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Movie 09 - Bojack Unbound [English Dub]

„¬¡¡ ®`°·._.·°`® ¡¡¬„

¤^ File Size: 71.98Mb ^¤
¤^ File Type: Video, XviD avi ^¤
°¤^ Overview: "Many years have passed since Bojack was imprisoned in the heart of a star by the Kais as punishment for his despicable ways. But an unforeseen event broke Bojack free of his stellar lock down. Now he is back to avenge himself and to continue his ultimate desire...subjugating the entire Universe! His first task? Take over the interstellar martial arts tournament and take out Earth's top fighters."

Bojack is the main villain in this movie. As stated above, his goal is to conquer the universe and destroy all those that stand in his way. According to North Kai, he was sealed by all four Kais in a star, but when Goku teleported the devoluted, ready-to-self-explode Cell to North Kai's planet,killing him and Goku at the same time, the seal broke, allowing Bojack to be freed.

Trunks fights Tien in the Martial Arts Tournament

Having another World Martial Arts Tournament funded by X.S. Cash for his son's birthday, Mr. Satan invites everyone on Earth to a competition on a remote island. The Z Fighters all go except Vegeta,and Goku (who is still dead with North Kai) wishes he could compete as they watched the competition with a television. After the elimination rounds, the winners, Gohan, Future Trunks,Krillin (Yamcha fell in the water while he was resting, Tien Shinhan lost to Trunks, and Piccolo gives up the match with Krillin) and an ordinary fighter reach the final where Mr. Satan's students are dressed as aliens (or so it seems) and are to serve as foes for the warriors.

However, Bojack and his four men have changed things in secret. The first was Zangya fighting Krillin (which she easily won because he was hypnotized by her beauty), the second was Kogu and Trunks (Kogu later transformed), the third was Gohan against Bujin,the fourth was Bido killing Sumo wrestler Doskoi by strangling him with just one arm. To this, the audience screamed in horror, and Tien and Yamcha decided to...

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