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Internet Sad Love Story

There was two sixteen year olds.
A boy and a girl.
They both met online.
After time they had grew to become the best of friends.
The girl lived in New York.
And the boy lived in England.
They always turnto each other for help.
And they would make each other feel so much better.
Both of them hadtroubled lives.
But they always had each other.
One night...
They was talking online.
Girl: I think I should tell you something.
Boy: Yes... ?
Girl: I love you.
Boy: I love you too!
Girl: No... not... not the way I love you.
Boy: ............
The boy went offline and the girl cried and thought she had spoiled everything.
But later that night the boy rang her mobile and she answered.
Girl: Hello?
Boy: Hey... it's me.
Girl: Hey... listen I'm really sor-
Boy: No! Don't be sorry... I love you too.
Girl: R-Really? But... *sighs* we won't be able to see each other. My parents wouldnever let me go at this time... I have all my exams.
Boy: I know... me too. and my parents would never let me fly to New York... never.
-They both sigh-
Girl: We... we could wait a few more years... and we could be together.
Boy: ... I can wait... ugh... I've got to go now... I LOVE YOU!
-They both hang up-
For the next few years, they had stayed together.
And their LOVE grew.
One day, they were speaking online.
Girl: I've finished all my exams... and I have enough money!!
Boy: Oh my god, are you being serious?
Girl: YES! When are we meeting?
They both planned the flight and a few days later...
The boy went to the airport.
The girl's plane was due to arrive.
And breaking news came on the airport's TV.
"The plane from New York to England has crashed landing, leaving thousands dead"
The boy broke into tears.
The boy went home and got a knife.
That night, the boy was found dead in his bedroom.
When his parents found him, they also found a picture of the girlin his hand.
And a small note.
"Our Love Was Too Late"
The girl's parentswere clearing outher room... they found her diary.
Inside they found a picture of the boy and a note underneath it.
"I will see him... even if it kills me."
Both of them DID see each other in the end.
In heaven.
If you are in love with someone...
You should go see them NOW!
You never know what will happen on your way.
So make the most of it with the person you LOVE.
This couple were in love...
But they left it too long.

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