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nnrsybil - Newest pictures

Movie 11 - Giratina & The Sky Warrior [Eng. Dub]

OLM, Inc.

File Size: 126.41Mb
File Type: Video, XviD avi
Description: The film begins with Shaymin by an oasis, as Dialga appears. It drinks from the water, before being attacked by Giratina from the Reverse World. The angered Giratina comes through a portal, grabbing Dialga and dragging it into the Reverse World. Shaymin gets caught in a whirlwind and is sucked through the portal as well. Dialga and Giratina fight, while Shaymin tries to survive the battle, unnoticed by the two giant Pokémon. An adventurous-looking man with a Shieldon watches the battle from afar, spotting Shaymin. There are also glimpses of a computer simulation observing the battle, on the ship of Zero. Zero, the film's main antagonist, seems to be watching Giratina with the aim of capturing it.

As the battle progresses, Shaymin absorbs a dark gas, and then does what looks to be exploding. The explosion tears a hole in space and time, creating a portal back to the real world which pulls Shaymin through it. After enveloping Giratina in a 'time loop', Dialga escapes through the open portal, with Giratina having lost its ability to move to the real world due to Dialga's power. Dialga then flies off. Shaymin is thrown into a river, and goes out of control down a huge mountain to a small seaside town. Ash, Brock and Dawn are then shown in the town, with their Pokémon, enjoying Brock's cooking once more. Ash is scolded for not washing his hands before eating. As everyone is preoccupied with the Pokémon eating, a gray Shaymin starts eating "hot cakes" from the table. Piplup attacks Shaymin, causing a barbecue to be knocked over in the chaos. Shaymin absorbs the smoke and then explodes as before. Dawn saves Shaymin from being attacked by all the angry Pokémon, washing it under a tap. It is revealed that Shaymin can talk telepathically, and it talks of "that place", which irritates Ash as he can't understand. Shaymin teases Ash a lot about being stupid, but...

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