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Movie 06 - The Return Of Cooler [English Dub]

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* File Size: 65.06Mb *
* File Type: Video, XviD avi *
* Overview: The movie begins with the Big Gete Star. The liquid metal exterior of the star moulds itself around New Planet Namek, absorbing its energy. Dende,who is now the Earth's guardian,senses the plight of his people and calls Goku to ask for help.

Goku, Gohan,Oolong,Krillin,Yajirobe, Master Roshi and Piccolo arrive and encounter an army of robots deployed on the planet to enslave the Namekians, whom they plan to use as biological fuel for the Big Gete Star. Goku demands that the robots leave peacefully, but their leader emerges and reveals himself to be Cooler,alive and well, in an android version of his fourth form. Cooler admits that he was indeed burned critically in the fires of the Sun,but survived and is now back for revenge. As the others engage the robots, Goku prepares to battle Cooler alone.

Battle for New Namek

Piccolo battles Cyclopian Guards

At first the Z Fighters have trouble penetrating the armor of Cooler's Cyclopian Guards,but Piccolo instructs them to concentrate their energy to one point, and doing so allows them to destroy a few of the robots. However, there are too many to handle and the warriors are captured along with the Namekians. However, Piccolo remains on the battlefield long enough to unleash a devastating attack which destroys the robots completely. He flies for the Big Gete Star to free his friends.

One of Cooler's metallic clones

Goku battles Meta-Cooler, but it is apparent that Goku, even in Super Saiyan form, is no match for Cooler's "new metallic form", which gives him the ability to regenerate himself. Cooler reveals that the Big Gete Star constantly monitors his body, and fixes any problems or glitches that may occur (like Cooler's arm getting torn off for example) while also strengthening him in such a way that it can't happen the same way twice. Goku goes in for a final attack, but Cooler grabs him and starts to strangle him. Vegeta suddenly appears and saves...

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