WE WON!!! It has match report of the ultimate day 5!!

1 Sep
- Hello people, welll a start of a new month, god this year is going fast! Changed
Joke subsite as mywaps link was in it grr.
- Added a new page called o2 BOLT ONS, no prizes for guessing what its about lol.
- Another new page added called FREE ONLINE GAMES (only for your computer, take a look.)

31 Aug
- New front page picture Owen!
- Cleaning up sites pages, Deleted pages: 1YEAR OLD!, FAIR TRADE, looking4sponsors, MATERIALISTS, BEST MATES, BEST BAND, HELP! and lastly Chatroom
- Added a new page called KERRANG! AWARDS 05 has all the Kerrang award winners and there websites on that page.
- Added Joke subsite
30 AUG
- Hello!! Yes it's me!!! wow long time no see. hope everyone I know is doing fine. Added some jokes in >>JOKES<<
- Added a new page called >>CHAV JOKES<< "DOWN WITH THE CHAVS"

14 May 05
- I 2345876 (Dan) has now left wap forever which means this site will be updated about once every month! I would like to thank all my friends, sponsors and visitors for making my wapping enjoyable. Bye from Dan.

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