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My wife in Train

This is an incident which happened recently when my wife was returning from her mother's place.

She was coming to Pune by Train. Due to the summer rush, all the tickets were booked to the limits. She somehow managed to get a confirmed seat in the 1st class AC compartment. She was not aware that it is an independent coupe. When she arrived at the station, she got a bit apprehensive as she was travelling alone. She called me up telling her dilemma. I told her not to worry, and it is just a matter of 15 hrs journey. She went inside, put her luggage. She had worn a tight jeans and a loose top. She sat down on her seat and started reading her novel.

After sometime a young boy came inside the coupe. Must be a college going student. Checked his ticket and started putting his single bag down the seat. My wife observed that the boy had a lean built and was slightly taller than her. He was wearing a jeans & a t-shirt. The train started to move on. There were still two seats to be taken up. My wife was engrossed in her novel. But she could see that the lad was checking her out. He was staring at her tops and legs. Then he tried to strike a conversation."Hi I am Ankur. I'm going to join college in Pune" My wife did not know what to say. "Hi" she replied."U stay here" he asked. My wife "Yeah I'd come to my mother's place. I'm going back to be with my husband." "You don’t look like a married woman."He sounded surprised. She could see the twinkle in his eyes. They started some small talk. By that time the next station arrived.

Two more passengers came in. They looked like some executives of a ltd. Firm. One was a middle aged 50+ guy, while the other was a 30+ fellow. They were dressed formally with a Tie & coat. They did not carry much luggage. The college lad, Ankur sat on my wife's side and the two execs sat on the opposite side. Now my wife was aware that 3 pairs of eyes were roaming over her body. Dinner was served. It was around 9:30 pm when my wife told that she would like to sleep. The college boy went up to his berth. The two execs also went to their individual berths. The 50+ guy lied down on the lower berth. The lights were off. Only the night lamp was on. My wife is a heavy sleeper. Within on time she was snoring which made it difficult for the other three males to doze off. The blanket had come off from my wife's body and the top was slightly on the upper side.

The 50+ exec had a good view of my wife’s back & stomach. He felt excited. Got up & saw that his colleague was also eyeing the same. Ankur was also not asleep. The senior exec winked at Ankur. Ankur came down. The three decided to taste this lovely female body of my wife. The senior exec took the lead and put his hand inside the top feeling the bare skin of my wife. She woke up startled and saw the three faces staring down on her. She could see the lust in their eyes. Before she could say anything, the senior exec spoke up "If u co-operate with us everyone will be happy" My wife “NO, please leave me. I'll shout and call the TC." The junior exec pulled her hair roughly “Saali rand. Chillayegi toh yahi gala daba doonga. "Ankur was a little afraid. He was at the back side, just looking as to how things are proceeding.

The two executives made her stand and started groping her. The senior exec was feeling her from the front while the junior felt her back. My poor wife was sandwiched between these two strangers." Saali chupchap mazaa lete jaa, warna tere badan ka woh haal karnege ki kisi ko dikhane layak nahin rahegi" the junior exec kept telling her. Both of them were feeling her up. She had four hands at a time on her body, on her pair of tits, on her arse. The senior exec, Hiren had already put his hands inside her top mauling her tits. He could feel her nipples tighten " See, just relax your body & you'll enjoy a lot" he told my wife.

The junior exec, Kartik was busy trying to pull her jeans down. As soon as the jeans came down, Ankur got up and tried to feel her ass. Kartik pushed him aside, "Saale ruk ja. I'll first look up her ass."

Kartik knelt down on the floor started kneading her ass cheeks. My wife was still trying to resist them, feeling bad about it. But she knew she could not do anything to prevent this. Her tops were off her body and Hiren was having a good time licking on her cleavage. My wife started enjoying the feeling. She was getting turned on despite her mind saying no to the events. Kartik had now removed her panties and started licking her ass cheeks with his finger on her cunt. She was super charged with the licking of her tits by Hiren, who was sucking on her nipples turn by turn.

Kartik dipped his thumb inside her cunt and could feel the wetness clearly. "Aye teri maa ki choot! Kya mast garam ho gayi hain." Kartik went on to suck his thumb coated with her juices. “Sir, Aaj toh isko chodne mein bahut mazaa aayega."

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