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A Tragic Love Story

A girl breaks up with a boy, the boy becomes suicidal, How does it end happily? Read to find out.

On one May afternoon, a boy was sitting by the phone waiting for a call from his girl. While sitting there all he could think about was the night before. His girlfriend's face as they slow danced at the prom. Her beautiful smile, how pretty she looked. He remembered as they slow danced away that they shared a slow, passionate kiss. He remembered thinking then he wouldn't rather be anywhere but there. As her soft, blonde hair brushed his cheek, he knew it would soon all end as theclock inched it's way towards midnight and the end of the prom. He finally remembered whispering a sweet promise in her ear that he would never leave here and always love her. He then softly kissed her forehead.
As he snapped out of his memories cause his little brother, who was 12, busted into thebedroom which they shared to grab a toy wrestler. They boytold his little brother that he thinks this is the girl he is supposed to marry. To which of course the brother replied"Yuck!" The boy now slightly frustrated with hisbrother continued to wait.
Finally at 5:30pm the phone rang. It was the boy's girl. He starts to tell the girl how much he loved her, how much he's thought of her and their slow dance at the prom. At which point the girl interrupted her boyfriend and proceeded to break up with the boy. She tried to make the boy understand that she was going through a hard time and didn't need the pressures of a boyfriend that shecouldn't be a good girlfriend to. He shakenly and in a weak voice replied that he understood. She proceeded to tell him she was in a hurry and had to go. He said OK and they quietly hung up.
Heartbroken and basically felling the girl had ripped out his heart and performed the Mexican Hat Danceon it, the boy wentin to a sort of rage and went off and beat up his brother and then proceeded to run away in to the woods and his family didn't hear from him again, after about a week the authorities launched a massive man hunt for the boy. When they found him two days later, he was dead. The family was crushed. They then demanded anautopsy be performed. One was, and no medical cause of death was discovered with the pathologist saying the boy was in good health. The family still wanted answers.
The next day the boy's mother called the girl thinking they werestill dating at the time of the boy's death. She told the girl that her boyfriend was dead. She did cry but responded by telling the boy's mother that they weren't dating anymore. That shehad broken up with him two weeks earlier. The mother then knew in her heart the cause of death of her son: the loss ofwill to live or depression for short. The mother then called the girl a dirty name and slammed the phone down hanging up on her.
The girl then went into a depression herself that almost killed her but was saved when her mom got her help. The boy'smother eventually forgave the girl. When the girl died seventy years later, it was in her will that she be buried next to the boy who over the course of her life realized herself that the boy was her soul mate. Finally, the couple was together the way they should have been in the first place. And they would be that way forever.

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