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Between The Madness

Between The Madness

Raylan Johnson was born in a world where common sense was the rudest form of courtesy a man, woman or anything that resembles close toeither could show to anything else that would do just the same. But heck, he made a decent yet deplorable living out of it. As long as it was a living he just didn’t give a damn exactly what kind of a living it was.

That particular day three things took up the space his eyesight usually reserved for curvaceous blondes andpeople who were looking to break the rules, if not for the sake of it, then just to piss him off. He was a security guard at a decent yet deplorable jewelers store and just like millions of other security guards out there who guarded the security of something or the other he too wasdisgruntled, bored, uninterested and extremely pissed off that he wasn’t shone down on with a swanky lifestyle, something that would involve him, girls, money and some other wild shit we better not get into.

But about the three things. You see he hated people who think that they are too damnsmart for any security guard and who have this absolutely unshakeable confidencethat they could rob a jewelers store without getting caught. That was one of the things that caught his mind which was barely eking out a living perched atop his massive frame, a bulky mass of hate, around 200 pounds of miserable flesh strung together by some extreme determination by who-the-fuck knows. Okay. Yes. The people. I mean one of the things.Well it was a guy. If youmust know he was thekind of a guy who would be hated by people like raylan. He was lean, had a good life as far as he was concerned and pretty much all he did was steal jewels and sell it to a mad rich woman who occupied his neighboring house 300 miles away from this wretched city in which all this is happening.

He strode in with a lot of confidence. Probably more than required and that was probably what tipped Raylan off. He viewed people with confidence with the sort of hatred that you view a TV screen in theimmediate aftermath of a power cut when you were in the middle of a season finale of your favorite show. And this guy had shitloads of confidence. That was the first thing. The second thing that caught his attention was, of course, a curvaceous blonde. The third thing was a huge black SUV which was slowly yet steadily moving towards him. Of course the normal course of reaction when a huge black SUV is slowly but steadily moving towards you is for you to get out of its way but something snappedinside raylan. Somethingimmovable possessed him and rendered him immovable. His legs were stuck to the ground, like figuratively nailed. The SUV inched closer. Slowly. Raylan couldn’t move.

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