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My Beautiful Mom

By: Rakesh Varma

Hi readers,

I am Rakesh from Bangalore writing my story. I am studying my B.E in Bangalore. I am the only son to my parents. My dad expired when I was in 4th class. He has left us enough money to go through our lives normally with the money he gave. My mother used to work in a software company alone with my dad. I love my Mom as every son would love. She used to dress as the way she dressed when my dad is alive. Relatives told her to dress normally as before as my dad died at her 29 which is early for any woman. So she used to keep the sindoor regularly and flowers when she wanted. She changed the company after my dad died.

Now I will say about my Mom. Her name is Cheritha. Her figure is 38-32-36 and fair in complexion. Her hair is black in colour and length just above her butts. She used to wear only sarees. She used to take care of all the house hold activities. She used to spend whole Saturday and Sunday only with me. She used to clear doubts in subjects. She used to take me to movies and shopping. She never let me alone on Saturdays and Sundays thought her friends have asked her to come to their home or for movies. She loved me a lot as I am the only one left for her after my dad. She never showed her anger on me due to day’s work at office. She used to behave normally with me.

I have completed my B.E 3rd year exams and I have one month holidays. I get bored at home during the day time. Even my friends left for their places to see their parents. So I told about his to my mother. She said me to go to movies and play snooker as long as I want or go to grand father’s house. I was not interested in going to grand father’s house as she would be left alone. So I started to go to movies and go to internet and spend lot of time at the net, nearly 2 to 3 hours daily. I started to see all the sites about movies, education etc. One day I found this site ( as the one who came before me might have opened this site. I clicked one of the stories and started reading and this became my routine from then on. I used to read all the stories in all the categories except incest category as I didn’t find the name Incest interesting or you can think I don’t the meaning of Incest.

One day I asked my mom about the meaning about incest. As she too don’t know she bought the dictionary and searched for the meaning. She asked me where I found this word with some serious face and voice and I replied on the net as an advertisement on seeing her face. I asked her why she is asked that and she said me the meaning and left the place. After 5 minutes I realized that she was hurt by the meaning which I have asked her. I went for her and apologized her and said I don’t know the meaning and didn’t mean it. She said her to leave her alone. Next morning she said good bye and left for office. I felt bad for myself for asking that meaning.

In the afternoon I went to net and read the stories except incest as I found the word disgusting. In the evening mom came and she behaved normally. I felt very happy.
On the 18th day of my holidays I thought of reading one story in the incest category. This changed my attitude towards my mom. The story is Mom-Son incest. I cannot explain the feeling I felt after reading the story. I was unable to see at my mom’s face in the evening. I couldn’t behave normally with my mom. I cursed myself for reading such a story and didn’t go to net for next 2 days. After 2 days my mind started to think only about the incest stories.

I started reading only Mom-Son stories as I find them very interesting than other stories. My college started for 4th year. I couldn’t concentrate on studies. I got low marks in the monthly test and my lecturer asked me for the reason as I used to get around 70% for all the tests which I appeared so far. I didn’t say one word and stud mum there. He said that I will say to my mother if I again get low marks. I again scored low marks in the next monthly test. My lecturer called my mother and said about me to her. We went back to home and Mom asked me about the reason and I didn’t answer. As she was asking the reason I was watching her lips. As days passed I got interested in her. I used to observe her from top to bottom. As I said she used to wear only sarees I got mad when I see her back when she was walking. Her butts move in rhythm when she walks which I love to see and enjoy.

November 9th is my birthday and mom has taken the leave to buy the dress and other things for my 21st birthday. I went to shopping with her and bought a dress and other things like cake and some other eatable things. She woke me up in the morning and wished me and asked me to get ready and come down. She looked more beautiful in the saree which she wore today. I went down and she was busy preparing the sweet. I went near her and hugged her from back and asked her to bless me. I bent down to touch her feet to bless me and I got up and she kissed me on my forehead and wished me again. I asked her why don’t you give me one every day. She smiled and said from this birthday. She presented me a gift which I have not expected i.e., bike. She asked me go and meet my friends and said by the time you return I will prepare the lunch. I was in a happy state and not bothering what I was doing. I kissed her hard on her cheeks and said thanks. She smiled and said come back soon.

I came back for lunch and mom was waiting for me to have the lunch as I was late and the time is 2 pm. I said sorry for her. She asked me what my friends said about the bike after they ride it. I said you should be the first person to sit on my bike and I like to go to temple with you at 5pm and asked her to get ready by that time without even waiting for her reply. She said ok and smiled at me. I asked her whether she needs some help in the kitchen. She asked me to sit and talk with her while she was doing the work. I said ok and sat in a chair and started talking to her and watching her body from back. I was unable to control myself from seeing her back and walked towards her and hugged her from back and continued talking to her. She didn’t say anything and I could feel her soft butts against my penis.

At 5pm she got ready for temple and started to go to temple. I could feel her boobs when I was riding on speed breakers and while using breaks. What could I say about her breasts touching my back .We reached the temple and done some pooja as it was my birthday. We sat there in the temple for some time and I asked her how my is riding. She said that she want to go to film today. I felt happy and went directly to theatre from temple. On the way she stopped me at flowers shop and bought some flowers to keep in her hair. I said not to keep the flowers as every one would stare at her as she looked cute in that saree. She smiled at me and handed me the flowers and asked me to give when we go home. She was very happy with the film and talked about the film Arya (Telugu film) till we reached home. We had our dinner and talked about the jokes in the film. Suddenly I remembered about the flowers and asked her whether she keeps them today or tomorrow as it was Saturday.

She wants to keep them now and asked to give the flowers and went to the bedroom mirror table as she needs to comb her hair properly to keep the flowers. I went and bought the flowers and gave it to her. She was finding it difficult to keep them in the correct place and asked me to keep them. I kept the flowers and kept my hands around her waist from behind and kept looking at her in the mirror. She asked me how she look with the flowers. I said you are stunning mom and kissed on her shoulder and asked her to keep the flowers everyday. She said who will bring the flowers for your mom. I said I will get them for you before she returns from office. She nodded her head and kissed me on my cheeks by turning her head. I asked her why she won’t wear nighties. She said that she won’t like the ordinary nighties which every one usually wear. She said she would like to wear nighties which are up to the knee and over that comes a coat like one which is up to the feet and with two ropes around to tie up. I asked why she won’t wear them and she replied that my dad won’t like them and she dropped the idea of wearing the nighties. I said good night to her and left the room. I remember this birthday as I got some interesting things to feel about my mom and remember them.

Next morning I woke up at night 9am. I brushed my teeth and came down to see my mom. She was watching TV and I wished her good morning and got the same. She said I was late getting up and went to the kitchen to make chapathis as my breakfast. I followed her to the kitchen after 5 minutes and hugged her from back as she was making chapathis and asked that she promised to give me some thing everyday with out fail. She turned back and said that she remember what she promised to my son and kissed on my fore head. After having the break fast she asked me to concentrate on studies as I was getting low marks. I promised her that I will concentrate on my studies and asked her not to worry about my studies.

From this birthday some things changed between us that is hugging mom from back and getting a kiss from her daily. I used to kiss her hard on her cheeks when I was very happy which she didn’t object. Days passed and we became good friends and I got good results in the next exams. I have written the exams of 7th semester and had 15 days holidays. But my mom has no time to spend with me except on Saturdays and Sundays.
My 8th semester started and we don’t have too many subjects to study. We have to concentrate more on project. So I used to be outside most of the time going for project classes. August 16th is my mom‘s birthday. I want to gift her some thing different on her birthday. I thought of so many things but stopped at one point. I bought her nighties which she wanted to wear and 2 sarees along with them which suites my mom the best which are slightly see through.

I asked her to be at home on her birthday and she said yes. We went for shopping and bought a saree which she selected for her birthday and necessary things. She went to bed early as she has to wake up early for her birthday. I woke up a midnight 12 o’clock to wish her. I asked her to cut the cake and celebrate her birthday. She felt very happy as it was her first time to cut the cake. I could see her happiness in her face. She cut the cake and kept it in my mouth. I felt her finger in my mouth to eat the cake. I also cut the cake and offered to her. She had the cake and thanked me by hugging me. I could feel her soft boobs pressing against my chest. I hugged her tightly as it was the chance I got after my attitude changed against her.

I asked here to sleep and went to my room to sleep. She woke me up in the morning with a cup of coffee and kissed me on my forehead and asked me to get ...

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