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net sed story abt love

There was a boy.
There was a girl.
Who were both toshy to say...
How much they loved each other.
He was always the popular one.
She was always the second one to be noticed.
But neither of them cared.
They saw each other at school that day...
But no one could admit their feelings.
The girl waiting on facebook all night.
She was just about to sign out when...
His name came gave her butterflies!
And then he suddenly spoke to her.
"Hello, there's something I needto say to you,"
"Actually," she replied, "There's something I needto say to you aswell,"
"I love you,"
"I was wondering," began the boy,"Will you go out with me?"
The girl couldn't believe what she was reading.
"Of course!" replied the girl.
From that day on,they did everything together.
They were inseperable.
Both of them were in a dream world, until the boy rang the girl one day.
"Honey, there's something I haveto say to you."
"What's that?" replied the girl with a quivering voice.
"I'm moving to America... and I'm never coming back."
"I will miss you like no one else, but I will always love you."
The girl dropped the phone on the floor, and ran up to her room.
The boy wrote her a letter then next day, and left it under her door.
The girl found the letter, but was so heartbroken, shekept it hidden in her diary.
She awoke the next morning, and the boy had left a message on her answerphone.
"Honey, I'm leaving tomorrow, and my only wish is tosay goodbye to you."
Hearing his voice just ripped her heart in two, she couldn't bear to say goodbye, so went for a long walk.
She cried herself to sleep that night, and awoke with her eyes stained with her mascara.
She walked downstairs, and switched her T.V. on.
To her, horror, the headline read: "Plane crash horror at 5 this morning, none survived."
She dropped the remote, and left the house in a fit of despair.
She knew she never granted him, her last wish, and that it what hurt her themost.
She skipped school that day... she couldn't bear to see his friends.
She lay in bed reading her diary that night, and a piece of paper fell out, it was the boy's letter.
She was just about to open it when... there wasa knock at the door, "That will be mum home from work," she thought.
She dragged herself downstairs, still with the piece of paper in her hand, and opened the front door.
And standing in the doorway was the boy...
"But... but you died in that planecrash!" she cried.
"I never caught that plane," he said, "Do you really think I would have left, when I knew I'd forgotton something?"
"What would thatbe?" said the girl still in shock.
"My letter," he replied, pointing at her hand.
The girl opened itand inside it read: "Don't ever lose this, because I will be coming back for it."
"Let's just say, it's another excuse to say I love you one last time before I leave," said the boy.
The girl just smiled, and together they shared one last passionate kiss.

The end!

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