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Group sex with friend

Yasir and me started to have sex as we were liking each other. It started at his friend's flat. That was a one room flat for a bachelor where he was staying. It was having one kitchenette and a bathroom. In the room there was a double bed along with a sofa set in one corner. Yasir used to bring the key of his flat and take me there and we had fun.
Many a times he took me to his flat and we had sex there. Sometimes after we had sex and were having a cup of coffee then his friend Raja, the owner of the flat came and joined us in coffee. First time when he came I blushed as I knew that he would be knowing that what we had just done in his room.
A charming and naughty smile was on his face which made me more embarrassed. But he did not try to mention it in his talks that he is knowing about our sex relationship. Later on when ever he came home after our sex I did not felt much his presence and that became normal for me even I also started to talk to him and enjoy his jokes.
One day when Yasir called me to go with him to Raja's flat I got prepared from home and wore a charming pink colored plain suit with a deep neck line. In the university he met me and asked to move out for fun. When we came out of the university gate his friend Raja was there with some girl in the car. Yasir asked me to sit in the car.
That was a surprise for me but then without asking anything I sat beside the girl. She was having hijab and I could not see her face. As soon as I sat with her and had shake hand with her I immediately came to know that she was Sana. She was our senior and in Raja and Yasir's class.
She was the daughter of Biology professor who was much religious and she was always wearing hijab in the university. Her eyes were much beautiful with out contact lens she had green eyes with a very milky white complexion. Her figure was also much attractive. When I sat in the car Raja moved it forward and Yasir introduced her to me and said, puja you would be knowing Sana,
she is our class fellow and she is a very good friend of Raja as you are my best friend. With Yasir's this comments I immediately come to know that she was having sexual relations with Raja as I was fucking Yasir. That was so strange for me that such a good girl of such a good family who is always having hijab in the university
was so broadminded to go for the sex relations with some boy with out and before marriage. Sana slapped at Yasir's back and said, Yaisr you are much never leave any chance to embarrass anyone. All of us in the car started to laugh.I was thinking that both Raja and Sana will drop us at Raja's flat and will go for some outing but that was just my thought.
I was yet expecting them to leave when both of them entered the flat with us. All of entered the flat and I sat on the sofa with Yasir. Now Sana removed his hijab and very first time I saw her face. She also removed his shawl and now she was sitting with us in her tight shalwar and kameez. Her breasts were so tightly packed in that tight half sleeve kameez.
No doubt that she would be having 36b. I was really impressed with her beauty and was more surprised that how Raja has trapped such a beautiful and pious girl for sex. Raja brought cold drinks for all of us and after himself serving to all of us he sat just close to Sana and all of us started to have our drink along with little chit chat.
I noticed that while drinking the cold drink Raja's hand was slowly moving over her shoulder and the naked part of her white arm. She was not objecting at all. While drinking he praised her beauty and moved ahead and planted a kiss on her cheek she just smiled with out resistance. Instead of her it was me who blushed.
He now pulled her to him and said, Sana is my love and my jaan. He placed his lips over her lips and started to kiss her. She also started to respond and now they were French kissing each other. His tongue was moving in her mouth and she was sucking it. I was feeling uneasy. I looked towards Yasir and objected but he gave me a naughty smile and asked me to relax and enjoy.
Just then I realized that Raja's hand was moving over her back and he was playing with her brassier hook and strap while tracing it down. Just a little later his other hand moved to her front and now I could not believe that Raja was feeling Sana's breast over her tight kameez.
Such a beautiful and pious girl who is always wearing a hijab in the university was being fondled in front of two strangers by a man who was nothing more than a boyfriend for her. Instead of all this she was not objecting at all.Just then Yasir moved near me and pulled me in his arms and making me hugging her chest.
I tried to resist but he whispered in my ear while kissing me on my neck, relax dear they are enjoying it and don't disturb them and you too enjoy it. I whispered back but Yasir it is not good to do it in front of them. Are you going to make love to me in front of them? He did not let me speak any more and sealed my mouth with his lips.
His tongue moved into my mouth and was moving all around. I could not resist it while he started to touch and press my boobs. I just moaned and hugged her and responded him by sucking his tongue. As I looked at the other couple with the angle of my eye I found that his hand was moving under her kameez on her back and half of her white back was naked for our view.
He was caressing her naked back and just then he moved his hand towards the front side under the kameez and pushed it up above her breasts. She was wearing a black colored brassier which was beautifully and tightly clinging to her breasts. That was also making me hot to see such a beauty in such semi nakedness in front of me.
Just then I felt Yasir's warm hand touching my skin. Only then I realized that he has also moved my t shirt up and was caressing my now naked back. I tried to pull it down to avoid to be seen by Raja or Sana but he grabbed my hand and asked me to let it happen. He signaled me to look to the other couple, I glanced there and now Raja was pulling his kameez upward to remove it of her body.
To my surprise Sana did not resist and raised her arms up and he pulled the shirt of her body. Now she was in his arms only in her tight black brassier and her shalwar. Her beautiful white naked body clad only in black brassier was looking so sexy. He was holding her breasts in her hands over her bra and was pressing them.
Her fully developed beautiful breasts were not fully contained in the tight brassier and were creating an ample cleavage. Raja bent down and put his lips over her naked part of breast and started to kiss it and lick it. She pulled her head deeper. He was now licking the cleavage of her breasts.
I was so hot at that moment that when Yasir tried to pull my t shirt up over my head I could not resist and voluntarily raised my arms up to let her remove my shirt. He pulled it of my head and threw it down on the carpet. Now I was also sitting only in my white brassier for the viewers view.
Yasir started to kiss my nipples over my brassier and then he pulled it down to let my breast come out of the brassier. My naked breast with pink nipple was now in open. He bent down and took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck it. I was gasping with the excitement. He was chewing my nipple and licking my areola.
My hand moved toward his pants and I started to press his hardening cock over his tight jeans. Yasir himself freed his cock for me and let me have his naked cock in my hand. I looked to the other side and there Raja has also removed her brassier and now she was naked except her shalwar. Yasir said, look puja how much beautiful and sexy is she.
I too appreciated her beauty. It was strange for me that instead of getting jealous I was enjoying his comments for her. Now he also unhooked my brassier and made me nude till my jeans. At this moment Raja looked towards me straight into my eyes with a naughty smile and appreciating look I smiled back for him and he again sank back to suck Sana's nipples.
It was strange that now it was not bothering me to be naked in the presence of my lover's friend and her girl friend.I pushed Yasir's head back from my aroused and hardened nipples and bent down to kiss his cock. His white beautiful cock was fully hard and I could not resist to take it in my mouth even in the presence of his friends.
I took his cock in my mouth and then started to suck it. He started to push his pelvis upward to push his cock deeper in my mouth. On the other side Raja had pulled her shalwar down and made her lie on the bed and had started to lick her pussy. I could easily see black bush at her pussy which was looking so sexy and attractive at her beautiful white body.
He was licking her pussy with her tongue moving even deeper into her cunt and was looking at me. I too was also looking into his eyes while sucking Yasir's cock as I was pretending and showing him that I was licking his cock. I had got so much bold at that time that if he had come to me asked me to suck his cock then I did not had refused at that time.
Yasir made me bend on the sofa on all my fours and then came back pulled down my pant and then pushed his hard and lubricated cock at my pussy and with a single thrust pushed it deep in my pussy. Now Yasir started to fuck me in the presence of his friend and girlfriend. His cock was moving in and out of my pussy and I was also moving my ass back and forward.
I was looking at the other naked couple. Raja has laid down Sana and now put his cock at the entrance of her pussy and with a soft push buried his whole cock in her pussy. Now both the friends were fucking their girlfriends in each other's presence. It was clearly evident to me as Raja's comparatively black cock was going in her pink pussy.
She was crying with pleasure. Soon she came while he was in her pussy. She hugged him tightly and then he pulled his cock out of her pussy and laid on the bed. Now Sana got off the bed and moved naked to the bathroom. Raja was enjoying our fuck show. After a while he got up and moved to us coming in front of my face.
With out saying any thing he put his cock at my mouth. I looked in his eyes and with that my lips parted and accommodated his cock. He pushed his cock in my mouth. It was the second cock of my life which I was taking and that too in the presence of my future husband who was fucking be from behind.
He started to move his cock in and out of my mouth while Yasir was fucking my pussy with the same rhythm.In the meanwhile Sana came out of the bath, seeing him coming out of the bath, Yasir pulled his cock out of my pussy and moved to her. He took her in his arms and started to kiss her while his cock was touching her naked pussy.
Raja too came on the sofa and pulled me over him. He too started to kiss me and now I was straddling over his lap. His hand was moving over my naked back. He moved his hand down and pushed his one finger in my pussy while his cock was kissing my pussy.
Then he took his cock in his hand and adjusted ...

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