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My Father in Law

My name is Swati and after reading the story of another housewife I am encouraged to share my experience. I think almost 70% of housewives are unfaithful to their husbands on some pretext or the other and mostly thsese things happen during noon since that is the time when the boredom really sets i.Well I am tall and dark with a well shaped body, my breasts are slightly oversized after the birth of my son and actually I am dissatisfied because my hubby travells a lot and we stay in a small town where there is not much fun to be had.My husband was on a tour when my Father In Law Sushant came to stay with me. Actually my husband suspected me so he invited his father to stay with me while he was away little did he know that he was setting the cat among the pigeons. My FIL is a retired army officer of about 60 with a thin athletic body and a handle bra mustanche. He was known as a player by all his relatives and I had heard a rumour that while he was the OC of a army post he used to fuck almost every wife of men working under him.

There was a quite tension between us for a few days before the fatal day. It was afternoon and I had gone to the market. Since I was planning to visit my girlfriend in town I had told my FIL that I would be alte but the friend's son had fever so she informed me that I should come the next day so I returned early. When I came the house seemed to be empty and I was wondering where Sushant uncle was when I saw the rear door open. After the verandah there were servant's quarter and I saw his sndals lying out of it. My manservant Ramu was on farm so I did not know what he was doing inside his house. But I decided to ivnestiagte.I peeped from a window and my eyes went wide. On the kitchen floor Ramu's wife Shanta was lying with her saree buncehd in her waist. Her blouse and brasisere were lying next to ehr. My FIL was riding her like a stallion. His thin buttocks were moving liky a piston while shant's thighs were wrapped around his middle. He was pressing her breasts and kissing their nipples. Ic ould see his llund going inside Shant's hairy cunt and my eyes widened. My fil's lund was almost 9" and thicker than my wrist. No wonder the poor Shanta was crying with each thrust.

Sushant sat up on his knees and made Shanta sit on all fours grabbing the kitchen counter for support. Then he kneled behind her and rammed his dick inside her in doggy position. The poor woamn no more than 19 years of age was crying with pain and pleausre as this brute was savaging her body mercilessly. He was grabbing her tits and kenading them till her breasts were licking milk since she was a new mother like me. Ssuahnt was beding forward and repeaatedly slapping ehr ass calling her a randi and a hore.Suddenly a vision flashed in front of my eyes, I was on that floor with my saree and petticoat bunched in the waist and I was getting fucked by my own father in law. My husband had not touched me in almsot 5 months and I was feeling the hunger biting sinde me like a primal instinct. I wanted strong arms to fold me, I wanted to feel hands kneading my breasts till they lactated and I wanted to have a huge pole rammed in my pussy till I was crying like a helpless mada.Sushant climaxed violently inside Shanta and then left her. He stood up and started to ejacualte cum all over the poor womans back and ass and when he was done he picked her blouse to wipe himself clean. Thenhe threw a couple of 100 rupee notes on her and left the house after straightening his clothes.I hurriued back insdie the house and straightaway went in the shower. I hurriedly pulled the nada of my shalwar and pulled it Down. My panties were soaking wet with the hot coupling I had witnessed. I reached behind myselg to unhook my brasiere and my breasts were aching with lust as I removed thier shcackles. I made up my mind I wanted to get fucked by my FIL.

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