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Helping Friend's Wife

Hi, this is Amit and here is my story about my relationship with one of friend's wife.
I know my friend for a long time(5 years). My friend's wife, Namita is very beautiful fair lady, very smart,32 years of age, 5'6" but she looks like she is 25 years old as she is very health and figure conscious and takes care of herself very well. Since first time I saw her, I was always attracted to her. As they live close to us, we often use to meet. Since beginning I use to watch her closely, peeking at her assets whenever I get a chance without arousing anybody's suspicion but Namita knew my looks and use to give me back a warning look This went on for years. One time, I was all alone in the house. It was Sunday and my friend went out of town for office work. Then I get a phone call from Namita requesting help with her computer as she had a compile a report for the following Monday. I said I will be there in an hour. I went to her place and knocked on her door. She opened and as usual it was friendly general conversation and then I sat on the computer to figure out her computer problem. Namita fed her 1-year old kid and put to sleep. She walked over to the computer while I was working and I explained her how to enter the data and generate the report and she said thanks. I was ready to leave, then she mentioned "What are going to do this afternoon?", I said " nothing, may be watch a movie". She said "you can watch here with me". I said "Fine".

They live in a sprawling apartment with 2 big bedrooms and a hall. I went and sat on the sofa. I was looking at the cassettes to see what movie we can watch. Namita went into the bedroom. Then, suddenly I realized I forgot to tell her something on how to use the software to get her report done. Without thinking I walked towards her bedroom and opened the door. Her bedroom is big with a big dresser and king size bed. As soon as opened her bedroom door, I said "Namita " and stopped in shock as I saw her half naked with just bra and thong panties with her back facing me. Though I have always seen for so long in clothes, this is the first time I saw her half naked and I was totally floored with her beauty. She had well sculpted thighs with well maintained tummy and fantastic boobs, still taut after a kid. Because of thong, I could see little pubic hair peeking out. She is not like a skinny model but enough meat to want hug her for ever. She turned around and covered herself with both her hands and said "why did you not knock Tyren? Don't you know to knock before you enter a lady's bedroom". I muttered "Sorry". She was apparently changing her dress. I walked back to sofa feeling very embarrassed and wanted to leave right a way but could not move myself, worrying that she might throw me out of her house. In stead she came back still looking serious in her nightie dress. I could find courage to look in her eyes and sat still in the sofa. She asked, "did you select the movie?" I said "no". She went and put a movie cassette in the VHS player and sat in second smaller sofa. I said " I am sorry for what happened and will never tell anybody". She said "fine". Then the movie went on for 15 minutes or so without anybody saying a word. Movie seemed boring and finally she broke the silence and said "What do you think?". I was confused and said "about what?"

“Tyren, should I have to tell that too!". I said "I can only speak if you promise that you will not cut off our family friendship". She said "No! As you said you will not speak to a soul about this". I said "yes". Then slowly I said "you look very beautiful and sexy". Then she said” what else?". I said "this is dream come true for me as I always wanted to see you like that". She said " did you not notice the little bulge in the buttocks". I said, "No". She said "May be you did not look close enough". I said "may be, as I was little bit shocked and embarrassed". She said " why embarrassment, we know each other for 5 years as long as we keep it between us and not spoil our marriages". I was very much encouraged by her attitude and thought I will try my luck. I was thinking, may be I will ask her to strip for me while I masturbate without any physical contact as a first step towards my ultimate goal of sleeping with her. Before I could say anything, she said, " I will show you more and you have to tell where I need to work out more". I could not say anything, started to ogle at her. The nightie she was wearing was pretty transparent and while she stood up from the sofa, the light from window pierced through her nightie and revealed her curvy figure. I could not believe my eyes as she started to remove her nightie buttons. It well on the floor revealing her beautiful 38-28-34 body. My tool started struggling to be freed. She turned around to show her fair beautiful ass, I was completely absorbing every piece of her. She was pointing to her spots where she thought she needed work to make them look more curvy and well shaped. I simply nodded.

Then, without thinking. I asked her if she would mind I masturbated. She smiled and said "fine". I slowly removed my pants and underwear and out came my well endowed 7" inched fully erect and ready to go. She gasped as soon as she saw it and I said "what's the matter?". She said she is surprised by its size. I said "yeah little bit bigger than normal but nothing extraordinary". She said, " no, very big and I have not seen anything bigger." I said "may be you did not watch many porn movies and I am sure your husband's should be similar". She said "his is not that big". Then I sat done on my sofa while she still was sitting on the second sofa. I started stroking my dick while she laid down on her sofa relaxing, slowly spreading her legs. I asked her, "if you would mind showing her boobs". She immediately obliged and removed her bra. Her boobs were big and not too saggy though she had a kid. They were almost like the ones you see on Khajaruo's lady sculpture figure. I was so excited that I could feel my heartbeat increase and my dick had already reached its peak size. She slowly started stroking her boobs with nipples slowly becoming erect. What a sight, here is the lady in my dreams for 10 years, almost naked and stroking her boobs. After about 5 minutes of staring at each other and pleasuring themselves, it reached a point of no return. She removed her thong panties and revealed her honey pot. She had just enough pubic hair, beautifully trimmed. I could not believe my eyes, her cunt lips were perfectly aligned and seemed like that of 18 year old, not used much.

She stood up and laid down again on sofa on her belly revealing her beautifully glowing well sculpted butt. It is not like one of those skinny model butt but that of normal lady who took care of herself very well with enough meat. I immediately felt like entering her from back, I said to myself to slowdown. I started to stroke myself harder and then she started to finger herself and then she asked "Can I rub your cock?" I said "that is blessing". She got up and sat besides me on my sofa and my mind was going bonkers. Though I know her for 5 years , we had never touched and first time she is going touch my dick! She started to slowly stroke my dick with her slender long beautiful fingers and I was in heaven but knew that I need to control myself if I wanted to go further in this adventure. I started to touch and knead her boobs in my excited state and immediately realized, I did not ask her permission, I looked at her and she smiled back and said "it is ok" as if she read my mind. It became out of control at this stage, I said “please slow down". She stopped and looked at me and I said "I need to drink water". Went to kitchen and drank water. As soon as I come back, she hugs me hard with my dick touch her honey pot and said "please fuck me!".

I immediately lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I put her on her back and started kissing her on her lips and she just put her tongue and started kiss me feverishly. We were both so excited that we forgot to put the condom on. She just pulled me on her top and spread her legs. I lay on her top and continued to kiss and caress her boobs which are now fully erect. I wanted to go down and smell her honey pot and slowly eat her and lick her every inch of her body. But she was so excited and turned on that she took my cock in her hands and guided to her hole. I thought, since she had a kid and lot of fucking, she should be easy to enter but realized that it was not the case. Since she is not used to my size, it took a while to properly position myself before starting the smooth fucking motion. She was already in seventh heaven, breathing heavily and making all kinds of noises with "fuck me hard", " tear me apart", and “deeper and deeper please" phrases. After about 5 minutes of slow moving, while she continued to beg to fuck her hard, I comfortably increased my fuck speed pistoning my rod in and out of her tight cunt until she started to cum with wild noises and orgasm, which made me increase my speed until I no longer could hold. With 5 deep thrusts, I loaded her up with cum and we lay there with sweating bodies, me on top and she circling my butt with her beautiful long legs. She confessed that this was her best sexual experience after a long time and wanted to know when I will be ready for the next round!

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