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Santa-Banta Jokes

#.1 Once Banta calls Santa on phone and says-Hi,main bol raha hoon.Santa replies-kamal hai,idhar bhi to main hi bol raha hoon.
#.2 Once Banta decides to cheat Indian Railways.He starts thinking for a novel idea.He thinks a lot and finally does one thing-purchases the ticket and doesn´t travel.
#.3 Once Banta was drawing money from ATM.Santa was behind him in the line.He said-ha ha ha!,I´ve seen your password.Isn´t is four asteriks(****)?Banta replies-ha ha ha!,wrong fool.It is 5684.
#.4 Santa is so rich that he has two swimming pools in his house,one of which is always empty.It is for those(like him)who don´t know how to swim.
#.5 Q:- What should you do when Banta throws a hand grenade on you?A:-I would just catch it,take out the pin and throw it back towards him.
#.6 Banta was in a queue at a railway station ticket counter.Two men were ahead of him in the line.Man at first position said-give me a Punjab Mail,and he was handed a ticket for Punjab
Mail.Man at second position said-give me a Punjab Mail,and he too was handed a ticket for Punjab Mail.Now came the turn of Banta.He said-give me a Punjab Female.The man behind the counter
asked-What does that mean?Banta replied-fool!that is for my wife.
#.7 Q:-Why did Santa take his pregnant wife to PIZZA CORNER?A:-For free delivery.
#.8 Once Banta pulled out 7 people from a burning house yet he was jailed.Why?Because all 7 were firemen.
#.9 Q:-How do you recognise Santa at school?A:-He is the one who tries to erase his notebook when teacher is erasing the black-board.
#.10 Once Banta carried his binoculars to a funeral where one of his distant relatives was to be burried.
#.11 Once Santa and Banta were discussing,why world thinks them to be fools.They couldn`t agree on a common answer so they came to my office to meet me and asked me the same question.
replied-Who says that you both are fools?They replied-everyone except you.I told Santa-please go to my home and check if I am there or not,and Santa went.After he left,Banta told me
how fool Santa is,couldn´t he telephone to your house and ask if you were there or not?

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