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By: jignesh

Hi…The names of all the characters in this incident have been changed already due to privacy reasons. This story is about me, Raj and my lustful bhabhi, Pooja. I am a resident ofgujarat. My cousin brother from Bangalore got married in 2006. He got home a beautiful bhabhi of 27 years.

Let me give a brief intro about me first. I am 25 years, 5ft 7 Inches, Wheat complexion with a beautiful shaft of 7 inches. Bhabhi was also 5'7 with boobs of 36 C and a lovely Ass. She was in her final year Law studies. All this started because my cousin brother is a IT professional and soon after 15 days of marriage had to rush to USA for 1 year and bhabhi could not go because of her studies.

I was on holidays for 30 days to Bangalore and after finishing the marriage I was still left with 20 days. As my cousin left me, bhabhi went to see him off to the airport. Bhabhi was very upset. As my cousin was going he hugged sexy bhabhi and told me to take care till he was back. Once he was gone bhabhi was very upset. But she used to talk a lot to me.

One day it so happened that I heard her speaking to her friend on phone saying she was craving for her husband. That he was having sex every day with her after the marriage. Now things are very difficult for her and all. Bhabhi & I got very close and we used to talk about various topics. I used to help copy notes from her friend's book, pick her occasionally from college and so on.

Things started happening when first time I took a bike to pick her up from college. On the way her breast were touching my back but I ignored. A few days later I noticed she used to press her breasts purposely and also at home took extra care of me. She never left a chance go by where she could stand close to me and either rubbed herself against me or brush her palm over my shaft and act as if it was unintentional.

As days went by my holidays were getting over and I had to get back to Delhi. On the day I was getting back I invited Bhabhi to Delhi and she promised she will definitely try to come. It so happened that once when I came back home in Delhi, my dad and mom had to attend a funeral of a close relative & they were discussing something seriously. I asked them what the matter was. So they informed me that they had to go for 2 weeks but the problem is that Pooja bhabhi had a project to do in Delhi and had asked for permission to stay in their house. But they were worried that she will be coming one week before they come back. I assured them that I will take care of the house and bhabhi till they return.

As my parents went away I was eagerly waiting for my bhabhi to come. Soon her flight arrived at Delhi. I could imagine a beautiful lady with me on bed… Hmmm… As soon as we met at Airport in the afternoon bhabhi hugged me tightly and I felt her big breasts smashed between us. I told her that we will go home by night and till then I will take her around Delhi. We went to the famous India Gate and Lotus Temple. I got tickets for a movie for that evening as well. Once we sat in the hall, we realized that there were not many people in the theatre and none near us. As the movie started I slowly slid my hand from the arm rest and slowly tried to touch her breast with my elbow, Once... Twice… Thrice… I continuously touched and removed my hand to indicate that it was by mistake. When she did not resist I pressed again. This time I noticed she was smiling and was pressing her breasts towards me.

Soon she grabbed my palm and kept on her side so that my elbow touches her breast. All the while I kept rubbing her breast and she enjoyed every bit of it. The movie got over and we went home. I showed her my bedroom and said she can stay here and I will stay in my parents’ bedroom. She smiled and said I want to have bath. She took bath and came back. She prepared a simple dinner and we ate at night. I still had not gathered full courage to touch her properly. But soon realized she had resumed her old trick of touching me every time she passes by me and so on. She said she was feeling very sleepy and wanted to sleep. I wished her good night. And thought Oh.. A night gone waste. I put on the TV and was watching it with loud volume so that it would disturb her and she will come out of the bed room. Soon I saw her coming in a nightie in yellow colour.

It was a sexy nightie which showed her juicy cleavage. She asked me why was I watching TV and not sleeping. I said I was not feeling sleepy. She said OK and decided to watch TV with me. She sat on sofa next to me. As the fan was in full speed she was feeling cold so she asked me to get a blanket for her. When the blanket came I too shared it. I realized that our thighs were rubbing each other’s. Soon I put my hand in my pants and started playing with my shaft without her noticing. I slowly moved my hand on her and she did not resist. She came further close to me and I could feel her breast near my elbow again. I started rubbing her breast and as she did not resist I slowly put my hand on her breast. She left a deep breath and closed her eyes. I threw the blanket off and started to press her breast smoothly. She was moaning in pleasure as I took her lips in mine and smooched here like crazy. I slowly slid her nightie from her shoulders and she removed it from other side. I could see a pair of lustful breasts trying to burst out. I unhooked her bra and had a handful. I started to press them hard… harder… Sucking her lips one by one…and pressing her breast one by one. I kissed her smoothly all over her face and neck… hmmmm…. Ahhhh…..

I slowly moved down to her breast and one by one started to press and suck her lovely melons, licking her full breast and sucking them made me feel Hard.. Harder.. She slowly unbuttoned my pants and had my shaft in her hand, stroking it gently. The more I sucked her breast the harder she stroked my shaft. I slid my hand in her panty which was completely wet now and started to play with her lips. I kept one hand on her breast, one in her panty and my mouth blowing slow air on her neck. I could see her eyes filled with desire for more. I sat down on floor on my knees and smoothly got her panty down. I kissed my way to the Universal hole (Vagina) and started teasing her vaginal lips with my tongue. I slowly licked all the flowing juices and inserted my middle finger. As I stroked In and out of her vagina I licked all the juices flowing out of them..Hmmmm.. She was moaning like crazy.

By now I slowly stood up while she still sitting on the sofa and shook my erect shaft teasing her and asking her to suck. She bent forward and slowly licked the tip of my shaft and gulped the entire shaft in her hot mouth…Hmmm.. Ahhhhhhh. She sucked by balls as well and I had never felt better. I now wanted badly to get deep inside her and carried her to the bed. I slept over her with my shaft trying to enter her hot furnace. Sucking and licking every inch of her body I slowly pressed my shaft deep inside her. She stopped breathing for a few seconds feeling me deep inside her. I slowly started stroking in and out only to notice that she wanted it to go on for ever. She held me very close and on occasions used to hold my ass and pull deeper. I gently increased the intensity by gripping over her shoulders. and dived deeper and deeper feeling her vaginal walls gripping my shaft. After a good 25 min of intense stroking I came. As soon as I came she pulled out and went down almost begging to suck the last drop off my shaft. She licked and sucked it all night to get it ready for next trip. We did it 3 times that night and for the next entire week kept doing it.

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