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Movie 11 - Bio-Broly [English Dub]

Toe Animation

File Size: 66.73Mb
File Type: Video, XviD avi
Overview: The film opens with a group of strangely colored humanoids emerging from tanks in a laboratory. The scientists responsible for these creations, Dr. Collie and Nain among others, are congratulated by their employer, Lord Jaguar,who plans to make these "Bio-Humans" into the strongest fighters on Earth. Despite warnings from his cousin, Men-Men,Jaguar laughs maniacally as one of his not-yet-finished bio-humans wags his furry tail in his tank.

The Bio-Mutants

18's last words before leaving Mr. Satan's home

As Mr. Satan has not yet paid Android 18 the prize money she demanded for letting him beat her in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament,she begins smashing Satan House up, particularly his undeserved prizes from the tournament. Mr. Satan, cowering, tries to tell 18 that he has not gotten the money yet, but she does not believe him, and continues to ransack his home. His screams of fright are heard by Krillin, Marron,Trunks,and Goten,who are waiting outside.

Trunks and Goten cheerfully looking out the trunk of Men-Men's car

Mr. Satan is visited by Men-Men, who claims to be the cousin of the champion's old martial arts rival Jaguar. It seems that Jaguar is blackmailing Mr. Satan into visiting his laboratory island to fight his Bio-Warriors,as Jaguar is the only other person who knows of Mr. Satan's bed wetting secret when he was younger. Mr. Satan agrees, and departs to Jaguar's castle with Men-Men, followed by 18, Trunks, and Goten.

Upon arriving, Mr. Satan is coldly greeted by Jaguar, who sets up a tournament for him to fight the Bio-Warriors, but when they demonstrate their incredible fighting abilities, they are more than which Mr. Satan can handle, Goten, Trunks, and 18 intervene. Goten and Trunks are then confronted by a familiar face: Maloja,the Priest from Natade Village whom they met in the previous movie, Broly - Second Coming.

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