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My Neighbours

This is a real incident which happened to me on valentines day this year, I am 48 yrs happyly married with one son, myself and my wife doesnt really have much of sex so I never leave an oppourtunity to fuck if get soemone, but never a prostitute.

near my house there is a huge flat where upper middle class stay and my independent house is near buy, and I used togo shopping for grocery or any nick nacks in th evening, during course I met this couple somewhere in january and they were young around 30s newly married I presumed, so whenever I used to meet them they used exchange few words.
one staurday evening they met and they were looking badly for company from someone who knows this place bangalore as they wnated to see the pub culture, and they forced me to join then, reluctantly I went with them.
we went to the best pub called as pub world and we sat down downing the rich draft beer and this guy sham and his wife anu were sitting and it was quite dull light, and I could feel her hands on my thighs under the table, she was knowingly caressing my thighs and I could feel my cock getting hard,
anyway she was a good cock teaser and we split at 11 pm and I went home had a good shag and went to sleep. after that I met them couple of times and I knew she was the hot type, and on valentines day they asked me to come over to their flat for a drink and I accepted as my family was out of station for a wedding.
i went there around 7pm and rang the bell, I was wearing a strech jean with t shirt and off course my panty and a sandal, they opened the door and sham gave a nice hug and then anu followed and gave a hug, the feel of her firm breast touching my chest really gave a chill up my spine, but I never thought about them.
I had taken bottle of jack daniels whisky out of my collection from my mini bar at home. we had couple of rounds of whisky and she stuck on to beeer which was milder, I excused myself togoto wash room and anu was glad to show me, I finished peeing and washed my face and came out, and I had to pass the kitchen to come to sitting room where we were sitting,
at the side of my eyes I could see anu was resting on to kitchen ledge and sham was having a lip lock deep kissing, and he had lifted her nighty till her ass and was caressing it, I pretended not to see and walked back and sat on the 3 seater sofa.
after a while both of them came out and sham also sat at the other end of the sofa where I was sitting and after a while she came and sat between us, till then I had no clue what was in store for me. I had my glass in my hand and I was enjoying my drink, I could feel anu turing towards sham and started to kiss and his hands were fondling her brests and I was feeling to be uncomfortable.
the kissing sound was getting my cock hard in my pant, at that point I felt anus hand grabbing my thighs for which I didnt react, within seconds I could feel sham catching my hand and pulled and guided my hand on to her right breast and smilled saying lets have fun uncle.
i wouldnt miss anything like this as I massaged her she turned towards me and wanted a kiss, while I was kissing and probing her mouth with my toung inside I could feel sham lifting her nighty up, wasting no time he was between her thighs licking her wet pussy.
the smell of her flesh and pussy was intoxicating me more than the whisky, I could hear the slurping sound of his sucking and we were all started off, then I could feel anu trying to open my zip and take my cock out, it was tight jeans so I helped her to take it out, her eyes were full of surprise to see the size of my dick and she started to stroke and I was enjoying everybit of it,
but the shock was about to come when sham changed position and was nearing my dick with his open mouth and within seconds he was sucking them, I tried to push but his position was better for me to be stuck like that, he was having the best taste of my precum, this was the first time in my life a guy was sucking me and I had no choice,
I just turned back to anu and started sucking and bitting her nipples and started to finger fuck her, my god her pussy was so wet and I could role my fingers till her ass hole and tried to push in the finger there for which she was spreading her thighs and cooperating.
sham was beserk and he exactly knew how a male should enjoy the sucking, there was some vaseline on the table I saw which he put to his fingers and trying to enter I my ass it ached a bit but the feeling was out of world, as he sucked he finger fucked me in the ass, by then the muscle had relaxed and his middle finger was moving in and out easily,
when he stood up I relaised he had already removed his shorts while sucking me and he came on top of me, honest to god before I realised what was going on he was panting on me like a animal and forcing his cock in my ass, it gave a severepain but he didnt stop, he had entered my ass and I had to lie back on the couch,
he rammed into me like a machine while anu was kissing me frm the side, this was my first experience a man fucking me and he was maoning and telling all possible filthy words in exitement, and my cock was jst hanging there fully hard..
few minutes I could feel him jerk inside and pulled his cock out and lay bk on the side sofa, I was fully aroused I jst turned towards anu and went on top of her, she was holding my cock in both hands and guiding them to her starved pussy, I enetered with one bang into her and to feel the warmth of her tight pussy was great,
I pumped her in slow pace in the missionary style, then I wanted more force I lifted her both legs to my shoulder and started my hard stroke fucking, I could feel her climaxing and her pussy getting more and more wet, as the fucking sound what was coming was out of the world, I must have fucked her for abt ten mts sham came and slept next to her and asked how is she feeling,
she had no words to explain than the maoning what was coming, I couldnt control anylonger I released my full cum into her pussy, I lay on her for a while and all the three went to wash room and all the three had a nice shower together and came out I got dressed to leave, sham gave a hug and said that his also was the first time with a guy and thanked me for it.
anu gave a real tight hug and asked whether I can suck her pussy for while before I leave. so I made her sit on the dinning table and gave her a lick of her life time, since I have grown beard the rough feeling on her pussy was great, she came to orgasm much faster coz of it, all the three gave a nice tight hug and promissed each other that it will be among the three of us and will share many more and I went back home.

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